CD Review: 20: Twenty Years of Hits (Daywind)

Song List: My Name is Lazarus (Greater Vision); I Wish I Could Have Been There (Perrys); For God So Loved (Brian Free & Assurance); If it Had Not Been the Lord (McRaes); The Cross (Crabb Family); There’s a Brighter Day (Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet); Oh What a Savior (Ernie Haase); Climbing Jacob’s Ladder (Ann Downing); He Called Me Out (The Nelons); I Take Him Back (Mike Bowling); We Want America Back (The Steeles); In Time, On Time, Every Time (Gold City); Oasis (New Hinsons); I Found Grace (Legacy Five); Day Three (LordSong); Don’t Let the Sandals Fool Ya (Triumphant Quartet); Safe Thus Far (Hoskins Family); Fight On (Smith, White and Fairchild); Hello in Heaven (Freemans); Hallelujah Heavenly Horn (Cumberland Quartet with the Gospel Brass).

Trying to review a two-year-old label compilation is a rather interesting challenge. Though it was just sent to me for review, it has a copyright date of 2006. With the possible exception of two songs that have no copyright date listed, all the songs on the project were released between 1996 and 2005. The compilation covers a decent spectrum of Daywind’s artists, with no artist being featured on more than one song.

Artist comments are included on five of the twenty songs (“If It Had Not Been the Lord,” “For God So Loved,” “I Wish I Coudl Have Been There,” “Don’t Let the Sandals Fool Ya,” and “Safe Thus Far.”)

This is an enjoyable collection of some of the most recognizable songs released on the Daywind label. But in these days of iTunes and ready availabity of individual songs, this radio compilation could be one of the last of its species.

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  1. Some of the marketing choices made by record labels are weird.

    If it’s “20 years” the project is celebrating, why wouldn’t there be at least one or two songs from 20 years ago?

  2. Good point!

  3. Indeed, DBM…I have this CD and always was confused about a couple of the songs (which I had never heard prior and, thus, was unsure of their status as “hits”).