Kingdom Heirs hire Jerry Martin

Kingdom Heirs - Jerry Martin, Arthur Rice, Steve French, Jeff Chapman, Andy Stringfield, Kreis French, Dennis Murphy

Kingdom Heirs - Jerry Martin, Arthur Rice, Steve French, Jeff Chapman, Andy Stringfield, Kreis French, Dennis Murphy

The Kingdom Heirs announced on their Facebook page that they have hired Jerry Martin as their new tenor. He will start on January 20.

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  1. Like, this is a surprise? LOL. 😉

    • Rumors don’t always come through.

  2. Powerhouse vocal lineup! Can’t wait to hear it.

  3. Think a lot of people expected this move. Glad Steve decided to make if official. Jerry will be a good fit for the Kingdom Heirs and he has a voice that will blend with theirs. Hated to see Billy leave but his voice is important to him and there is a lot of high notes for a tenor singing 5 days a week 2 or three times, both early in the mornings and in the afternoons also. Billy has said he wanted to stay on at Dollywood and work for them. Hope they find a place for him somewhere. He is a very talented person. Looking forward to the days ahead and hearing Jerry with the group. Guess It’ll be January 30 when they are in Gainesville, GA.

  4. I for one am super excited. I was pulling for Jerry to get the job. I think that he will be a perfect fit for Kingdom Heirs. I am going to miss Billy something awful but this announcement makes me feel a lot better about one of the best groups out there. Thanks Daniel!!

  5. Still sad to see Billy leave!

    I really like Jerry, so that will be exciting to see. I’ll bet the Dove Brothers are sad to see Jerry leave them.

  6. This is great news for both sides. Of course it is upsetting for Billy. Now Jerry can sing the part with a group that sings southern gospel and not southern country or what ever direction the Dove Brothers are taking. Great hire.

    • That is my point exactly Byron. Jerry is such a great tenor and I can’t wait to hear him singing strictly quartet music…southern gospel quartet music.

    • I wish the very BEST for Jerry and the KH, as odd as it may seem, it ISNT upsetting for me to have Jerry with the group. I actually recommended him when I told the guys I was resigning. No part of my leaving is upsetting to me except not being able to see all the wonderful friends and fans I have made over the years. That I will greatly miss.

      • Great to hear from you!

      • I will miss you too!! Thank you and best wishes to a great tenor!!

      • Dear Billy,

        I had no idea that you were leaving and am now very sorry that my schedule got too hectic for me to spend more time at Dollywood this past fall. I had no idea I wouldn’t be able to see you with the group anymore, and I was really looking forward to seeing/hearing you perform with the group this past Sunday night at Arthur’s home church in Asheville. We all were–for my family, you were a favorite at every concert. They did a wonderful job, as always, and Jerry was great, but it still just wasn’t quite the same without you. Although I don’t often reply to posts, I really wanted you to know that! I’ve got some other Nashvillian friends who’ll miss you just as much as I.

        On the other hand, I was quite excited to hear that you’re staying on in Sevierville, as I know your family wanted to settle down, as well as putting out a CD (if I understood the person I spoke with correctly–I certainly do hope that’s true). While we will all miss you terribly with the group, I pray your solo career (and whatever else you wish to pursue)goes well and am very glad that things worked out as well as they did.

        While it won’t be the same without you, I am glad you are taking care of your voice by not performing daily (don’t see how you, or Arthur, for that matter–you guys had some really challenging notes and gave it your all every time I saw you–managed to put your voices through that multiple times each day for so long. I just don’t think I could do it.) and know that God has great plans for all of you–we just need to wait patiently and see what unfolds. I look forward to that, both for you and the Kingdom Heirs! What a gracious response above, as well. I’m glad it worked out the way it did and glad, too, that I’ve got the latest concert DVD and all the CD’s you did with the group. I’m sure I’ll do a lot of listening to “Softly and Tenderly,” “Anchor of Hope,” and “He Locked the Gates,” in particular. Thanks for your contribution to some truly wonderful music.

        Very best wishes and hope I’ll see you “in the strings” at Dollywood. 🙂

    • Byron,
      I’ve seen several comments around the internet similar to yours that dig at the Dove Brothers for their current style and suggest that Jerry left in order to get away from their musical direction. I guess that’s what a lot of people want to believe, but it’s simply not true.

      Jerry Martin brought songs like “Unstoppable” to the Dove Brothers to record. Not only that, he has recorded several dozen secular songs.

      How can you rectify the comment you made with the fact that until a couple of days ago, Jerry Martin’s website announced he was in the process of recording a Journey tribute album?

      Surely most Southern Gospel fans can agree the styles of the Dove Brothers and Kingdom Heirs have a lot more in common than the style of Journey.

