Guest Post: Translation Series #8: Our God is With Us

This is a guest post from NewSoGoFan.

In 1995, Steven Curtis Chapman released his first Christmas album—The Music of Christmas. It was a lush, orchestral project with many highlights, but one in particular stands out: “Our God is With Us,” co-penned by Chapman, who wrote the lyrics, and Michael W. Smith, who provided the melody. The song begins with portraits of pain: “One of us is crying, as our hopes and dreams are led away in chains… One of us is dying, as our love is slowly lowered in the grave.” And yet the chorus provides the redemptive message that God has come to share our sorrow and bear our burden. “Our God is with us—Emmanuel!”

The second verse is equally powerful, comparing the Old Covenant with the New. God hid his face from mankind, until he chose to reveal himself in the form of… a child.

The melody soars and complements the lyrics wonderfully. While re-visiting it of late, it occurred to me that this song could be very powerful as a quartet piece. Especially on the chorus, the harmonies would be quite strong. It would be a moving addition to any Christmas project and a gripping live number.

I really don’t have any specific ideas about which quartet should do it—except I keep hearing Doug Anderson’s voice on lead in my mind. I believe it would fit him very well, and he is an excellent communicator when it comes to a lyric.

Thoughts? Here is the song, for those who are interested:

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