Bruce Taliaferro leaves Gold City

Multiple sources have confirmed that Gold City lead singer Bruce Taliaferro has resigned from the group, effective immediately. His replacement is expected to be announced within the next week or two.

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  1. What? Now that is a little shocking. I gotta say, I’ll miss him on lead.

    Let’s see…
    Josh Feemster, Shane Dunlap, Jonathan Wilburn, Ryan Seaton. They’re all free.

    • It’s not presently any of those.

      • Hmmm…so you know? 😉 Should be interesting to see.

      • I think people will be intrigued by the selection.

      • Hmmmm. . . . . Very interesting choice of words, DM!

      • Intrigued? David Mann seems happy w/ the Blackwoods but that would be a good move. He would be a stable choice.

        Anyway, I’m done guessing. I’ll wait it out.

      • David’s a good singer and seems to be a really great guy, but he’s a baritone, I think.

      • He is but Daniel could always move to lead.

        It’s bad timing for Gold City in some ways but at least they haven’t released a big project yet.

      • What do you mean “seems” to be a nice guy?

      • I hadn’t realized how that could come off! I’ve never ridden a bus with you or anything – all I was saying was that I didn’t really have first-hand knowledge. 🙂

      • I know man, I was just kidding around. We’ll have to have lunch some time at a concert or NQC or something so we can get to know one another personally.

      • Sure, sounds great. I’ve enjoyed trading emails with you, but I’m not sure if we’ve ever even shaken hands at NQC, let alone talked for a minute.

      • Your “not presently” leaves it wide open for “soon”

        Personally I liked Bruce and will miss him.

  2. I have heard rumblings of this for a while now; I will miss Bruce…

    As far as replacements go I think Josh Feemster is the perfect fit IMO; I would not look anywhere else if I were Daniel Riley…

  3. So – more changes with Gold City… Maybe one day they can return to the land of vocal stability.


  4. From what I’ve heard, Bruce had been wanting to come off of the road for a long time but stayed around to help his buddy, Daniel. I have really enjoyed hearing and seeing Bruce and will miss him. I certainly wish him well.

    I’m very excited to see who will be singing with Gold City — and I’m planning to be at their 12/30 concert in Villa Rica, Georgia to see for myself!

  5. “intrigued” hmmm… Jason Crabb, Paul Lancaster, Mitchell Jon, oh, oh, oh, I know Guy Penrod… Those would be 4 that I would find intriguing.

  6. wow…..another change?? I’m not impressed. Their choice of tenor leaves me wondering….we’ll see what happens.

    • Matt, Brent is a great tenor singer. He blends well with the guys. I don’t know what the circumstances of Bruce leaving are but I know that he has wanted to come off of the road for a while. Gold City has their songs in such high keys because they have had such powerful lead singers (or 2nd Tenors) that they have had to have such high tenors. It is tough to sing that high that long. Brent is a great guy and he will do great. I am looking forward to hearing who the new guy is.

  7. I’m surprised no one has mentioned Craig West, seeing as his brother, Chris, is running sound and (probably) prepping to step into the bass position.

    • Craig is a great singer… Here is a youtube video of him singing “I Bowed On My Knees” with Josh Feemster,Chris West and Brent Mitchell.

      • Craig would help poise them into going into a more modern sound. He also sounds a little closer to Parker than anyone else they have had since.

      • I was thinking he sounded like a cross between Parker and English…

  8. I wish they would just go ahead and release their new project with Josh, Bruce etc. Trying to do it and replace with all of the new members would be costly and I am sure people would buy it with the previous group. Then they could spend time with the new group getting used to singing with each other and picking out songs that fit the new group.

    • Yeah, good point. People liked that lineup. Why try to re-record? It would probably push fewer copies.

    • I have and Issue with This I Pre-Ordered and Paid for The New Project at NQC in september and Gold City Stated would be mid Nov Now its looking as if Its been forgotten about so what about my money?

      Im not sure I will buy another GC product until they can keep personnel, and according to kyle Tim is training someone esle to move in so expect that. Honestly Tim Riley is the only thing keeping GC fans at concerts..IMO

      • They are still working on that project, and Brent and Craig will both be on it. I would expect that we’ll hear something about getting it if we pre-ordered it. I did so as well, so when I see them in February, I’ll ask about it.

  9. Daniel could easily sing the lead, but I’m pretty sure he loves the baritone spot. I certainly don’t blame him. That’s some high lead. Too high for me. Gold City has the right guy.

    • Their stuff is so high!!!!! Daniel is a great baritone singer and reminds me of a Mark Trammell. Mark can sing lead but he sings baritone because he enjoys it but when he is needed to step up, he does.

