CD Review: Nothin’ But Good (Mike LeFevre Quartet)

Rating: 3.5 (of 5)

Average Song Rating: 3.2 (of 5)

Producer: Jason Webb.

Song List: Let Me Tell You ‘Bout Jesus; Didn’t It Rain; Take My Life; Glorious; Big Mighty God; Last One Worthy; You Thought of Us; Nothin’ But Good; It’s Time to Sing; You’re Never Too Far Away; Jesus Saves.


After performing with the Alphus LeFevre Singers, the Singing Americans, and Gold City, and winning three Singing News Fan Awards for Favorite Baritone, Mike LeFevre took a hiatus from the forefront of the Southern Gospel scene for several years.

Several years ago, he returned to the Southern Gospel scene with the Mike LeFevre Quartet. The group spent several years with the Song Garden Music Group label, during the years when Robbie Hiner and Nick Bruno were at the helm and the label showed promise of establishing a foothold in the genre. The group’s lead singer, David Staton, even worked there on days the group wasn’t on the road. However, after changes at the label that involved Hiner, Bruno, and several of the nationally known artists departing, the quartet found themselves looking for a label. They ended up signing with Canaan earlier this year; this is their first release on the label.

This was one of three albums released by Canaan this fall; attention was on all three to see what level of detail and care Canaan would put into their releases. Kim Hopper’s solo CD, which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago, was the only one of the three where Canaan executive Dave Clark had a day-to-day role in the album production. Though he’s an “executive producer” here (as I understand it, it’s more of a veto power, removed from the day to day recording process), Jason Webb produced this album.

The album has several good songs. “Glorious” is an uptempo song with praise and worship lyrics reminiscent of their hit cover of “Days of Elijah.” Traditional Southern Gospel gets several nods with the opening tracks, “Let Me Tell You About Jesus” and “Didn’t it Rain.”

The project’s strongest song is probably its final track, “Jesus Saves.” It is a new song, not the hymn, the Cathedrals song, the Talley Trio song, or the Hoppers song, all of which have the same name. This anthem will have many listeners hitting the repeat button. My only complaint with the track is that the choir—which is not in and of itself appropriate addition given the anthemic nature of the track—all but overpowers the quartet’s vocals by the end. I would love to hear a remix of this song with the choir track pulled, and the quartet’s vocals more in evidence.

The album has several good songs, and one or two great songs that will keep listeners returning time and again.

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  1. about 5 years ago, the Talley Trio also recorded a song called Jesus Saves.

  2. Good point. I meant to include it but somehow forgot. I just edited it in.


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