Live Blog: Singing News Fan Awards 2013

Daniel’s Siblings are covering the Singing News Fan Awards since OLDER brother Daniel is at work!  If the stream stays up, we hope to bring you live coverage for at least a few hours. Since it is a live blog, the newest notes are at the top.

It looks like the award show is over! Congratulations to the winners!

Louise Mandrell presented the Favorite Artist award: The Booth Brothers.

The Singing News twitter account gives a link to view the rest of the show. It like Louise Mandrell won the James D. Vaughn Impact Award. She sang a song with the Triumphant Quartet.

According to Singing News, the Booth Brothers won Favorite Album, Greatest Hits–Live.

It looks like the feed may have gone down altogether.

According to Singing News, the Perrys won Favorite Song: I Got A Hold of God This Morning! Wish we could have seen their acceptance speech.

The video feed went down. 🙁  It appears a spammer may have knocked out the feed for the rest of us. 🙁

The Whisnants are singing their top 10 nominated song, All is Well.

SGMA Class of 2013: Tim Riley.

Mark Trammell went off-script and requested prayer concerning a catastrophic church bus accident near Gatlinburg. There are at least 8 fatalities. He said that some groups had sung for them this morning. He mentioned the song Faces, and how we never know whose Face a person may next see. The church bus group is from Statesville, NC.  Mark led the group in prayer for the families and those hurting.

Favorite Songwriter: Rodney Griffin. Nick Trammell said that it was his unprecedented 15th win in a row. He said it is an unbelievable honor to be singled out of such a group of special people.

The Booth Brothers sang, “Right in the Middle” and we have heard that it is their first time to do it live!  Michael is reading the words off a paper!

David Sutton read the list of nominees for Favorite Soprano. The winner is: Kim Hopper. Dean and Karlye accepted the award for her. Kim is not feeling well today. Dean and Karlye talked of her ministry over the years.

Favorite Alto: Libbi Stuffle! She’s trying not to cry…thanking the Harper Agency, Bill Bailey, their pastor, and Daywind. She admonished groups to sing songs with meaning, and sing them as though God was standing there watching. She also thanked her mom and family for their support.

Next Presenters: Mark and Nick Trammell.

SGMA Class of 2013: Thomas Dorsey. Karen Peck Gooch sang “a song in his style”, Fix Me Jesus.

Sheri Easter read the nominees for Favorite Tenor. The winner is: Michael Booth. He recognized his wife, Vicki. He spoke of how he wishes he could do what Brian Free, David Phelps, and others can do, and how he would go off the road if it was anything other than Gospel music. He knows that anything he can do is because of God using him in song.

Brian Free & Assurance sang their top 10 nominated song, I Want to Be That Man.

Favorite Baritone: Jim Brady.  He talked about how songs make an eternal impact on people.

Phil Collingsworth, Sr. read the nominees (in which he mentioned Joseph Habedank as a soloist!) The Favorite Lead Singer is: Ronnie Booth. He spoke of the advice he gives new singers: “Seek ye first the Kingdom, and He will take care of the rest.”

Next Presenters: Debra Talley and Lauren Talley Alvey. Debra Talley confirmed that Tracy Stuffle was singing bass on the phone!

SGMA Class of 2013: “Little” Roy Lewis. In honor of Little Roy Lewis, the Perrys sang their top 10 nominated song, I Got A hold of God of God This Morning. Libbi has Tracy on FaceTime holding the phone right by the microphone! It looks like he might even be singing over the phone!  “Little” Roy Lewis scampered on the stage and said it was the biggest honor he has gotten. He also recognized J.D. Sumner.

Favorite Bass: Eric Bennett. He said he is overwhelmed. He thanks family and friends.

Favorite Traditional Quartet: Triumphant Quartet. Jeff Stice thanking the fans. He dedicated the award to their wives, who allow them to do what they do. Clayton thanked the rest of their team.

Favorite Mixed Group: The Collingsworth Family. Mr. Collingsworth talked of the hard work that is done. He said it is a joy to have four children who have fallen in love with this music. “To God be the Glory, great things he has done.”

