Danny’s Diary poses two questions

Danny Jones from the Singing News has a blog called Danny’s Diary. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.] In his most recent post, he asks two questions: Name your two favorite live albums, and name the single biggest news stories of 2006. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.]

The two live albums that I consider to be the all-time greatest are the Cathedrals’ Live in Atlanta and the Kingsmen’s Live at the University of Alabama.

Honorable mention goes to the Blackwood Brothers’ In Concert, Greater Vision’s Live at First Baptist Atlanta, the Happy Goodmans’ Wanted Live, the Kingsmen’s Live…Naturally and Big and Live, and Signature Sound’s Stand By Me…Live (their only live CD thus far, to my knowledge.)
Now let’s look at the biggest news stories of 2006. I would have to say that the three biggest stories thus far are (1) Anthony Burger’s sudden death on stage, (2) Doug Riley’s sudden death in a car accident, and (3) the lineup change in the Perrys (lead singer Loren Harris left and was replaced by baritone Joseph Habedank, who was in turn replaced by Nick Trammell).

There were several lineup changes in popular groups, including several in groups consistently nominated in the top 5 or 10 of Singing News Fan Favorites in their categories. But the Perrys were the most popular group (group and members consistently voted #1 in various categories) to have significant lineup changes this year.

I think it’s a little early to ask for the biggest stories of 2006. The year isn’t over yet! There are over two full months yet to go–but hopefully nothing will happen that will top the first two stories, at any rate.

Stop by Danny’s blog and let him know how you would answer his questions. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.]

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  1. When 2006 is over – the biggest story has to be the announcement by the Crabb Family. While not a big fan (though a huge fan of the Perrys) – the Crabbs, as we know them – will go away. The Perrys are still around and their overall sound will change only slightly.


  2. You have a good point. I totally forgot about that one. However, I would still rank it after the deaths of Burger and Riley, primarily because it is an announcement of intentions, and there is always the possibility that they change their mind. It’s perhaps even more a top story of 2007 than it is of 2006.

    But it is a big story, and you are right.

  3. My vote for the 2 best Live albums would be “A Gospel Concert” by the Statesmen & “On Stage” by the Balckwood Brothers.

  4. I like the Blackwood Brothers’ On Stage album, too…I just like their “In Concert” one a little more, perhaps because that album was my first exposure to “I Get Happy” and “What a Morning.”

  5. My favorite live LP is “Statesmen On Stage” recorded at the Wally Fowler all night sing in Nashville. “Through the States With the Statesmen” comes in a close second. This was before the days of overdubbing, and they even left in a song with Jake Hess singing the wrong words.

  6. John and Dean, I would have to agree that if the two best live albums ever came from the 1960s, then it would most certainly be one each by the Statesmen and the Blackweood Brothers, and probably the ones you named.

    I personally lean toward preferring the later ’70s / early ’80s style of live recordings, because I prefer a slightly more full instrumentation and live recordings of that era typically have at least piano, bass, and drums. I think that a live band enhances Southern Gospel quartet vocals.

    But if I had to choose two albums that pre-date this style–or if I was picking the two most innovative Southern Gospel live albums ever–I would pick one each from the Statesmen’s and the Blackwoods’ 1960s catalogue.

    I will also observe that I prefer both live-band and piano-only live concert recordings to live recordings where soundtracks provide all or nearly all of the music.