Body of Matt Dibler’s nephew found in Iraq

Perhaps a year ago, it was announced in Southern Gospel circles that Inspirations lead singer Matt Dibler’s nephew Byron Fouty was missing in action in Iraq. In today’s headlines, Fox News is reporting that Fouty’s body has been found.

Keep the Dibler extended family in your prayers, as this confirmation of what they had been fearing is undoubtedly tough. The only bright side, if it can be called that, is that the suspense is over–wondering if he was dead, or a prisoner being tortured, must have been almost as bad as this.

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  1. What was creepy was that I woke up to my clock radio this morning, and what I heard was that they had found the bodies of two American soldiers in Iraq. It instantly thought it was Byron Fouty. I checked later on the blog, and sure enough, it was.


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