Next presenters: Ronnie and Michael Booth.

SGMA Class of 2013 inductee: Polly Lewis. In honor of Polly Lewis, the McKameys sang, Unspoken Request. Sheri Easter accepted the honor for her mom. She told how her mother is now bed-ridden, and they told her several months ago that she was being inducted into the Hall of Fame, and the example and hero she has been to the family.

Favorite Non-Performing Songwriter: Dianne Wilkinson! She said the crowd has no idea how much it means to her that the award came from them, the fans. She said she is committed to writing the truth till Jesus comes back.

Tribute Quartet singing their top 10 nominated song, Good News From Jerusalem.

Eric Bennett read the nominees for Favorite Young Artist. The winner is: Olivia Collingsworth! In a completely unprecedented, and likely never-to-be-repeated streak, the Collingsworth Family has now had four consecutive Young Artist winners! Olivia says she loves the music, and thanks God for the privilege to sing this music!

Connie, Dean, and Mike Hopper are the next presenters. The announced the Favorite Trio: The Booth Brothers! Michael spoke of his great respect for the Couriers, and spoke of the responsibility all the “new” groups have to carry on.

SGMA Class of 2013 inductee: Duane Nicholson. In honor of Nicholson, the Kingdom Heirs sang their Top 10 nominated song, Just Preach Jesus. Mr. Nicholson told of how his original influence was the Blackwood Brothers. He thanked his family and Neil Enloe and other members of the group over the years.

Favorite Band: Gaither Vocal Band: Matthew Holt, Greg Ritchie, Kevin Williams. Kevin said he has been playing for the GVB for 20 years. Greg Ritchie thanked Jeff & Sheri Easter for 14 years in their band. Matthew Holt told of how he prayed at 7 years old that God would let him play for a quartet. Holt also thanked his wife, family, and the Gaithers. In closing, he thanked Tracy and Libbi Stuffle for their influence and sticking by him through the years.

The Favorite Musician is: Kim Collingsworth! This is historic since it is the first time in a long time that the previous winner did not halt their winning streak due to an untimely death. Mrs. Collingsworth said she is surprised and thanked the fans for their support and coming to concerts and praying for them. She thanked God and her family. Jeff Easter asked her to play a song, and some requests were yelled out from the audience. she ended up playing In the Garden.

Steve French announced the nominees for favorite musician.

Favorite Male Singer: Ronnie Booth.

Next presenters: Jeff Easter and Morgan Easter.  Jeff told Morgan to talk fast, and she did. She talked very fast and had a lot to say!

SGMA Class of 2013 inductee: John T. Benson, Jr. Mr. Benson died in 1966. In honor of Mr. Benson, The Triumphant Quartet sang their top 10 song, Take it From Me, Meshach.

Favorite Female Singer (nominees announced by Rodney Griffin): Libbi Stuffle! She received a standing ovation as she stood up and started making her way to the front! She said this has been the hardest year of her life, spending more time at home and at the hospital, but she said she will be back, Tracy will be back, together. Without the grace and mercy of God she could not be standing there. Nothing is impossible with God. She dedicated the award to Tracy.

Courtney Collingsworth said that 30,000+ awards were cast and introduced Mr. Bates who keeps the votes secure. Brooklyn then introduced Danny Jones and Les Butler of the Singing News.

The Award Show band played When We meet our Blessed Savior in the Sky. The band included Matthew Holt on piano, Roger Fortner on bass, Josh Singletary on keyboards, and Dennis Murphy on drums.

The audio is finally on, it was fixed in less than 10 minutes.  The first award is the Favorite Soloist award. Winner: Ivan Parker.

The show appeared to start off with the Collingsworth Family singing an up-temp song, but no audio. Does anyone know what it was?  Mrs. Collingsworth and her daughters appear to be the first hosts/ presenters.

The following award winners were announced before the show:

  • Favorite Small Market DJ: John Whisnant (WCIS Morganton, NC)

  • Favorite Medium Market DJ: Lottie Squires (WCKB Dunn, NC)

  • Favorite Large Market DJ: Daniel Britt (WXRI Winston-Salem, NC)

  • Favorite New Trio: Red Roots

  • Favorite New Traditional Quartet: The Old Paths

  • Favorite New Mixed Group: The Taylors

  • Favorite New Soloist: Steve Ladd



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NQC 2013, Day 6: Blazing Pianos

Daniel’s Siblings are live-blogging the afternoon showcases!

