Tim Parton leaves Legacy Five

Legacy Five just distributed a press release announcing that pianist Tim Parton will be leaving the group “to pursue other interests.” He will leave once a replacement is found.

Tim Parton stated that he “enjoyed filling in for Roger Bennett during his illness and was glad to stay on board after his death,” but that he got to the point where he had to choose between touring and other musical opportunities. (This could involve producing, since he has been involved in producing albums before.) He thanks Legacy Five fans “for welcoming me and accepting me into the Legacy Five family.”

Scott Fowler thanked Parton for helping through “a rough transition” with “humility and class.” He added, “There isn’t an unkind bone in Tim’s body. He’s one of my favorite people and all the guys will miss him but we wish him all the best.” Fowler will be auditioning pianists and can be contacted at scottfowler@legacyfive.com.

Parton is the second pianist to leave a major Southern Gospel group this week, Matthew Holt’s departure from the Perrys. The particularly weird feature is that both are top 5 nominees in the Singing News Fan Awards. Voting on the final round has ended, so this will not affect the vote. However, Singing News may not choose to count votes for Holt and Parton as being valid; their policies aren’t entirely clear on that point.

Everyone knew Roger Bennett would be a difficult and nearly impossible act to follow. Tim Parton did well under the circumstances, quietly supporting the group from the background rather than trying to duplicate Bennett’s on-stage charisma. His year and a half as the group’s official pianist (with several months spent filling in previously), though more or less an interlude in the group’s history, will go a long way toward letting the group’s third pianist bring his own set of shoes to fill.

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  1. You surprised me again. That’s going to be tough for the group, I’m sure. I hope they’re able to reach a stable lineup again soon. Although a year and a half isn’t bad compared to a lot of groups!

    Before Roger’s passing, L5 had never changed anything but tenor singers. With a 9-year-old group, it is pretty amazing. Is it any coincidence that they and GV, the two top groups (in my mind), have had among the most stable lineups?

  2. I surprised you? How?

    Was it just that the story surprised you? Was it that I’d post the story? Or was it something I said?

  3. I checked your blog before I checked my email. Yeah, the headline alone absolutely shocked me. Not as bad as when I saw “Jason Waldroup leaves Greater Vision,” but I was surprised.

    After reading their letter, I’m reminded of Roger leaving the Cathedrals for probably similar reasons back in ’86. I certainly wish Tim well.

    It seems a little bit “classier” to me (not sure that’s the right word, though) when a group is able to announce such changes themselves like this, rather than rumor beating them to it. I’m glad to hear statements like Scott and Gerald were able to make.

  4. OK. Yes, that was nice that they got the word out.

  5. Well it looks as if Tim has had a change of heart. This is great news!!!! Its on the SG wire on Singing News site.