  10. I’d like to see Daniel Crews or Matt McFarland.

    • Daniel Crews is a very good TENOR…plus I don’t think he would want to relocate from where he is, plus, I think singing for GC would be to restricting on his solo gigs. Josh Feemster would be a good choice. It will be interesting to see, maybe it will be Melton Campbell since he is no longer with the Inspirations!! LOL Oh the Southern Gospel Merry-go-round keeps spinning!!

      • I had not heard the Melton left the Inspirations…what happened there?

  11. When I first read this report last night in another thread, my first thought (probably like many other readers) was that something must have happened to have caused Bruce’s departure so suddenly But, I remembered that GC is oging on a brief Christmas hiatus, and this is actually as good a time as any for the change. This will give the group a couple of weeks to work with the new singer and become comfortable with the song set.

    But, I am also saddened that the constant turnover in the group has not abated. As is true in any organism or organization, changes like this is not a positive thing. Could we be witnessing Gold City’s 30th year celebration actually being the “last” celebration?

  12. I have sung all four parts and say that baritone is one of my favorites. I would rather sing it than lead. I love harmony and the baritone gets some stuff. You get to fill in the cracks and then when the tenor takes lead, you get his old part a lot of times. So, you get some good variety in range and in harmony parts. When the lead takes over and sings second tenor, I realize often that is what had been the baritone part, but I don’t like its placement at that point. I prefer singing it with just the bass beneath it, not sandwiched between second tenor and baritone.

  13. Oops, I mean first tenor (on lead) and baritone.

    • Run that past me again, I’m confused!

      You have sung, first tenor, second tenor, baritone and bass? Is that what you are saying QM?

      Is the as unusual as I think? I know some guys can pull of the “opposite end” part in fun – like Gene Mac on tenor, or Brian Free on bass [really], but singing EACH part in a group?

      I’m impressed, really :-)!

      • Well, I have with a multitrack recorder. 😛 I have lost some range and power since I took over as music director. Even in the day, I never quite made three octaves (at least not consistently). In the mornings I could pull off around a low Db usually, but as the day went on I stopped around an E or so. Even those might fade if I had to sing a bunch of consecutive ones (like singing a lot of low bass). I could used to sing around an A or Bb over middle C pretty strong. Sometimes I could pull of a high C, but not enough to sing first tenor in SG quartets consistently. Falsetto-wise, I have screeched out G’s above high C, but just messing around. I wouldn’t have been able to do it on demand on stage.

        My basic point was that I have at times sung each of the parts so that makes having an opinion on my favorite part (or which ones I like better) more than just what I like to hear. It also means that I am not just choosing one because it is the part I happen to sing.

      • Thanks QM,

        It is a SG mystery, worthy to be pondered, why the baritone part seems to be relegated to last – you can order the lead and step-out parts as you like – Mr Baritone is usually “the great toe of the assembly” [to quote somebody else].

        Yet -as you rightly point out -the baritone part often is the most mobile, and may even of necessity be tne singer with the best range, as he may have to adjust to the other lead parts.

        In Glen Payne’s latter days he sometimes seemed to sing a lead part UNDER Scotty’s “baritone” position and in the prsent EHSS line up Doug appears to have shifted within his range, to compensate for Devin’s 2nd tenor at lead being lower than Ryan’s.

        That’s all subjective on my, fairly ignorant, part BUT, I do believe some good baritones – Roy Tremble to Marsh Hall and DOUG ANDERSON have been either under-rated or under-appreciated!

        BTW: Shane Dunlap is too good a lead to be pushed into a permanent first tenor slot.

      • I think that baritones get the sort end of the stick because for one, the SG quartets feature the highs and lows (tenors and basses). Then, of course the lead stands out because he has the main part. That leaves baritones last. Furthermore, like alto in a mixed group, the baritone part is the hardest for the average person to hear (except, if the tenor has lead in which part I think second tenor is the hardest).

        Yeah, Glen Payne, Don Reid (Statlers) are among those who at times sang leads beneath baritones (due to their heavier voices and ranges). Furthermore, when the tenor took the leads, these guys would sing the baritone harmonies and put the baritones on the second tenor parts.

        Tremble of course is known for his tenor, but started as baritone. Trammell is an awesome baritone. Great range, great ear, great voice, great quartet-man and we haven’t even gotten into his servant attitude, spirit etc.

      • George, a long time ago, said Mark was, “The very best quartet man I have ever sung with, I don’t mean this or that…I just mean he is the best”.

        Maybe, from the great GY that is praise enough, but I think Mark deserves some kind of SGM “Services to Gospel Music” Award. The man is a legend.

        I do think Dougie should get a “Baritone of the Year”, he is also one humble guy and a sweet voice.