3:01 Kim Collingsworth will be closing out the Piano event. She started with “I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked.” She ended with “My Tribute” and the crowd responded with a prolonged standing ovation.

2:54 Roger Talley started with “Sweet Hour of Prayer.” His second song was “Take it to the Lord in Prayer/ Everybody Ought to Know.”

2:43 Stan Whitmire was next and commented he never heard “Mary Had a Little Lamb” in his church.  His first piece sounded like “The Lord Prayer.” He talked about going to a Baptist church which used the Church of God hymnal, than a Church of God that did use it, and then a Church of God which had never used the red back hymnal. He started receiving piano lessons from Eloise Phillips when he was 4, and continued for 15 years. He concluded with “Do Right and Come Smiling Through.”

2:27 Gordon Mote sits down at the piano and is talking about music glorifying God. He is talking about Hymns in churches. His church did a hymn sing and he slipped in the back. The pastor saw him and called him up. He said wondered if anyone heard the lyrics he changed…”I once was lost but now am found, was blind…..and I still am.”  He talked about how the hymns were played in the church he grew up in, and led into “When the Roll is Called Up Yonder.” He then talked about how all the different denominations handle their music in different ways. He said he’d play “Mary Had a Little Lamb” in ways the different denominations do. He started with the Baptist version–so well disguised that one wouldn’t know that was what the song was! He followed with a small country church sound with jerky halts between the lines. Next he did a Church of God/ Pentecostal version. It was much faster.  He said the reason he was so confused musically is that when he was young, he thought all songs had to have one of two introductions, which he demonstrated. He then played “Mary Had a Little Lamb” in a Catholic/ Episcopal style. He had Gerald Wolfe laughing! His Black Gospel version was influenced by the “AOH Church of God in Christ” he heard on the radio when he was young. He had the crowd do answer backs. His last was Church of Christ, the easiest one to do…and he left the piano!

2:21 Channing Eleton played something which sounded like “We’ll Understand It Better By and By.” His second song was “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms.”

2:20 Gordon Mote thanked the various NQC crews and the crowd gave a round of applause.

2:11 They called up Josh Singletary, but before he had a chance to start playing, Gerald Wolfe said, “Your tie and your socks don’t match.”  He is wearing what looks like lime green socks with blue polka dots and purple heels and a bright blue bow tie. His first song was “I’ve Got a Mansion Over the Hilltop.”  His second song sounded like “He Hideth My Soul.”

2:00 Jeff Stice said he had been wondering all week what to play and would play one just for his wife.  It sounded classical and hopefully she knew the name of it!  Then Gerald Wolfe asked him to play a gospel tune. Gordon added, “You made your wife happy, now why don’t you make the Lord happy too!”  Stice informed Wolfe that he, like Trey Ivey, grew up listening to Gerald Wolfe. Stice sat back down at the piano and played a tune neither we nor Gerald Wolfe knew. Stice claimed it was “A Sinners Plea.”

1:53 Gerald Wolfe brings on a 14 year old pianist, Timothy Noble, from Howard, Ohio. He played “Great is Thy Faithfulness/ How Big Is God/ How Great Thou Art.”  We believe this may be the 12 year old pianist we heard a few years ago in Green, Ohio, at a Mark Trammell Quartet concert. He is a young man whose name precedes him! Gerald Wolfe said he had been mentioned yesterday and that upon thinking about it, Wolfe had heard of him before! Gerald Wolfe asked Timothy Noble who his hero was, and upon hearing “Jeff Stice,” Wolfe called Stice up next.

