First Love returns (occasionally)

Via Burke’s Brainwork, Troy and Katy Peach and Jeff Snyder will be reviving First Love on a limited basis:

Troy asked me about singing with him and Katy on select dates throughout the year.  We discussed it, and realized right away that we all have the same view about that word “select”.  Troy is working fulltime for the dynamic vocal group Sisters, and is committed to them when it comes to his working schedule.  Katy is loving the ability to be at home with their twin boys, Clayton and Shelton. …  Plus, I really am loving home life these days.  I have traveled fulltime since Melissa and I have been married, and we are enjoying the weekends together now that I am home.  I guess what I am trying to say is that Troy, Katy, and I have the same vision on making this a limited schedule ministry.  If anything, I want to do it just to hear Katy sing!

They will launch a Facebook page and possibly a website soon.

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  1. I’m happy to hear this. They sound wonderful together and it will be good to see them back together, even on a limited basis!

  2. We’re WMTC radio. Need news. Need First Love CDs. Thanks

    • This is a Southern Gospel news website, not an artist website. Sorry, we don’t have First Love CDs to hand out!

      • This week on WAGO FM 88.7 in Snowhill, N.C, I heard song for the first time named ” Across the river”, by First Love,. Is there a soundtrack of that song that I can get?

      • I’m sorry – I don’t know of any active website for the group right now, where one might be available.