Two Tenors

Wes Hampton recently went to a Steve Green concert. During the concert, Green called him up to the stage for a duet on “It is Well With My Soul.”

Hampton posted a video of the song:

Seeing this got me thinking that a “three tenors” concert series featuring Green, Hampton, and one other former Gaither Vocal Band tenor (Larnelle Harris, David Phelps, or Terry Franklin) would probably produce some great nights of music.

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  1. I don’t think there would even need to be a third tenor. From what I heard here, I’d like some more with just these two!

  2. I’d like the first two, but I’d enjoy the “threesome” as well. Daniel, why don’t you just call up ole Bill and ask him to do it!! 🙂

  3. Sorry, don’t know his phone number.

    I guess I do know some people who know him, though. 💡

    • So did he finally take you up on it? (At the Thanksgiving taping.)

      • Hmm – interesting thought! Don’t know.

  4. I have had this idea for quite some time only my three tenors would be different. I would love to see Larry Ford, David Phelps, and Larnelle Harris together. Bobby Clark or Steve Green would probably be close behind those first guys, all of course in my opinion.


  5. Great idea! Personally, this is really amazing to me. I actually got emotional when I first read Wes Hampton’s post about this. To think about singing with one of my vocal ‘heroes’ is too incredible to think about. What an amazing moment that must have been for him. I’m so glad he got the chance to live his dream and have that experience.

    I, too, would love to hear more from the two of them. The timbres of their voices match well and they blend beautifully!

    • This video was what opened the door for me to discover gospel music. I’d seen in a Homecoming magazine I picked up in a waiting room that some kid who sang tenor for the GVB had gotten to meet Steve Green, but I didn’t have a clue who he was or really who the GVB was.

      Months later, I found this video, and I was well and truly blown away by the beauty of the arrangement and the stunning blend of the two voices. I was extremely impressed with Wes’s control and delivery. It takes some serious talent to stand on the same stage with Steve Green and not just get blown away. I loved Wes’s humble spirit in this video too. Steve has always been one of my heroes as well, so I immediately connected with Wes as a fellow fan.

      From there I found GVB stuff with Wes in it, then discovered EHSS from their guest appearances on Give It Away, discovered the Cathedrals through Ernie, L5 through Scott, etc., and the rest, as they say, is history. And to think that it all started with this video!

  6. Imagine Johnny Cook, Steve Ladd, and Dan Keeton taking turns on “Looking For A City”.

    What about a tenor quartet? David Phelps, Danny Funderburk, Anthony Facello, and Tony Jarman. That would be a very E-NUN-CI-A-TED performance with those 4 vocally expressive tenors. Who would sing the bass octive though?

  7. Please don’t take this for cynical or sarcastic, but I really like Ernie’s lower ranges. Of course I don’t really mean bass, but if you’re after a tenor quartet …

    The first time I listened to him sing “What a Difference a Day Makes” (off the NQC album), several years ago, I didn’t even believe it was him. I had to go back and listen to it again. He was singing in a lead singer’s range. (And I thought it sounded really good.)

  8. NQC 1999. I have that compilation project also. Yes, Ernie does have good low lead tones.

  9. Ernie tells the story that in his early days he traveled quite a distance to try out for a quartet and they told him that he needed to focus on lead singing becuase he wasnt strong enough to be a tenor.

    • Hehe…”not strong enough,” famous last words. I think that was good advice though, and it shows. I’ve always said that Ernie is one of the most well-rounded tenors in the biz.

  10. WOOOOOOOOO MAMA! I just read Wes’s latest blog post, and you know that Steve Green guest vocal he mentioned a while back? It’s this arrangement of “It is Well With My Soul!” They’re gonna do a STUDIO cut of it. I’m stoked.

    • Me, too! I almost posted about it, but then I decided the responsible thing was to leave Doug Oldham’s obituary up as the current post all day.

      • That didn’t even occur to me…how like you to think of stuff like that! But then classy is your middle name, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. 😀

      • Thank you – I’m honored to receive a nickname like that.

      • It was fairly earned! 🙂

      • Thank you!