CD Review: Something More (The McKameys)

Rating: 3.5 stars (of 5)

Average Song Rating: 3 stars (of 5)

Producers: Jeff Collins, Roger Fortner.

Song List: Oh How Precious Is the Flow; Remember the Mountain; Oh What a Trade; How Deep the Father’s Love For Us; Without Him; I Believe; Look How Big My God Is; Something More; I’ve Made Up My Mind; I’ll Keep Trusting You; Between Twelve and Thirty-Three; I Thought You Ought to Know.

Available from: McKameys.

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The McKameys know what their fans want, and they are smart enough to stick to it. Something More offers twelve (mostly) new songs, including contributions by Larry Petree, Rodney Griffin, Rusty Golden, Jerry Salley, and several from former group member Sheryl Farris.

The album contains few surprises. Probably the biggest surprise is their cover of the modern praise song “How Deep the Father’s Love.” The arrangement does a superb job of adapting the song to the McKameys’ style–so well, in fact, that most McKameys fans would probably assume the song had its origins in Southern Gospel and was original to the group.

“Between Twelve and Thirty-three” is a contribution from the authors of the Signature Sound hit song “John in the Jordan,” Rusty Golden and Jerry Salley (joined here by Jim McBride). While this blog’s subject matter doesn’t really extend to doctrinal analysis of specific lyrics, the chorus might raise the eyebrows of members of some denominations:

Eighteen years are a mystery
His last three years He made history
Became the Savior He was sent to be
Between twelve and thirty-three

The rest of the album contains an enjoyable mix of up-tempo songs and ballads in the McKamey’s signature style of fairly current accomaniment to traditional Appalchian vocals. This album follows the old adage, “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” and will not disappoint fans of the McKamey’s style of Southern Gospel.

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  1. I was wondering if anyone knew the lyrics for the McKamey’s song…”Wake Up Sleeping Giants”. I knew this song from about 1999 or 2000. Any help will be very grateful.

  2. Note: Because of copyright restrictions, I don’t permit complete lyrics to be posted on the board. If you like, email lyrics to me at and I’ll forward them to Alisha.

  3. Does anyone know who to get the sheet music for the song
    “Between Twelve and Thirty-Three? Our church wanted to use this song in our Christmas Play. Thanks for any information.

  4. Sorry I forgot to post my e-mail address with my request for any information on how I could get the sheet music for “Between Twelve and Thirty-Three”


  6. A friend of mine sang Between Twelve and Thirty Three at the singing school that I go to. I love it.

  7. Can anyone tell me where I can get the Lyrics to Between 12 and 33 or a CD with it..I can’t find it.

  8. Thank you !

  9. Its not good to not be able to not get lyrics for great songs. Almost selfish but life goes on until the Lord ends it. I tried to get the words to “Look How Big My God Is” But because of filthy lucre reasons “Not Available”

  10. I need to know who wrote the McKamey’s song called “betweem 12 & 33”? i sing this song and I need to know who accually wrote the song. It is not listed on the soundtrack. When I sing the song I need to list the writers on the form I fill out in order to performthese songs. I love this song. It is as much of a Christmas sing as any I have ever heard, because it is the story of Jesus, and this is what Christmas is all about!

    • Rusty Golden, Jerry Salley, and Jim McBride wrote that song.