Dan Keeton launches SGTracks.com

Dan Keeton (of the Dan Keeton Quartet) recently launched SGTracks.com, a site which he hopes will become a one-stop source for Southern Gospel soundtracks. [EDIT, 6/7/12: Broken link removed.] Currently the only tracks available are from his old groups (Keetons and Dixie Melody Boys) and his current group (Dan Keeton Quartet), but he hopes to expand the selection eventually.

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  1. Not quite so sure that this is a legal move…not certain…. I have a feeling that record companies won’t like this all too well…and unless he got permission from Ed to release the DMB tracks, well you know…..but of course it is Dan…..

  2. Thanks insider, have you looked at the tracks listed on sgtracks.com. Most are my own creation, There is not one DMB track listed that is released without proper permission. “And of course it is Dan”? And that means?

  3. Dan, I like this idea. Hope it works out!

  4. Insider, I think Dan is smarter than to do something like this illegally.

  5. #4–Precisely. I gave some serious thought to deleting comment #1, since I try to keep this blog positive. There may be a time and a place for people to throw around charges of illegal (court, perhaps?), but this is neither the place nor the time.

    In fact, I logged in with the intention of deleting the comment, but Dan replied first. Dan, thanks for your courtesy in keeping a level head.