Earlier this year, we went to the next county over see the Collingsworth family at a medium-sized church in a small town in rural Ohio. But the church was packed, the Collingsworths gave it everything they had, and brought the house down several times.

What we didn’t realize (and, undoubtedly, they didn’t realize) was that a businessman from our hometown was in the audience, and was so moved that he decided to book them at the largest theater in our town–a venue more known for hosting a Broadway tour, the Oak Ridge Boys, or President George W. Bush–than Southern Gospel concerts. (The Spencers did record their 1996 Live in Mansfield project at this venue.) The event will be a fundraising event for missionaries from the businessman’s home church, and is scheduled for next May.

Moral of the story: No matter the size or “significance” of the venue, always give it your best. You never know who is watching.

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