1:42 Gerald Wolfe explained that he had requested for there to be just one piano, so the audience can better hear what the pianists are doing. Introducing Trey Ivey (of Legacy Five) who is classically trained. Ivey played “Jesus Loves Me.” Gordon Mote told a story of when Trey Ivey came over to his house and Mote’s 5 year old Ashton “interviewed” Trey Ivey. Then, Mote and Wolfe asked Ivey why he chose to be a classically trained pianist, and why he went Truett-McConnell music school. Ivey closed with “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms.”

1:39 Gerald Wolfe kicking off the Blazing Pianos with Gordon Mote. Gordon deferred to Gerald Wolfe doing the first song (Great is Thy Faithfulness), since Gerald “has more experience.”  Gerald Wolfe said that his piano solo CD is the #1  in funeral homes across the country, to which Gordon Mote replied, “They’re just dying to get your music!”

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NQC 2013, Day 6: Congregational Sing-A-Long

Daniel’s Siblings are live-blogging the afternoon showcases!

1:04 Gerald Wolfe lead the congregation in a prayer. In closing, he thanked the crowd for making the sing-a-long a success. They ended with #333, “I’ll Fly Away.”

12:56 Gerald Wolfe introducing a song he didn’t think had ever been sung from this hymnal at the quartet convention. Billy Graham ended his crusades with it and the church in which Gerald Wolfe grew up sang it for invitation. He encouraged the audience to think about the words: “Just as I Am without one plea, but that Thy blood was shed for me”–those lines say a lot.

12:51 #57, “Amazing Grace.” Pat Barker was heard distinctly! Is Karen Peck Gooch the only soprano present? (Or maybe they are the ones with the microphones?) Gerald Wolfe had them skip to verse four and said to “lift the roof off this place!” The audience stood by the end. Ben Speer tagged “I Just Began to Live” to the end. People were putting their books away, so either it wasn’t in there, or they all knew it!

12:48. Gerald Wolfe picked #265, “Love Lifted Me.”

12:45 The audience is really getting into it and yelled #12 and several others. Gerald Wolfe picked #98 (Land Where Living Waters Flow) and said, “Let’s see if you can sing this song.” He described it as a Wednesday night song since it only has two verses.

12:43 The audience requested #10 (Meeting in the Air) and Gerald Wolfe said “Oh, that’s a hard one. Are you sure you want page 10?” The audience roared back, “Yeah!”

12:40 A man came out from the audience and requested two songs. Gerald Wolfe picked #180 “Everybody Will Be Happy Over There.” A bass trio (Matt Fouch, Pat Barker, and the “guy between them”) took the lead.

12:32 Rodney Griffin sang the first verse of “Old Rugged Cross.” Gerald Wolfe then sang the “so despised by the world” verse and the congregation sang the last verse.

12:23 #181, “Blessed Assurance” in the key of  C. This song was requested by a lady who attended the sing-a-long. Gerald Wolfe talked about the line “perfect submission” and how a lady had complained that he had the ladies only sing that line previously in the week. He talked about how it wasn’t politically correct, but scriptural that everyone must submit to the Lord and let him do the leading and we follow. But, he had the men sing that line this afternoon and had the ladies pick up at the “watching and waiting” line. The encored with an A Capella chorus (it looks like Matt Fouch was taking a video!).

12:20 Gerald Wolfe called the Mark Trammell Quartet sang “Leave Your Sorrows.”

12:13 #401 “The Unclouded Day.” Ben Speer sang a verse

12:09 Gerald Wolfe told Stan Whitmire to play page 112, and “if you do it good, we might sing some of it.” He must have done it well enough because they joined him singing “I’ve Got That Old Time Religion”

12:04 Victory in Jesus (128). Sometimes it seems the soprano section either doesn’t have microphones or have them on very loud!

11:59 Gerald Wolfe introduced the Mylon Hayes Family who will be singing #144 (“Rock of Ages, Keep My Soul)  both with words and as shaped notes! That brought the audience to their feet again! Ben Speer said he tried to catch a mistake, but couldn’t find one.

11:53 #114. Picking up the tempo with “I’ve Never Been Sorry.” Gerald Wolfe had Stan Whitmire start in G and take it up a half step.

