SG Albums features Prophets Mega Review

A mega review of the reorganized Prophets’ debut project, I’ll Follow, has been posted over at Since I have a songwriting cut on the project, I held off from commenting much. I did add a few thoughts here and there.

The project got an average rating of 3.1 (of 5) stars. It seems the consensus was that it left the reviewers wishing for a little more, particularly more features from Bill Baize and Mike Allen. But it does show potential of what the group could be.

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  1. Given all the hype surrounding this recording, I was somewhat underwhelmed by the final outcome.

    Since this is a “revamped” Prophets Quartet, I was really expecting to hear more numbers made famous by the Prophets of days gone by.

    I also realize that lead singers like Jay Berry, Jack Toney, Jim Wesson, Roy McNeal, Dean Brown, and Don Seabolt are tough acts to follow . . . but they set the table for some great quartet singing. I truly miss those powerful lead voices.