What is a blogger?

I was wondering the other day: In the Southern Gospel genre, what is (or should be) the role of a blogger?

Is a blogger a journalist, who is supposed to have no favorites and never express opinions or slant, “just the facts”?

Is a blogger a commentator, who can express opinions but is not really supposed to show overt favoritism?

Is a blogger (just) a fan, who has favorite groups and doesn’t mind saying so, and is not shy about expressing opinions, either?

Or are bloggers in a category of their own, with their own unique job description and limitations?

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  1. I think it’s #3 – or at least that’s the one I think I fit under – a fan who has favorite groups and doesn’t mind saying so and is not shy about expressing opinions. I don’t expect a blog to necessarily be objective since a blog is a personal web log of the blogger’s thoughts and feelings and observations. I think that each person’s blog will be an expression of his or her own personality and viewpoints and there will be some that fall under each of the categories you mentioned, Daniel.

  2. A blogger is a person who uses a particular website format…most recent additions to the website go at the top. I don’t believe you can define it beyond that. You can try, but there will be exceptions to more specific descriptions.

  3. LOL @ David…funny, but true!

  4. A blog is all of the above and none of the above. Blogs are as personal and varied as people. A blog is whatever you want it to be.

    I do think, though, that most blogs are opinions and nothing more. There are, of course, exceptions, but very few. As for SG Blogs? IMHO, most are opinions and nothing more. And there is nothing wrong with that.

  5. I don’t mind personal blogs, but I for one would like to read a blog that does offer constructive criticism without showing favoritism. I for one get tired of individuals spouting on about their favorite groups (only my opinion). It gets boring. I want to know all the ins and outs of every artist that makes up the Southern Gospel genre, just not a hand picked selected few.

    Oh, by the way, Daniel I do enjoy reading your blog (most of the time anyway… J/K).

  6. Seaton, do you view me as mainly or only covering my favorite groups?

    If so, then I do a much better job of keeping positive and upbeat than I had realized, since I cover quite a few groups I don’t particularly care for–but based on what I say here, you might never know.

  7. From what I’ve read so far, you seem to be equal opportunity. I understand everyone will have their favorites and I don’t have an issue with that.

    A good sign that a blogger is equal opportunity is if they can provide the same constructive critism to their favorite artists that they would with an artist they don’t particularly care for.

  8. I think I’m getting closer. 🙂

  9. A normal blogger is just someone who writes (or types) stuff for the heck of it.

  10. Bloggers are just regular people who write about a particular subject that is near and dear to them. No more and no less.