Tim Parton changes his mind

Much like Frank Seamans, who in 2005 or so decided to leave Legacy Five but changed his mind several weeks later, Legacy Five pianist Tim Parton changed his mind and decided to stay with the group.

In a press release distributed last night, Parton apologized for the confusion: “I’m sorry for causing confusion…that was not my intent. I appreciate the group giving me the opportunity to continue serving as their pianist.” [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.] He said that he is working on balancing his schedule, and looking forward to continuing with Legacy Five.

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  1. This is great news!

  2. Awesome!

  3. Great News, he fits L5 very well!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is great news! He’s such a big part of Legacy 5. He would be very missed.

  5. I love Legacy Five dearly, and I happy that Tim has decided to stay, but it makes me laugh that twice now they’ve had someone make the tough decision to leave the group, then “reconsider” after the press release is made! 😀

    Well good for them!

  6. I would say there were a lot of people begging Tim to stay over the weekend … Just a hunch!

  7. IfI recall correctly, Frank didn’t want to leave the group. He was having a problem with a direct flight to meet the bus every week. This was solved, and he continued to stay.

    I am relieved Tim is staying on, he just fits in, and is just a great all around guy!

  8. Lets review: Tim played for the Lesters, then went to studio work. Went to Gold City, then left to stay home and do studio work, filled in for Roger, then back to the studio, Joined L5, then announced he was leaving, then changed his mind. If I were L5 I would be having a few guys “on deck” just in case.—And I think Tim is a great pianist.–its just that he needs to decide how the bus riding fits into his other life.