2008 Singing News Fan Awards: Final Round

On Saturday, Singing News posted the top 5 ballot for the Singing News Fan Awards. If you are a Singing News reader, you can click here to view the ballot and cast your vote. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.]

I am in contact with enough of the nominees that I am reluctant to post my specific votes. But I will note that except voting for the Perrys in five categories, I spread out my votes fairly widely: Signature Sound (3), Mark Trammell Trio (2), Kingdom Heirs (2), Greater Vision (2, including Favorite Artist), and one each to the Hoppers, Collingsworth Family, Mark Bishop, Soul’d Out, Dixie Echoes, and Kyla Rowland.

Things to watch this year:

  • Favorite Pianist: Since it’s been Roger Bennett’s award for years, it’s wide-open this year. Jeff Stice is the only previous winner on the ballot, but any of the five could feasibly win. Both of my favorite pianists (Kim Collingsworth and Stewart Varnado) are in the top 5, and I’d be delighted if either won.
  • Favorite Artist: The Booth Brothers were the only trio nominated last year, and won. This year, there are two trios and three quartets. Could having two trios in the top 5 change the dynamics a little?
  • Member Changes: Will either Jason Waldroup or Jonathan Wilburn take home farewell awards? My take: Jason Waldroup stands a better chance than Jonathan Wilburn, since Bruce Taliaferro has had more time to make his own mark with Gold City and to start building his name ID as Gold City’s lead singer.
  • Will Greater Vision’s tenor change help or hurt them in the Favorite Artist and Favorite Trio categories?

Let’s wait to post our final guesses as to who will win until we’re closer to the Fan Awards, for the decidedly prosaic reason that the post will be easier to find to compare our guesses with the results.

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  1. If KC does not take home the Fav Pianist Award, we will know that there is no justice in Freedom Hall and that SG fans are about something other than talent.
    …course we know that already…don’t we?


  2. The fan awards are not about talent and never have been. They are about the “favorites” of the fans. They are a popularity contest. If that basic premise is understood, there’s no need for “justice” at Freedom Hall. Whoever has the most “fans” will win.

  3. Kim does a fabulous job, but I voted for Jeff Stice! I think all of the favorite musician nominees are extremely talented, so I must strongly disagree with GospelHog’s statement about there being no justice in Freedom Hall or that it’s about something other than talent.

  4. I also voted for Jeff Stice…he is definitely deserving!

  5. I don’t believe GV’s tenor change is gonna hurt them a bit. I voted for them in the artist category. Of course I love the Booth Brothers too, so it was hard to choose.

    Varnado is the best musician. Stice is a close second, but Varnado would be a nice change. And while I was on a Dixie Echoes kick, I voted for Pat Barker for Horizon. Haven’t heard a bass singer do a solo like him since Younce.

    I really hope Wilburn wins, because it would just be funny to see a guy who hasnt been with a group in 6 months win.

  6. I would not mind seeing Tim Parton win it I think he is largely unrecognized. I voted for him btw.:)