Saturday News Roundup #61

In the News

  • Karen Peck Gooch announced on her Facebook page that she will have a bit role in a movie, Joyful Noise, starring Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah. She will be the lead vocalist in a choir and will have one spoken line.
  • After 4 1/2 years with the Melody Boys Quartet, baritone/pianist Caleb Matheny is leaving. (EDIT: 8/5/2011: Broken link removed)  This is more notable than some of their other personnel changes, as through the 4 1/2 years of sometimes frequent change, his face was the only constant besides owner/bass singer Gerald Williams’.
  • Mike LeFevre Quartet drummer Jordan LeFevre got engaged yesterday to his long-time girlfriend Carly Dixon. They plan to be married on May 28, 2011 at the Union Grove Congregational Holiness Church in Cleveland, Georgia.
  • Yesterday morning, the Men of Music were leaving Jackson, Mississippi for a Houston, Texas concert. A female driver, who according to police reports did not possess a valid driver’s license or insurance, and was talking on a cell phone and not paying attention, rear-ended the group’s equipment trailer. The group escaped with minor injuries and plans to fulfill the weekend’s concerts through alternate transportation.

Worth Reading

  • Absolutely Gospel features Devin McGlamery. [EDIT, 2/21/13: Broken link removed.]
  • Anderson, SC’s IndependentMail features Bill Shaw. Former Blackwood Brothers tenor Shaw, now 86, can regularly be found singing at nursing homes in his area—for residents younger than he is. The article is filled with fascinating facts that must have come from a first-hand interview. Shaw was born in Abbeville County, SC in 1924 and moved to Anderson at age 2. He went to Anderson College to study music, particularly the bass fiddle, until a voice teacher told him “that he would make more money as a singer than he would playing an instrument.” Shaw, who married Wilma Pickens (the two are still married), started singing with her brothers in the Harmonights Quartet. He then sang for five months with Illinois’ All-American Quartet, before joining the Blackwood Brothers.

Site Updates

Migrating the old site into this site’s reference section has proven to be a great move on all counts; the Cathedrals section of the reference area is now consistently the most viewed section of the site, after, naturally, the home page itself. This week, I posted personal discographies for Scott Fowler, Ernie Haase, and George Younce. Additions / corrections to those and any help on the others is, naturally, always welcome.

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  1. just checking your discographies, wasn’t ernie with dixie melody boys for a short stay?

    • Yes, but he didn’t record with them – or rather, release a recording. They went into the studio and, as the story goes, decided then that he wasn’t a fit for their sound, and he left the group shortly thereafter.

      • Yes, I remember that story. Ernie was left in the hotel with the rug pulled out from under him. Hard to imagine what it would be like for a young kid in that situation. Only think what God had in store for him. It’s enough to make one smile looking back, even though it must have been depressing at the time.

  2. I have a cassette of a college group Ernie sang in. I believe that Scott may have sung in it too, but not sure. I know Ernie is on the recording, but not sure about Scott. The name escapes me and it is too hard to get to for me to check at the moment.

    • Whenever you find the time, I’d love to know.

      • Will do. I realize group would make one think of a quartet or something, but it was a college choir or ensemble as I recall.

  3. daniel,

    scott fowler recorded a solo live cd/dvd in the late cats years that is not on your list. I don’t remember the name but it wa recorded in TX and the sound and another lady were there that night as well. You shold be able to track it down.

    I used to have it but no longer do.

    • Hmm – if you do think of the name, I’d love to hear. Thanks!

  4. Also, you missed Worship His Glory off of Scott’s Cathedral recordings. hard to catch everything! I was at scott’s first official concert and a few years ago gave him a ticket stubb i found from that night.

  5. I have a solo Scott CD. I hadn’t looked at your discographies of them much yet. (Especially Scott).

  6. There will never, ever be another tenor in gospel music who will have the longevity that Bill Shaw has had. One of the greatest tenor voices ever lived.