      • Couldn’t have said it better m’self David. 😉

  7. As I commented on previous post, I saw Martin in what appeared to be an orientation class at Dollywood a few weeks ago. Glad to hear it. I think
    He will do well there.

  8. Billy, you are a class act and will forever be one of my favorite tenors of all time. NQC next year will not be the same without seeing you but I think you and KH made the right choice for your successor. We love you!!

  9. Yes!!! Great move Mr. French. This is going to be great. Can’t wait to hear this latest edition of KH. It will not prevent me from missing Billy but understand the circumstances.

  10. ….And The Kingdom Heirs continue their greatness!!! Can’t wait to hear it.

  11. Count me on the bandwagon for those who will miss Billy with the KH but who eagerly anticipate Jerry’s arrival. I thought Billy did a great job with the group and I think Jerry will, too. I wish Billy the best in the future and hope he doesn’t dismiss the notion of returning to full-time gospel music again someday.

  12. Woo-hoo! Wishes come true occasionally! This sounds like a good match musically; I’ll be interested to hear the results.

  13. Nothing wrong with singing other things in my opinion. Its a great outlet from the norm. I actually liked Journey in College.
    I am happy to hear Jerry will be the new Tenor….I was really hoping and now that its been announced, I am going to see them this summer, with the wife. She loves “I can Pray” and I know she will love this new line up, just as I do.

    • I can enjoy some secular music too, but in Jerry’s case I feel like this is his “proper niche.” 🙂

      • I went on Jerry’s website and listened to some of his secular stuff. (EDIT, 8/3/11: Broken link removed.) He does “Faithfully” by Journey and it sounds good. He is capable of doing secular songs. He has an awesome vocal range and for any one to be able to sing Steven Perry’s songs, I commend them. However, I am with you NSF, quartet singing is his “proper niche” in my opinion. I am so glad that he chose to go with KH instead of branching in to secular full time. I am excited about this lineup. It is pretty neat (to me anyway) that two former Kingsmen will be together singing in a different quartet. Arthur and Jerry were so young when they sang with the Kingsmen and they have both improved so much. It is going to be awesome!!!

    • “Nothing wrong with singing other things in my opinion. ”

      I agree. My point is just to observe the irony of what I’ve seen expressed more than one time on more than one message board.

      • David,

        I understand what you are saying. I am one of the very ones that thought Jerry might have left the Dove Brothers because of the direction Dove Brothers are going. Now, I see where Jerry has been doing a lot of secular stuff by himself but country is not one of the genres that he crossed in to on his website if I am not mistaken. He sang mostly Pop songs. McRay more or less just told one of the guys in our group that he wanted to be known more like the Oak Ridge Boys. Do a little country and mostly gospel. I, for one, do not really like country music and when I listen to a southern gospel radio station, I want to hear some quartet music styled after some of my heroes like The Statesmen, Blackwood Brothers, Hovie Lister, Lee Roy Abernathy. That is just my opinion. If Dove Brothers, with the loss of Jerry, go back to doing great southern gospel quartet music and less country and the Kingdom Heirs start doing more country style then I guess I am wrong. LOL! However, I do not see Arthur Rice or Steve French allowing that. I could be completely wrong. Like I said, I am not knocking any one or any body’s opinion. This is strictly my opinion and have no hard evidence to back up anything. Again, my opinion. LOL! I love getting on here and talking with fellow fans. It is so much fun. I just do not want to offend any one by any means.

      • I don’t know much about either group, so I’m kinda on the outside looking in. It’s fun to see other people so passionate about all this though. 😉

  14. William, “Don’t Stop Believin'” that if Jerry goes back to the Journey tunes, he will do them “Faithfully” whether the SG fans welcome them with “Open Arms” or not. 😉

    • quartet-man, I’m thinkin’ you and David Mac oughta have a contest—who can make the largest number of bad jokes in some set time frame. 😆

    • Good one! “lol”

      • LOL! Classic!! You guys crack me up!

  15. Fantastic! With Arthur Rice and Jerry Martin the Kingdom Heirs have become the premier quartet in SGM.

  16. get fit for kh

  17. i do agree rick what a group

  18. Just saw Jerry last night with the Kengdom Heirs. For the third performance with the group, he did a nice job. Understandably, a little reserved on stage and looked at Arthur quite a few times for guidance (I suppose), but overall seems to be a nice fit for the group. Must admit, I still miss Billy. I wish them all the best and know Jerry will loosen up and embrace the silliness as well as seriousness that defines the Kingdom Heirs.

    Glad the Kingdom Heirs made their way to Texas! It was the first time I have seen them other than NQC for 17 minutes at a time – just not long enough for a group that great. They are such a good group! The Kingsmen were with them also. Ray Reese is still a great singer and performer. Kingsmen were great also.

    • Sorry, I meant ‘Kingdom Heirs’, not ‘Kengdom Heirs’. Oops.