DVD Review: Live at the National Quartet Convention (Gold City)

Rating: 4.5 stars (of 5)

Producer: Ken Harding, Daniel Riley.

Songlist: Ain’t That What It’s All About; When I Get Carried Away; Introduction of Members; Teach Me Lord to Wait; I’m Rich; Look Who Just Checked In; Under Control; If God Be For Us; Truth is Marching On; Get Up, Get Ready; After Awhile; Alone in the Garden; Mercy Came Running; Preach the Word.

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This summer, Gold City releases two projects. Moment of Truth, a CD of new songs, was reviewed last week. Live at the National Quartet Convention features thirteen songs recorded over Gold City’s three sets at NQC last September. Unlike a Gaither release, where a CD and DVD released together feature (mostly) the same songs, this video features songs from Gold City’s previous release, Revival.

Gold City staged seven of the ten songs on Revival for the video; the only three that weren’t were “God’s Still Good,” “That’s What I’m Talkin’ About,” and “Not Anymore.” Five classics also made the set list–“When I Get Carried Away,” “Under Control,” “If God Be For Us,” “After Awhile,” and “Alone in the Garden.”

This is Jonathan Wilburn’s last film project with the group. It was the first in another way, though–Gold City’s first DVD without a band. But since NQC’s stage setup hides the band down on the side, their absence is less felt than in a concert taped in a typical church or theater setting.

Since performers don’t have the opportunity to stop for a re-take, often live-at-NQC videos suffer a little in video and audio quality. But the videography is impressive–though a notch below Gaither’s Hi-Def quality, it’s several notches above video quality in some previous NQC projects. There are few if any awkward cuts as a group member moves out of the camera’s zoomed view, and few instances where a shot is dampened by a sudden spotlight change.

Gold City’s last few studio projects have experimented with new styles as the group redefines its sound, with mixed (though largely positive) results. Constant personnel changes have been a challenge that the group has had to work hard to overcome. But this DVD demonstrates that they are still masters of the live stage.

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  1. This is one of my favorite DVDs already. It’s funny you posted it today… my daughter and I watched it 5 times last night!

  2. Neat! It’s great that a 3 or 4 year old loves Gold City!