New to Reference Section: Skylite Discography

Over the last few years, I have compiled some discographical information on several of Southern Gospel’s record companies. I am launching the first entry in that series, the Skylite Discography, today.

While this method is not foolproof, it is sometimes the only way to arrive at an approximation of a record’s release date. Through the 1950s and 1960s, and into the 1970s in some cases, many records did not include the year of their release. But label releases invariably included a label number, assigned consecutively to the assorted projects released by the label. Sometimes, records were released on an accelerated schedule or delayed, so some dates are interpolated, but as a general rule, when Skylite SSLP-6034 and SSLP-6038 came out in 1965, more likely than not 6035, 6036, and 6037 also did.

Any corrections and changes would be heartily welcomed.

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  1. Cool! bsnpubs (I believe) has several label discographies, but don’t always hit gospel labels. (At least yet). Looking forward to seeing HeartWarming / Vista, Canaan etc. someday.

    • I plan to get Canaan next; I haven’t touched Heartwarming yet.

  2. When I get time, I will try to fill in info about the Oaks.

  3. Speer Family 701 was released in 1958
    Speer Family 702 was released in 1959

    Both were originally released on the Stateswod label. I think both were released on red vinyl. I own 702 with red vinyl.

    All Night Singing Speer Family Style 5986 was not a two album set. Another two album set with the same title was released many years later. 5986 was originally released as a radio only release on the Sesac label in 1958. The Skylite version was released in 1961.

    • Thanks! I’ll make a note to update these at lunch or tonight.

    • Thanks! I just updated the years on 701 and 702, and pulled the 2-lp set note on 5986.

  4. “A New Day” by the Prophets isn’t on the Skylite label. It’s on the BMC (Bob McCollum) label catalogue SLP 4362 and was released in 1972.

  5. I was hoping to get to this on lunch, but am about out of time (had errands). Will try to tonight.

  6. Are you going to include StatesWood recordings as well, since it is essentially the same company?

    • Well, I have no objection to the thought, but haven’t compiled any information on them yet.

  7. Wow Daniel, that’s quite a list. I know the early Kingsmen projects on this label were all new music. But the later albums (78 and newer) were just re-hashed songs by Joel Gentry put together.

    • Skylite was mostly if not entirely doing reissues in its later days.

  8. hey, i can help. i’ll gladly fill in some info i have.

  9. THANK YOU so much for doing this. I wish I could help but I don’t have many of the items. I sure like knowing what years the albums I have were published.

    • You’re welcome! I do, too, and that’s my biggest reason for undertaking this.

  10. I’m afraid I will be utterly useless to you in this respect, but thanks for making my jaw drop with the incredible amount of info you’ve collected here! 😀

    • You’re welcome!

      For some odd reason, my eyes were interpolating lines, and I momentarily read it as “useless info,” which to most people it probably is. Then I re-read and picked up your intended meaning. 🙂

  11. Hey i have an addition the Skylite Discography Joel Gentry had the group i was with (The Challengers) on his Christian Faith Label, Members were Darius Spurgeon,David Gray and myself.(Man was i a green horn)Linda Robinson brought me to Nashville and is the reason i’m still here at it. The Stereo LP name is the sacred sounds of the challengers CFS 6705 in 1969. The song title for the LP is “Magnificent Dawn”. Side one songs are Joy of my salvation, Somebody saved me, In the beginning God was, Silver that nailed him to the cross, The magnificent dawn. Side 2 Jesus saves, More about Jesus, Going home,Who am i, America. So glad i found a place to list this, JR Richards

  12. Skylite 5966 was not released on RCA Camden.

  13. Daniel, you have a couple of typos early on on Skylite Catalog numbers. There are no numbers in Skylite using 55.. – it should be 59–

    • Also, 701 and 702, in addition to being on Stateswood, they were also issued on Sing. Are you going to do the Sing label?

    • Thank you! I will correct those typos. I don’t think I have enough starting information to extrapolate and interpolate the rest for a Sing discography.

  14. also 701 and 702 were also released on Sing label. Are you gonna do Sing label?


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