Saturday News Roundup #60

In the news:

  • Christianity Today’s review of new Christmas music featured the Isaacs’ new project, speaking highly of “simple sibling harmony . . . between this brother and three sisters.” Brother and three sisters, indeed. Though Lily could take that as a compliment, one would think a major national publication of its caliber might check the group’s website bios when writing a review.
  • EMI has posted song lists and cover art for the next two Gaither Homecoming Releases, Alaskan Homecoming and Majesty. Song samples have not been made available yet.
  • David Bruce Murray has made an (excellent) decision to move his Musicscribe blog to the main domain, [EDIT, 3/16/13: Broken link removed]; it had been on a subdomain since its launch.

Site updates:

  • Due to expanding plans for the future of the Documents section, it has been renamed Reference: /reference.
  • A complete, current list of Singing News Fan Award winners has been added to the reference section.

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  1. No song samples posted yet, but a video preview is up:

  2. Thanks for passing the word along about my blog relocation.

    • No problem. It was a move I’ve been rooting for for just about forever, so now that it’s happened, it’s not like I could ignore it! 🙂

  3. By the way, that Christianity Today article also mistakes Sonya Isaacs for the entire group. She has collaborated with Dolly Parton and Dierks Bentley, but I don’t think any other members of the group were involved.

    Also, what’s up with the comparison to Jason Crabb? They sound about as much like Jason Crabb as they sound like Ben Speer!

  4. I was looking under “reference” and it’s amazing how an individual artist will dominate their particular category for several years in a row. (ex: favorite lead, male singer, ect.)

    • Check out Favorite Pianist and Favorite Soprano and you’ll be really amazed!

      (I think Kim Hopper is either tied with or one year away from breaking Roger Bennett’s all-time consecutive wins in a category award. I hadn’t noticed that till working on that section.)