Video: New Gold City lineup

Here’s our first look at the new Gold City lineup, with tenor Brent Mitchell now in the mix. When he was announced, there were some questions as to how his style and range would work with classic Gold City arrangements, and here’s the first installment of an answer:

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  1. I’d say he’ll fit better then Josh. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think Josh is one of the most gifted singers I’ve ever heard. I just see Brent as being a better fit on some of Gold City’s classic songs.

  2. Brent will blend well. I’m thinking Josh has the more powerful voice, but Brent is smoother?

  3. Awesome. Thanks for the video Daniel. I think he blends very well and sounds great with them. I think that Gold City made the right choice. I am anxious to hear him more. We are going to the biggest Alabama singing of the year, “The Day After Thanksgiving Sing,” which will feature Gold City, The Kingsmen, The Perrys, and Jeff & Sheri Easter. This is where KingsGold was made famous. We are hoping they will do a little bit of that as well. Thanks again for the video!

  4. I guess I’ll be the naysayer here. I much prefer Josh Cobb. I like his voice better, and their overall sound was a lot more powerful with Josh.

    • Of course Josh is more talented/powerful, but Brent’s nothing to sneeze at. I think he’ll do fine.

      • I don’t know if I would say that Josh was more “talented/powerful” but that is your opinion. Josh was a good tenor but to me if you watched him sing, it looked like he was straining for every note. Again, just my opinion. Josh was great but I think that Brent will do a superb job for GC.

  5. Actually, I think Brandon Coomer had the FIRST look…two days ago.

    • Oh, I didn’t mean to claim “first” for myself – I meant to claim it for the videos.

  6. Ok, I’m as big of a “Josh” fan as anyone, but after hearing Brent’s performance I agree that he will do fine.

  7. well, they have two baritones and a tenor that is second-tier at best, not exactly “Gold” standard.

    • two baritones? what? I don’t think so …

      • oh come now, you think he’s a top lead in this business?? as Gold City leads go
        ivan is num 1,
        lacey and hill tie for 2nd,
        jonathan is 3rd,
        and id even put trammel above [EDIT: Bruce – please avoid jokes about baldness and other personal jokes on this site]

      • oh my…putting jonathan wilburn third…i have to question your ranking

      • I’m with Ghopper1, Jonathan would definitely be a close second.

      • i think Bruce is a great lead singer. j wil was there a nice length of time, but totally agree with the steve lacey-david hill era. they were both great singers. and i missed them instantly. and still do…

    • You’re kidding right? It’s more like they have 2 leads and a tenor. Daniel could easily step up to the lead position and fit it perfectly. He’s an amazingly talented singer.

      • in essence, danny does do a lot of lead singing on their newer stuff…

      • i’m sure you’ve seen the Gold City reunion clips of this past quartet convention…notice the response from the crowd?…is the response the same now?

        [EDIT: Sorry, Ben, this goes too far…whether or not I agree as to whether the current lineup gets the same level of response that the 2000 lineup did.]

      • There was a kind of “magic” about the Brian/Ivan/Mike/Tim lineup. I’m not even the world’s biggest Free fan, and even I have to admit that…

      • what about that comment goes too far?

      • Ghopper, I saw the comment before Daniel edited it, and the part Daniel edited out went too far (in his judgment).

      • you’re kidding about going too far right? honestly?

      • Nope, not kidding. There are two or three more comments (not all yours) that I’ve nearly edited. I try to keep all discussions here constructive, at any rate. Other sites have wide tolerance for venting etc., but not this one.

      • You should understand, Bruce, Daniel doesn’t always edit just for profanity. That makes his blog unique.

      • my comments weren’t slanderous, or mean-spirited, or trying to hurt anyone…i thought we were being honest about this group and its members.
        we had this group at our church when they exploded in the mid-late ’80’s through the mid ’90’s, thats the gold city i know and love. i think Tim is a class act and has done a great job in this business. i, of all people hate to see the decline.

      • Thank you, and I will accept that there was no ill intention. I’m still concerned that, whatever the intent, this would have taken the discussion too far, but thanks for the explanation.

      • Well, Ben,
        I appreciate your comments and understand your frustrations. GC, I believe, is still trying to find their way after years of success. I think they need Roy Pauley.

      • Singing bass?

      • Yea, it would take the pressure off of the tenor.

