Mike Allen filling in with LeFevre Quartet

Keith Inman recently left the LeFevre Quartet, reportedly due to a job promotion that permitted him less time to travel. Mike Allen has recently been seen on stage with the group; I inquired of lead singer David Staton whether Allen is just filling in, or whether he is a permanent group member. Staton said:

Mike Allen is kind of what you would call a “permanent fill in.” He has graciously offered to fill in until we find the right person for the job. While we are actively looking, Mike has taken the pressure off of us to rush and maybe not get the right person.

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  1. In my opinion, Mike is one of the best bass singers in the southern gospel world. I hope that he stays with Mike Lefevre. I would love to hear them with Mike Allen. Thanks for the update Daniel!

  2. Are there any videos with him posted on YouTube yet?

    • I haven’t seen any, but should you stumble across any, do let us know!

  3. I’ve never sang professionally, but have had family members who did. The amount of money required to equip and travel in a ministry capacity is huge, not counting the time required away from family and friends. All too often our churches will ask a group to come with a promise of meeting the group’s needs, and leave them hanging with barely enough to cover fuel expenses, much less lodging and food. I have heard the “well, it is a ministry and God will provide” far too many times. But, many of those same church members will think nothing of paying $50 and more in order to see a secular act.

    • In reading my post, I discovered that I had not placed it in its proper context. The phrase where Keith had left due to his job duties, reminded me that so many of these very talented men and women have to sacrifice a great deal in order to entertain and minister to people. Sorry, Daniel for what appeared to be a random rant.

  4. Maybe Mike Allen will still be with them when I see them at the end of January!! I’d love to hear them together.

    • If he is Mrs. Diana, please video it so we can all see. That would be great!!!!!

  5. Very happy to see this! Mike Allen is a great singer!