Sony’s Thoughts: Don’t Forget Jesus

Christmas is approaching and, for those who haven’t finished their shopping, this could prove to be a hectic, stressful week. It’s interesting to me that, at a time where we sing about “peace on earth,” some places are anything but peaceful. If ever there is a time to shine with the love of Jesus, this should be it. Don’t lose sight of the Reason we celebrate. We know that Christmas is not about gifts but we often act like it is. More time is put into shopping, wrapping, and opening than is put into reflecting on Jesus, His coming to earth, and His love for us. Thoughts of Him should make us love Him and, if our hearts are full of love for Him, we won’t be scowling, rude, stressed or depressed.

As you do last minute shopping and Christmas preparations, consciously turn your focus to God. Thank Him for blessing you to allow you to buy gifts for your loved ones. Pray that He will guide you in your purchases, and trust Him if you can’t find the gift that you thought was the perfect one. Maybe there’s something better you haven’t yet thought of.

Remember: Christmas isn’t about the gifts, the food, or even the family. It’s about Jesus who has blessed us with every good and perfect gift just because He loves us. Now THAT is something to celebrate!

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