      • i agree…i’m a huge roy pauley fan…hall of fame baritonist

  8. I mean no disrespect, I’m sure Brent Mitchell is a wonderful, Godly person. But the fact that this is a blog, a place where we are free to share our opinions, I will share mine….

    I don’t like the sound nor do I think this newest lineup exudes the essence of what I think of when I think of Gold City…again, my opinion….

    That being said, I didn’t like Steve Ladd at first and now he’s one of my favorite…so I remain willing to change my opinon.

    I am looking forward to see if Mr. Mitchell will rise to the standard that many of us have in our minds of Gold City. I personally don’t think he came to the group with that standard already achieved. Time will tell…

    • Let’s be honest. Gold City has been one of the top quartets in the business for well over two decades now. When a new member comes on board, we as fans are always ready to pounce on them and criticize how they are not like the former member or members in the past. Steve Ladd when he came from the Anchormen to GC, people did not think that he was capable of being a GC tenor. However, Steve proved everyone wrong because he just continued improving. There was a comment that there were two baritones in the group and I don’t look at this lineup like that. Sure, Jonathan Wilburn had a range that was out of this world and he sang tenor a lot of times and it was up to Jay or Steve to stay above him. Bruce does not have that type of range but is still a very good lead singer. He has matured and improved so much since they hired him. Daniel Riley is one of the best singers on the road. I honestly thought that he would step up to the lead position when Jonathan left and they would let Bruce sing the baritone but it did not happen that way. Now, with GC’s present line-up there is a good blend. The potential is there for Brent to go down as one of the great tenors in GC history. He will just have to work hard and not let the “nay sayers” get to him. It would be so easy for some of our favorite singers to read this blog and get discouraged because of how we as fans talk about them. Let’s try to build up these singers that are out there 200+ dates a year!! In my opinion, this lineup is going to be a great success.

      • Well, I’ve never been a devoted GC fan anyway, so I’m just kind of watching what other people say. 😉

        Jonathan Wilburn is awesome.

  9. Just as a reminder to everyone: Whether or not you think Mitchell is a GC-style tenor, please keep comments here diplomatic.

    • Daniel, it causes me sorrow to see “christians” act and post in a manner which does not correspond with that which we are supposed to possess.

  10. Bruce is one of the best leads on the stage today. He can easily handle any material Ivan, David, or Jonathan did.

    I think Daniel gets a lot of heat for the last few years but it’s no easy task taking over one of the most loved groups in gospel…especially when Tim Riley, who has always been a pillar for the group, comes off the road. As far as singing, he knows how to deliver a song.

    • Yes, Danny certainly is a very good singer…

  11. As a long time Gold City fan, I have enjoyed many of their singers. But (excluding Tim) probably none of them has impressed me more than Bruce. I love his style, voice, energy, and presence he brings every night. I like how he has taken classic Gold City songs and made them his own. ( his version of midnight cry pits Ivan to shame) In my opinion, I put him right under Habedank and Rice as of the best leads going today. Just my opinion.

    • Bruce has definitely come a long way in a short period of time. He does do a fantastic job of making the songs his own too.

  12. Just so everyone will know, the “ben” that is commenting here is not me. I am a huge fan of Danny Riley and he is a good friend. Quartets deal with member changes in the best way they know how to do at the time. There are things that go on behind the scenes that many of you comment on as if you have an inside track. Changes happen for many reasons. Good people such as Danny Riley, keep the work of the Lord pushing on, despite setbacks in personel. It is easy to armchair quarterback, it is much harder to put the helment on and good on the field to call the plays.

    • Agreed – and thanks for the clarification for onlookers. (I can see emails and IP addresses so I personally knew it wasn’t you.)

    • Well, Ben (who is not the other ben)
      I personally don’t think any one was trying to play football in the conversation and obviously there are things that go on “behind closed doors” that the audience of gospel music fans wont know and probably don’t need to know. And I would define the work of the Lord differently than you would. But I trust things that happen SG music wouldn’t take us off track from that.

    • I don’t think anybody thought it was you!

  13. I know I’m old fashioned, but I still miss the original line up of most and group. Seems like once you get used to a certain group/sound it is hard to change.

    I really like Steve Ladd also!

    I wish them all the best and know that Tim will always produce a good GC group!

