Mercy’s Mark, Jay Parrack return

Via Dinana on SouthernGospelForums (here), Garry Jones will be resurrecting the Mercy’s Mark name for a limited schedule of dates. (EDIT: 8/5/2011: Broken link removed) He will be joined by former MM lead singer Josh Feemster and former Gold City tenor Jay Parrack. There is no word yet on a bass singer.

Feemster and Parrack plan to remain in their church music positions, so the group’s available dates will be limited. But it is still undeniably exciting to see Parrack back in a Southern Gospel trio/quartet for the first time (with the exception of an occasional reunion concert) since leaving Gold City.

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  1. That’s awesome!

  2. this is great news. great news! I sure have missed Jay!

  3. Hey, that’s interesting! Do you suppose Mercy’s Mark might begin singing “Hide Me Behind the Cross?” It’s a thought…

  4. There’s a video(maybe more than one..been a while since I’ve watched it)on youtube where Jay joins Gary and some of the members of Mercy’s Mark a few years ago. Definitely worth checking out.

  5. Yes! Yes! Can’t wait to see some of the performances.

  6. I bet Ernie Haase cuts it first New SoGo Fan just a guess.

    • What, “Hide Me Behind the Cross?” Assuming he read my translation entry and took my advice, that would be sweet! 😀

  7. Great to hear that Jay is coming back on the road. I wonder who the bass singer will be? I wonder if Chris West will come back on the road. He is a great bass singer! Thanks for the update Daniel & Diana!

  8. Aaron McCune would be awesome! I hoped he would take Chris’ place back when he left but that didn’t happen.

  9. In my heart there will never, ever be a better Tenor than Jay. I followed his career with Gold City and could tell by his comments when he left that God was leading him. He and his family are just what God wants the American Christian Family to be. Christ above all! I await any music he offers…..Always, a Jay fan!

    • I totally agree, Jay is the best ever, and one of the nicect guys you could meet.

    • Glad Jay is coming back on the road sure have missed him. Would love to see his dad, Johnny come back and do some dates with him. Jay and Eric Phillips are both outstanding tenors but still think their fathers are better.

  10. I saw them saturday in Benton Ky. Tim Duncan was with them singing Bass. They were great. I hope they are considering keeping this group together.

  11. Hope Jay Parrack comes near my city. Would love to hear him; he was awesome with Gold City.