Southern Gospel Blog: The First Month

I launched this blog on September 18, 2006, the Monday after the National Quartet Convention. How did the first month go?

The numbers are in. This blog was visited 10,292 times in the first month; it has had nearly 17,000 page views. Most visitors, incidentally, do not need to view more than one page because all the recent stories are on the same page.
Though these numbers are interesting, there is one set of numbers that I find even more interesting. My host provider is able to track what percentage of visitors are referred from other domains. It has been a relatively small number from the start; 1/3 of the visitors the first two weeks (33.3% each week) were referred from another website. But those numbers decreased to 13.4% the first week and 10.8% the fourth week.

That means that now roughly 9/10 of the people who stop by type in the domain directly or use a bookmark. And that’s nice to know, because people who have bookmarked the site or remember to type in “” are far more likely to return–and that makes numbers like I’ve seen this month sustainable on a long-term basis.

So to all of you who stop by on a regular basis to see what I have to say, let me say this: When I started this blog, I hoped I would find at least a small audience that would stop by regularly. But I must say that the numbers of visitors and hits I have in this first month alone are more than double what I was hoping for once this got established. I can sit here and write all I want, but it is a complete waste of time unless some of you stop by and read it. So I thank you very much.

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  1. Hey Daniel,
    It’s me Roanna from the EHSS MB and the BB MB. I really enjoy your blog. I check it probably every day or at least every other day. You do a good job keeping it updated.

    P.S. Your welcome!!

  2. Roanna,

    Thank you for stopping by!


  3. Daniel,

    Congratulations on a terrific first month! But I never had any doubts about people finding it entertaining and informative. Great job! It’s bookmarked on my computer for easy daily checks. Keep up the good work.


  4. Daniel,
    I’m glad the numbers are favorable – I try to drop in as often as possible.

  5. Congratulations on your successful first month and those numbers! 🙂 I’d say that 300 hits a day is a pretty good following…. 😀

  6. Thank you!

    Heidi, for whatever it’s worth, the daily numbers were smaller at the start, and now they are averaging perhaps 350-400 per day, with some days as high as 600 and some (Sundays especially) as low as 250.

  7. Hey, Daniel! This is Cindy (Threemom) from EHSS MB. Congrats on a great first month. I really enjoy your site. I check it every day! You are a very good, interesting writer! Keep it up!

  8. Wow, Daniel, one month already!
    Keep up the good work, and there will be many more to come!

    I really enjoy the good job you do, it is nice to have a different approach to sg than some of the magazine sites.

    gateway- ehss, cathstrib, bb mbs

  9. Congratulations, Daniel! I knew your blog would be a success.

    May the coming months be equally successful, if not more!

    Nice job.

  10. I had a hunch this project would be widely successful, because I have seen first hand your enthusiasm and dedication to SGM, as well as your ever-increasing popularity on SGM message boards (though I’m banned at two of them).

    Congratulations, and keep up the good work!

  11. Congratulations! I know you put a lot of time and effort into this blog, and your readers certainly appreciate it. May your blog just keep getting better and better!

  12. I didn’t realize it had already been a month since you started this. I’m really enjoying your blog site. I check it several times every day because I know you go to more sources than I do to get info and it saves me a lot of time and trouble!!

  13. Thank yuo to each and every one of you!

    I haven’t thought of something for today yet, but I do have good things in store later this week! 🙂

  14. Daniel, I certainly enjoy your bloggings and musings. I appreciate the fact that you aren’t here to be derogatory or controversial , and I also appreciate your desire to have your facts correct.

    You are a great student of the history of this wonderful genre of music.

    I don’t always agree with you (for example, Younce barely makes my list of top ten bass singers of all time) but you are able to disagree with being disagreeable.

    Keep up the good work!

  15. Thank you!

    I like that phrase–“disagree without being disagreeable.” That’s well put.