  14. I have just watched the GC videos posted from the same concert on youtube. I too was a bit skeptical when I heard who was selected but after seeing these videos I think BM will do just fine. Besides the new cd that is in production has songs selected with Josh Cobb in mind and those song should fit BM as well.

    To be honest the last four versions of GC:

    Ladd, Wilburn, Riley & Lawrence
    Ladd, Talifero, Riley & McCune
    Cooper, Talifero, Riley & Riley
    Cobb, Talifero, Riley & Riley

    haven’t really sounded like the GC of Old on purpose. Stylistically the powers that be have shifted from the ultra high harmony to something a little more country sounding. With that said I really enjoyed Revival and Moment of Truth and think that GC would do just fine following that same trend. I just wish that they could have some stability. I am sure they do too.

    Either way I think the BM sounded pretty good on the GC classics that were featured and will make a great GC tenor.

    • You missed a combo. Ladd, Wilburn, Riley and McCune were together for a while before Wilburn left. 😀 I saw them when McCune hadn’t been with them but maybe a week or two and this was the lineup of vocalists.

      • Yeah, you are right. Forgot that one. 🙂 The point I was trying to make was that it has been sad to see such instability in a top tier group, and that the vocalist choices have been geared for a different sound. It’s not a bad sound, just one that people aren’t use to with Gold City.

  15. Youtube isn’t always a great way to hear a group, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. Having said that, I do prefer Cobb as tenor….does anybody know if Cobb has another job??

    • If he does, I don’t know about it. Here’s hoping he finds a good one!

  16. I’m a big fan of Danny Riley. He is a tremendous baritone!

  17. I think it might be the same concert, but when they do Rainbow of Love, Tim Riley struggles with the low note just before the song ending. This is also on youtube. He handles it like a pro. It’s not like he can’t hit the note, cause I’ve heard him do it before. I’ve just never heard anything from him closely resembling a mistake or miss-fire!!

    • Sometimes pros do that on purpose – Margaret Thatcher always included two misspeaks in her speeches, I believe, to remind people that she was human, and actually connected with people better that way (even though she was such a genius that she didn’t have to make a single mistake and was doing it quite intentionally.)

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Tim is of that caliber.

      • Well, he did make a big deal out of his choking on that note. To be honest, the first time I watched it, I thought it was all done on purpose for a joke. Maybe my first instinct was correct.

        I love Margaret Thatcher!

      • Of course, our own Dear Leader doesn’t need to make deliberate mistakes to assure America that he is human… the mistakes just happen. Especially when he doesn’t have his trusty teleprompter… 😉

    • I think he may have been sick. I know Danny was that night. If it was due to sickness, the way he turned it around into a funny moment was done with great aplomb.

  18. I saw that video, and it is hilarious!

  19. Hey Daniel. I just wanna’ say thanks for posting my video!! Got loads more from Brent’s first night I love the new lineup personally. I got the chance to speak with Brent before the show and he’s a terrific guy, and one of the finest Tenor singers around. Great fit for Gold City. He’s not Steve Ladd (but I’m biased given Steve’s been a personal hero and friend of mine for a while LOL I digress) But I’m honored to have my vid as a part of your blog. If there’s anything else you need go for it. 😀

    • Logan,


      • Not a problem bro. I think it’s cool to see it here and read the buzz haha

      • Great! 🙂

  20. [edit]
    I bet they are discovering (as we are) that voices like Jay and Brian are rare gift.

  21. WOW! 3 of the 4 singers are now wearing hair pieces! Guess which one isnt! lol! hahahaha!

    • I’m gonna go wit Tim LOL hahaha

  22. If you ask me [edit] and furthermore [edit]. I say that because [edit] and [edit]. I just wanted to see what it felt like to have edits in my post. 😉

    • Sorry, but I have to disagree [edit]. I just don’t think [edit].

      And I’m sorry, but that’s just my honest opinion, and I’m not the kind of person that goes around talking bad about people, but hey I know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody who said that Josh left because [EDIT!]

      (Note: I did all my own edits. :-))

      • So did I. :p filler, filler [edit] filler

      • Y’all are too funny

  23. Uh…

    {Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.}

    • Now that is genius. 🙂

      I’m totally fine with someone who needs to make a comment briefer than WordPress likes copying and pasting the error message as somewhat of an inside joke on this site! 😀

      • I’ve gotta agree, thats pretty good.

      • Hey, I like that! Brilliant!

  24. Y’all are cracking me up!