David Mann launches new SG blog

David Mann launched a new Southern Gospel blog, Southern Gospel Discussions, at www.southerngospeldiscussions.blogspot.com. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link appears to be down, and has been removed.] There’s currently only one post up, so I don’t really have any in-depth commentary as of yet, but I thought I’d pass the word along.

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  1. Sorry. There has been a change. The new link is [EDIT: evidently, also broken, too!]

  2. Wow. This was a long time ago. What actually happened was that someone from the Singing News contacted me and told me that I was breaking some rules by what I had posted.

    The blog was going to be about southern gospel music and the things happening in it. I had given credit to the writer of the article, but there were other rules I had broken apparently.

    I didn’t want to have to deal with that kind of stuff so I simply deleted it.

    • Ugh! I would ask if you had considered trying again, but I can understand why you would be discouraged. 🙁

    • Ah! That explains that, and I’m sorry to hear it.


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