Ron Grimes joins Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet

The Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet announced during the National Quartet Convention that Ron Grimes had joined them as their new baritone. [UPDATE, 3/26/13: Broken link removed.]

Jeff Stanley, one of the two remaining founding members of the quartet, resigned his position on September 5th due to health reasons. Stanley was probably the group member with the best stage presence. In the streaming video clips on the group’s website, he looked like he was relaxed and enjoying himself. [UPDATE, 3/26/13: Broken link removed.]

Extensive searching for information on Ron Grimes only revealed the fact that his wedding anniversary is in a few days, on October 26th.

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  1. I was honored to fix lasagna for my favorite nephew and 5 of his best friends from Liberty University on Saturday night and asked the boys to set their lap top in the kitchen so I could hear NQC while we got dinner ready. These boys had not heard The Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet sing, nor any other quartets, and after dinner they invited me to Liberty University in Lynchburg to hear them. I imagine I will be buying dinner for them that night too, but now I have six young Christian men interested in Southern Gospel, at their own college. What a treat for all of us.

  2. Wow! This IS old! Old Time Gospel hour…