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Paul Heil’s weekly program The Gospel Greats has been voted the favorite syndicated radio program in the Singing News Fan Awards for years. Unfortunately, no stations in my area carry the song, so I listen online. Here’s a link to a station that plays the program on demand.

About 44 minutes into the second hour of this week’s program, Paul Heil plays Signature Sound’s new radio single, “John in the Jordan.” This was a good pick for a radio single, because it accurately captures Signature Sound: Quartet music that is different than anything you’ve heard before while still having an unmistakably traditional feel.

The song, incidentally, features Ernie Haase on the first verse, but Ernie and lead singer Ryan Seaton trade off lines on the second verse. Bass Tim Duncan is featured on the chorus. After two verses and a bridge, the song transposes from G to A, permitting Duncan to hit a low A.

The song is quite enjoyable and should do well for Signature Sound. The chorus leaves no question that it’s classic quartet music, but it’s both traditional and innovative at the same time. It takes a quartet of Signature Sound’s stature to pull that off.

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  1. Thanks for the link Daniel. Your insight to the song gave me a whole new listening enjoyment! It’s a great song and I’m sure that it will be another hit for EH&SS.

  2. Hi Daniel – On the second verse I think one line is also sung by Doug. Listen real closely to the line “she faced her fear ..” I think that’s Doug.

  3. I loved listening to this, too. The guys sound like they had fun! And June is right…I’m positive it’s Doug singing right after Ryan on the second verse.

  4. Come to think of it, you’re probably right.

  5. Thanks for the info Daniel

  6. Thanks Y’all for the kudos. I cowrote “JOHN IN THE JORDAN” with my friend JERRY SALLEY who also recorded the song with guests THE OAK RIDGE BOYS on background and 2nd verse leads. Look for it on Crossroads Records.

  7. Hi Paul

    So far this week I have not received the weekly newsletter by email. It has been ariving early on Tuesday mornings. I enjoy reading it because along with the latest news in Gospel muis it has inspirational articles that are very good. I hope I can continue to receive it.

    In Christ

    John V. Boles


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