Phil Collingsworth: Brain Surgery successful

Phil Collingsworth Sr., father/baritone for the Collingsworth Family, is scheduled to undergo brain surgery tomorrow at the University of Cincinnati. The surgery will be conducted by Dr. John Tew, who has been a leading neurosurgeon for decades; Tew was Professor and Chairman of the Division of Neurosurgery at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine from 1983-2002, at which point he handed the leadership role to another surgeon. The surgery advanced and specialized, such that the university plans to make a video recording for future instructional purposes.

While has been aware of the upcoming surgery for a week or two, the family had requested that we not discuss it publicly, out of a desire to avoid sensationalizing the surgery. However, new information received today about the severity of the operation led them to change their mind. Phil states, “Kim & I would appreciate the prayers of anyone you know who knows the power of prayer!”

UPDATE (9:57 PM): Courtney Collingsworth posted more information on her Facebook page: “He will be having brain surgery to move a brainstem artery that is compressing one of the nerves that controls the movement on the right side of his face!”

UPDATE (12/14, 11:19 AM): Via multiple sources, he is now out of surgery, and it went well.

UPDATE (12/15, 5:00 PM): He is now home.

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  1. Phil,Kim and family….I’m sitting here watching EHSS dvd..and they are singing…My God delivers again…There was our answer…Prayers are with you my friend…but I truly believe..My God will deliver again….Betty

  2. Praying for Phil and the whole family. Thankful that God is bigger than even this. Praying for strength and endurance for them all.

  3. Please know and have confidence that not only Brother Phil, but your entire family will be held up before Our Almighty God during this trying time……”Fear Not Tomorrow….Gods is Already There”.

  4. Dear Collingsworth family,
    Your family will be in our prayers today. We know God is the all powerful physician and healer. We are praying for a steady hand for the Surgeon as well as peace of mind for you Phil,Kim and family. Jeremiah 29:11, Looking forward to his healing and a report of strength and recovery.

  5. Oh, Daniel…I’m so glad Phil’s surgery went well. He and Kim and their children are precious folks, dear to me and everyone who knows them, and I know the Lord heard all our prayers today. OH but He is good…ALL THE TIME! Praise Him!

    • Yes, indeed – praise God!

      • Well said, Dianne – Thankful to God for protecting Phil during this surgery!

      • thanks daniel AINT GOD GREAT?

      • He sure is!

  6. We Couriers had a major miracle with a longtime friend who had brain surgery yesterday. Everything turned out benign and we are praising God for His faithfulness. Our prayers are with the Collingsworth Family at this time.

    • Praise God!

    • I too(the long time family friend of the Couriers)just underwent brain surgery on December 13, 2010 and just heard (tonight)about Phils surgery – my relatives and friends were there in Lakeland to here you sing and loved the concert and your beautiful ministry! I’m so very glad to know that you are doing well Phil! The Collingsworth Family will NEVER know how much their song “Fear Not Tomorrow” has strengthened and encouraged me- In the midnight hours when I would wake up worried about what tomorrow was and still is holding for me… I would wake up singing this song! Praise the Lord for HIS faihfulness. I would love to meet you and share our miracle stories! God Bless you ALL!

  7. Daniel ~ Many thanks for allowing us to Praise The Lord for watching over every detail of Phil’s surgery. We’ll continue to lift him up for total healing and Peace for each family member.

  8. A friend from church who I don’t even know is 40 yet, had a tumor removed from his brain yesterday and is well too. He has had such struggles with cancer over the past several years. It seems so odd that there were three brain surgeries that I am aware of now within a day. What isn’t surprising is that God intervened in each.

  9. According to a Facebook post from Junior, Senior “came home today, seems to be doing good!”


    • If this is the same thing my wife had last year it is called “trigimenal neuralgia” where that blood vessel is pressing against the nerve causing severe, severe pain to the face. She went for six months with the pain…So sever that nothing could touch her face…slightest movement of the face would cause her to almost pass out. My wife had surgery Sept 2009 ,performed by a wonderful neurosurgeon. We praise God that she is pain free. We pray the same results for Phil.

      • That’s an encouraging perspective!

      • Yeeeow! [filler, filler, filler]

  10. Thank God the surgery went well. I know things like this with the brain can be serious, but God is in control and He knows what He’s doing!
    I’ve never seen the Collingsworth family live before, but I’ve heard them and loved every song!
    God bless!

  11. We have been fasting and praying for the whole family This is proof of the mighty power of prayer! Now, Phil Blow your mighty horn of PRAISE HALLELUIAH!!

  12. So happy that Phil came through the surgery well- please keep us posted on his recovery. Hope to see he and his family in concert soon….Is he going to be able to go on the cruise in February?

    • Don’t know about the cruise, but it seems like he’s working on returning to normal.

  13. I praie God for answered prayer for phil. We love that family and believe God has raised them up for this day and time. The span of their ages reaches to anyone listening to their message in song. They have a spirit of anointing on them as them sing. There is “no show” but real spiritual message as they sing. We sure need it in our day!

  14. please give us an update on phil collingsworth. Sure looking forward to seeing them on the february cruise.


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