NQC 2011 to host Gaither Vocal Band reunion

At a Hoppers concert at Trinity Baptist Church in Asheville, NC last night, Dean Hopper announced that the National Quartet Convention has just confirmed that current and past members of the Gaither Vocal Band will offer a special appearance at next year’s National Quartet Convention. It will be an afternoon showcase. It’s the first live reunion concert since the Gaither Vocal Band: Reunion released almost two years ago.

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  1. Please, please tell me they will be offering internet streaming next year…?

    • Was just about to say this…

      They’ve done it the past two years (at least), I don’t know why they’d stop.


  2. Webstreaming – I am sure they will — the afternoon showcases are not live – they are put on to view afterwards.

    The 100th Anniversary was the best in 2010.

    • Just FYI – All of the events in Freedom Hall were streamed live in 2010.

      • yeah they were i can not wait to see them and have the gaither vocal band here in fergus falls mn some time soon and that also goes for ernie haase and signature sound.

      • I’d be surprised if they were in Fergus Falls, but they’ve been known to have concerts in Fargo. No dates currently scheduled though.

  3. does this mean the “Together” ship has sailed?

    • It just means that this is the event that NQC thought would draw the most people – and I suspect they’re right.

    • The thing is, the Together project is already three years old (released Oct. ’07). By next year’s NQC, it will be even another year older.

      After seeing a short glimpse of it this year on WSSJ, I am hoping for a Cats’ reunion involving EHSS as well.

      • Also, the two groups are totally different now compared to that project. Out are Ryan, Marsh, and Guy. In are Devin, Mark, Michael, and David. It doesn’t have the same feel it once did, so I’m glad they are making the change.

  4. I have purchased the NQC webcast the past two years. All of the afternoon showcases on the Main Stage are shown live as they are happening.

    • I have enjoyed the NQC feed for the past 2 years, and they’ve included every showcase for the past 2 that I’ve gotten the feed. I was surprised this year with Sarah Palin’s speech being offered, because it wasn’t originally going to be available.

      I’m looking forward to the GVB reunion next year; however I hope that it won’t be a recycling of the Reunion dvds to which we were treated early last year. I hope Terry Franklin can make it to this reunion, since he wasn’t at the dvd recordings.

      • agreed. it would be a huge bummer if T. Frank ain’t there. Many may know his songwriting talents, but a lot of people forget how great of a tenor he was/is.

  5. A little bit of clarification is needed regarding the showcases.
    Showcases in the Freedom Hall and showcases in the exhibit halls on the property.
    Only the showcases in the Freedom Hall where the evening concerts are held are web cast in the past 2 years.
    The GVB Reunion should/will be in the Freedom Hall.

  6. What day will the reunion be held on? I was planning on attending my first NQC and can only afford one day. After seeing this, I want to make sure I pick the right day!

    • Too early to know. They might not know yet themselves.

  7. I wonder if Jonathan Pierce will show. Why hasn’t he at past reunions?

    • My understanding is that he has left the industry.

      • Mine too. I think he had a calling in interior design.

      • That is really sad. I am glad he is not with the Gaithers, as I think they have the best line up ever right now. However, singing is so much more awesome than interior design! Especially with a voice like that man!

  8. *****squeals*******
    How exciting-thanks for the heads up, Daniel! 🙂

  9. It is an attempt to make more $ for the afternoon showcases, just as this year it was Sarah Palin. The NQC is trying everything to make money when total attendance is down. I have no problem with that, but it is what it is.

    • I’m not sure about that. I think it has more to do with the success of last year’s “reunions.” I wonder if it will replace the Gaither sing-along, though.

  10. This is great news. I love the Reunion DVD, and I know this will be an exciting event. Thanks to NQC staff for arranging this event.

  11. Where can I find an 2011 Event Schedule for the 2011 NQC? Traveling from California and can only attend 2 days. Would like to choose which days my favorite groups will be there (e.g. Gaither Reunion).

  12. Personally, I’m surprised they would do it, considering how many people walk out when Bill Gaither gets on the stage.

    • I am hoping to attend my first GVB concert soon. May I ask why people leave when Bill Gaither takes the stage?

      • It’s quite simple, and it happens to every group at NQC. Different people go to hear different groups. In a six-hour-long program, pretty much everyone needs a break once in a while. A Chuck Wagon Gang fan is as likely to break during a Gaither set as a Gaither fan is during a CWG set.


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