Video: Roy Knight Singers

For several years, I have known that well-known songwriter Sandy Knight tours and sings with a family group called the Roy Knight Singers. But I didn’t know that up-and-coming songwriter Rodney Birch was Sandy’s son-in-law and also tours with the group. Last week, I had a chance to meet them and watch them in the studio, and I put together this video for the Crossroads Music blog:

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  1. I was impressed from the beginning, but when they gathered everyone around the piano to pray, that sealed it for me. What a wonderful family who just doesn’t sing about Jesus, but actually lives Him. Thanks Daniel. I needed that on this cool, Texas fall morning.

    • You’re welcome! I am glad you that made your day! 🙂

  2. Ah, I’m very familiar with Sandy Knight’s songwriting, but I never put the two names together. I think I have a Roy Knight Singers album around here. I’ll have to go back and look at it again when I get home.

    I love these kinds of posts!

    • Definitely check it out – some good singin’ there! Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

  3. I like Rodney’s delivery—very smooth.

    These guys have a cute sound, and what a sweet family!

  4. I love the Roy Knight Singers’ music. They’re from my area, so I’ve basically grown up on their music. They even had their own chart success with a few top ten songs back in the ’80s. They introduced “Little David”, “Fourth Man Walking”, and “One Touch Sufficient.” I am eagerly anticipating the new project! Thank you for the video!

    If you want to hear an outstanding husband & wife duet, check out “I Knew It Was His Touch”, from the Generations album (which is available on Crossroads). Rodney & Tracie wrote the song and do a fine job performing it.

  5. My favorite of theirs from years ago is Old Daniel Prayed !!!My grandfather is 89 and he still sings this song sometimes at his church .

  6. Those are my God children and my BFF I am soooo proud!