CD Review: There is One (Keith Plott)

Rating: 3 (a solid 3 of 5)

Producer: Greg Day, Keith Plott, Lee Fortune.

Songlist: I’ve Got an Advocate; Thanks to Calvary; That’s the Truth; Midnight Cry; The Name of Jesus; The Offer Still Stands; He Set Me Free; There is One; This Could Be Your Last Chance; Lord it Hurts; Amazing Love; Look For Me.

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Keith Plott sang bass for Danny Funderburk and Mercy’s Way, then from 2003-2007 for Brian Free & Assurance. Last year, he made the decision to go solo and released his debut recording (reviewed here). I commented in that review that the launch of his solo career seemed to go under the radar screen of the industry; unfortunately, despite a full touring schedule, that still seems to be the case.

This recording is a solid collection of songs, most of which have been previously recorded. The project includes some classics, “Thanks to Calvary,” “Look for Me,” “He Set Me Free,” and “Midnight Cry.” Most of the other songs have been previously recorded, but some of them received little enough attention the first time around that they may as well be new.

Speaking of “Midnight Cry,” easily the biggest influence on this project was the song’s co-writer, Greg Day, who produced the project (along with Plott and Lee Fortune). He co-wrote seven of the project’s twelve songs; his co-writer on “Midnight Cry,” Chuck Day, contributed one more. Even if there was no other point of interest for the project, it would be worth a listen to get a feel for other songs from the pens of the authors of that classic.

Plott’s voice is versatile enough to pull off a solo project without sounding forced at either end of his range. Not to spend too much of the review focusing on “Midnight Cry” (though, given the producer’s history with the song, it’s not surprising that the song is the high point of the recording), but Plott actually pulls off the song and makes it sound like it was written for a bass. That’s no small feat.

I gave the project a solid 3 stars of 5; if it had featured mostly or entirely new songs and maintained the same level of quality, I would have given it 3.5 or maybe even 4. This project is enjoyable and worth a listen.

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