      • Yeah, agree on Dougie, although I think he’s one of the few baritones who’s actually gotten some attention, from critics anyway if not in tangible form with an award. He’s very well respected.

      • I can do that with ease, nothing to it, must know harmony!!! Its not Riley Bass by any means but could be ranked with great tenors.Now over the summer our bass singer was out with a kidney transplant i sang bass on one song and tenor on the next easy.Lots of artist are capable of that CHris Smith was known as The One Man Quartet when he was introduced to The Inspirations, also Troy Burns,Gerald Wolfe and Trammell both could do the bottom three i know that and im sure get a light tenor also. Its Easy!!!

      • It’s easy for you, but not everyone can do it!

        Another two who can do it are Jeremy Peace, former Kingsmen tenor, and Christian Davis, Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet / Mercy’s Mark / Dailey & Vincent bass singer.

  14. My top picks are Feemster and Dunlap.

  15. Wow, will this ever end? Kind-of makes one raise an eyebrow.

    We know a promoter who is having Gold City in January, and she is probably frustrated with all the recent personal changes!

    It should be interesting to see the future happenings of Gold City…

    T for the Garms

  16. I have inside information that a guy named David J. Stuart from Cleveland , Ohio will be the next lead singer.

    • Shhhh, shhhh… don’t blab now, wait for Daniel’s post to go up. 😆

      • That reminds me of something I did when William Lee Golden was dismissed from the Oaks. I took their Greatest Hits II album (that had a separate picture of each boy’s face on the cover underneath cardboard with a square hole cut around the face (two layer cover). I put my senior pic over Golden’s and showed to my voice teacher as the group with the new baritone. 😉

  17. Can Greg Ritchie sing? I wonder how he would sound. His dad sang lead for Gold City for three years. Of course, y’all probably knew that.

    • He sang baritone actually…. but you knew that too eh?? :p

      • He was lead at first. He was then changed to baritone and they hired a lead. After a while, that lead left and Parker was hired. On the original cut of “Robe of White” Ritchie was lead (although technically it was a second tenor part as the tenor had the melody on that song).

      • That’d be cool though to hear Greg Ritchie sing. Though the chances he is the one they’re hiring is very slim.

      • Yes, I realize he sang lead for awhile, but he didn’t for 3 years.

  18. When is Tim leaving?

    • There have been rumors that he is training Chris West, but as far as when or if he leaves, I am not sure there is a definite date. Now, others could have heard, but I have not.

  19. Tim better not leave! 🙁

  20. Bruce has a young baby at home and as much as we the fans hate to see change, it happens. Being on the road for 200 dates per year is not easy, and it is not as glamorous or financially easy. It is a calling, and seasons come and go. The Cathedrals had several changes along the way, for example, though Glen & George were the mainstays. Gold City has had a Riley or two or three almost from the beginning, and it is tough still to think about Doug no longer with us. Gold City will be fine with this, but changes are not always easy. I cheer them on! By the way, I have them for a concert February 18 so I have a little stake in this, but believe the new change may bring about even better days even though I thought Bruce was a powerful lead.

  21. Anyone else notice the absence of this discussion from the Singing News and Southern Gospel Forums. Odd?

    • I am guessing here but their chief censor, I think her name is Kate cuts off anything a bit controversial. If you look at the posts, the same people talk to each other and there is little new.

  22. You won’t have to guess any more. It’s CRAIG WEST.

    • Singing News just announced it…good luck Gold City.

  23. I hate that in the related posts box 4 of the 5 articles are “(Insert name) leaves Gold City” or have something along the lines of a departure. But I hope for smooth sailing from here. Bruce was a great guy and great singer.

  24. Just wanted to drop in and say that if you pre-ordered our new CD, I totally understand your frustration with the delay. If you will contact our office, we will gladly refund your money. You can call 256-492-0942 or email
    I also want to say that I understand your frustration with all the changes we’ve had. It’s frustrating to me too. My dad has no immediate plans to retire again, but it will happen eventually. He is working with Chris West to take his place when that day comes. All of the guys are excited about what is going on here, and we are looking forward to the new year. God bless y’all!

    • Daniel,

      Thank you so much for the gracious way in which you answered the comments here! I deleted some, and hadn’t been quite sure where to draw the line – where the gray area was. Thanks for the way you handled this.


      • Correct. That was classy.

  25. I love Gold City! We don’t need to be worried about the what, who, when, and where. We need to be praying that souls are saved and the Word is being preached through song with God being the front runner. The group will continue to do this as they have since 1980 and as long as that happens, God will provide! Keep it up guys! God loves you, and so do I!

  26. I know this is off subject but I really am curious what josh cobb is doing now if anyone knows

    • Last I heard Josh was doing solo dates and fixing to move to Connecticut for his wife’s new job.


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