Craig West joins Gold City

Gold City has announced that their new lead singer will be Craig West. He is the brother of Chris West, Gold City’s sound engineer and alternate bass singer. (Chris is apparently singing several songs each night with the group). Both West brothers sang together previously in a quartet that also included Brent Mitchell, Gold City’s tenor.

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  1. what happened to the stability that Gold City used to have? I thought when Tim returned things would settle down, but doesn’t appear that way.

    • mr. stone, there is no stability in any group for very long…apparently the rolling stones and aerosmith can stay together longer than people who sing for Jesus, but sticking with the post, i think its a great hire, from what i’ve heard this guy is a great lead singer, most folks will recognize he sounds a lot like Mike English…i think his brother will be joining him onstage very soon…Gold City will be fine…they always have

      • There are groups that stick together. Hoppers, Triumphant, or Booth Brothers, anyone? 🙂

      • i agree…with very strong family ties, which i think is the direction tim is trying to go with his son and the west brothers who have sang with this new tenor.

      • Legacy Five is another stable group Daniel. 3 of the guys are charter members. The only position that has changed for any reason besides the unfortunate death of Roger Bennett, is the tenor position. However, I think that Gus will stay with Legacy Five for a long time!

      • There are several videos of him on Youtube. The Mike English comparison is dead-on.

      • Yep the English Comparisons are very accurate. I also see some Ivan Parker in him…

      • Craig can “tote the mail!” He will do great with Gold City!

      • I am not opposed to groups changing. In fact I am always interested in finding out what the new sound will be, –and what the reason was for the change. AS a singer, I understand the strain on families when a singer is gone on extended road trips and the ooh and ah people have for popular singers. I hold nothing against a person for leaving a group–as long as they give the owner ample time to find a replacement. That said, however, there seems to be some groups that have greater turnover than others. I have been a Gold City admirer since the 80’s, however they need to settle down and show some stability and stay with the style that got them to #1 a few years ago.–and Tim needs to stay a bit longer.

      • i think in our own minds we all want our groups to stay together and they all sing happily ever after. the truth is that these are peoples lives and careers and if it was up to us we would have this group and this group and this group, but our own lives and our own jobs don’t work that way and neither do these. I’d love it if brian, ivan, mike and tim all stayed together with gary jones and mark fain, but they didn’t.
        Gold city has new faces, new voices, but lets let them figure it out and if it stinks, it stinks, it’ll show in sales and concert attendance, but who are we to say tim should go, tim should stay???

  2. After watching several videos of the West brothers, along with Josh Feemster(sp), I can say that they would be a great addition to the GCQ. Someone mentioned weeks ago that if Tim retired again, it may be a wiser thing to do as Ernie Haass did when the Cats disbanded. Even though he had the option of keeping the name (according to reports; it was offered by George and Glenn), he knew that it would never be “the” Cathedrals.

    I just cannot see Gold City without Tin

    • Very good point Don. Gold City and Tim Riley are synonymous. Chris is an awesome bass singer and Craig is an awesome Lead and they will be great with Gold City but if Tim leaves them again, it is definitely going to be tough on the group!

      • I do agree though that Chris has an awesome voice!

  3. Don Ricks, i agree.
    Better they stop of using the Gold City name, and start a new quartet, i don’t know, maybe “Daniel Riley & West Brothers Quartet” hehehe.

    I miss Bruce, and i’ll miss Tim very much!

  4. Looks like Gold City is going West.

    Hey, somebody was gonna do it!

    • LOL! Someone was bound to do it!

  5. Watch the West Brothers on Diana’s Youtube page, substitute Daniel Riley for Josh Feemster, and I believe we are seeing Gold City’s future lineup. Must admit, I was so focused on hearing Craig’s vocals, that I overlooked Chris’s tremendous bass voice.

  6. Kyle just posted two studio songs recorded by Promise Quartet including “Turn Your Back” and one I didn’t immediately recognize called “Glory Land” (not the Kingsmen song, obviously).

    Assuming Chris West eventually moves into the bass slot (which is pretty much a foregone conclusion by this point), that’s 75% of Gold City will sound on their next CD.

    • Er…I meant to type:
      That’s 75% of the next Gold City CD’s sound.

  7. Coming next in the “Translation Series”:

    • Aha! I’m sure Daniel wouldn’t mind… 😀

      By the way, check out the most recent serious entry in that series (posted today). 🙂

    • I made it 38 seconds in, thinking “maybe.” By 0:40: No way!

      • You beat me by about ten seconds.

  8. Craig is an AWESOME singer and a very godly man. I’ve said many times that he could sing the words from the phone book and it would sound good. I have long been a fan of Gold City and must say that Craig will be a wonderful addition to the group. Congratulations, my friend!

  9. I am among many that have been fans since way back. I do wish they would “calm” down a bit. I understand everything in God’s time and plan… however about the time they get going another change comes along. All the talents they have chosen has been done well but stick with the same crew, please, and get back to their winning ways. I do pray and wish all the best for them. Danny can have no better advisor than his Dad.

  10. The reason there are so many changes in gospel music is that these guys actually want to get back to their families. The reason that the secular groups of today can stay together are 1. the money. and 2 they can simply cheat on their families. The true christians long for their families. They either have very understanding hearts and families or they want to leave.

    • You aren’t being fair. There are Christians and maybe even moral non-Christians in secular music who don’t cheat on their families and there are those who work in SG who do cheat.

      • i think family is a reason…don’t think its the only reason, a lot of times its to start their own “ministry” or two weeks after leaving “to spend time with family”, they are joining another group ha,ha…i work two jobs and at least 60 plus hours a week, so really no matter what job a person has they still won’t be able to spend the time at home they’d like…how many families are there in church and not in church where mom and dad both work, and sometimes both work multiple jobs, Andy Stanley wrote an interesting book entitled “choosing to cheat.” fits well in this discussion

      • I think that gospel singers are out on the road a lot—more than average for other singers. So that creates strain, I think, both business and family-related.

  11. That is true SoGo Fan. I was on the road for a long time, but left the business to try and keep my marriage together. My wife was cheating on me while I was on the road, thats why I stopped. She ended up leaving me 20 years ago. I married again to the greatest woman that God has ever made and we’ve been together 17 years now. I tryed to get back into singing, but once your gone, it’s harder to go back. Maybe one day before I’m to old, someone will give me another chance. Alot of group change for different reasons, but if your doing it for fame or great riches you want be doing it for very long. You have to do it for God. As Gold City sings the song Preach The Word, thats what they are doing and need to continue until God tells them to stop. I truely wish Gold City the best and we as Christian’s need to pray for them as they make these changes.

  12. I’ve been a Gold City fan dating back to my days in college (early 90’s). I always thought they were better than the Cathedrals. Simply put, they were just the best in the business in my opinion. The group lost a little something when Jay left them and a little more when Jonathon left. I’ll hope that Gold City can pull it all back together again, but the clips I’ve heard so far of the latest group just don’t do anything for me. Jay, Jonathon, Danny and Tim was the last edition of Gold City that really blew me away.

    That said, I know change is inevitable and I’ll be praying for Gold City. Here’s hoping that their ministry continues to touch and change lives with the influence of Christ.