11:45 Page 14, “I Will Meet You in the morning.” Mark Trammell stepped forward to sing the second verse. Mark told how this song was his Mom’s favorite song. His Mom was a church pianist for many years. Gerald had Mark sing the verse again. Ben Speer then stepped up to sing “the verse that was left out” bringing everyone to their feet.

11:39 Gerald Wolfe introduced Ben Speer, “the living legend.” Ben Speer’s dad wrote #110 the second song of the sing-a-long, “Heaven’s Jubilee.” Ben Speer sang the final verse, and also sang shaped notes.

11:34 Hymn 52. Albert Brumley classic “Blessed Jesus Hold My Hand.” Stan Whitmire is playing piano, Mike Hopper is playing drums. Gerald Wolfe did announce the guitarist, but we didn’t catch it and haven’t seen yet!

11:32 Gerald Wolfe and Phil Brower are kicking off the congregational sing-a-long with a crowd countdown. They will be using Wolfe’s favorite old red-back Church of God hymnal.


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NQC 2013, Day 5: NQC Music Awards

Daniel is at work, so Daniel’s Siblings are live-blogging the afternoon showcases.

For all those who signed up, remember the Friday NQC coverage is free!

3:25 Favorite Male Group: The Booth Brothers. Ronnie: “This is called a Quartet Convention award…” Michael, “We did a quartet album this year, so we’re okay.”

3:19 Les & Clarke Beasley brought on stage to explain that a CPA firm validates the results. They introduced the individuals representing the firms. The Southern Gospel Music Guild chooses a business who has made an impact on Southern Gospel. This year’s winner of the Les Beasley Impact Award is Herschend Properties, the parent company of Silver Dollar City and Dollywood.

3:16 Favorite Song: “I Played in the Band” by the Booth Brothers. Michael Booth talking about Bill Gaither believing in the body of Christ and each person doing there part to honor the Heavenly Father.

3:12 Booth Brothers singing “I Played in the Band.”

3:07 Favorite Album: Through the Night! The Perrys.  Libbi, “I’m totally blown away.” David Ragan has his baby on stage with him! Bryan Walker and Leah Page are up there with Libbi. She is saying how Tracy usually is the one who accepts the awards and has something to say. She never dreamed they would live every song of the album. Every song needs to have a message and say something and be scriptural. Someone will need it. This year she was one of those people who needed the songs (and songs from other artists). Libbi thanking Leah for helping and being her right arm and doing an incredible job. She’s thanking the guys in the group and is asking for prayer. Libbi said “Next year, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Tracy Stuffle will be there.”

3:05 Radio Stations of the Year: WGUS & FWFC.

3:05 Promoter: Landon Beene.

3:05 Producer of the Year: Ben Isaacs.

3:04 The Hosts are introducing Autumn, the award girl.

3:00 Favorite Songwriter: Dianne Wilkinson…and the feed went down! She didn’t expect it. She is saying how she feels such a responsibility. “Sinners need to be saved. Christians need to be encouraged, The Church needs to be awakened, and God needs to be Glorified.”  Thanking the singers and studio players, who do her songs. She is overcome!

2:55 Hoppers singing, “He Didn’t Just Carry the Cross, He Carried Me.” Claude was absent, but Mike and Karlye were singing, making the Hoppers a five part group.

2:53 Video of the Year: “I Wanna Be That Man” by Brian Free and Assurance. BF&A were not in town, touring in North Carolina. The producer accepted the award for them.

2:50 Presenter Gordon Mote brought on and said his trick worked. “I swapped glasses with Kim Collingsworth and it worked!” referring to when she said she couldn’t see to read what was on her card. They continued with a series of humor as would be expected from Mote, Williams, and Easter. The crowd was laughing!

2:46 Favorite Bass: Eric Bennett. Says he’s amazed. Every bass loves to do what he does. “All of them deserve to be up here.” He hopes to never let the fans down. He’s thankful for his wife, the super guys he travels with, and to God.

2:43 Kim Collingsworth’s card didn’t say who was to sing next, so she said, “Whoever is supposed to sing now, come out and they’ll welcome you.” Greater Vision appeared and sang, “He Didn’t When He Could Have Passed By.”

2:41 Favorite Lead:  Ronnie Booth. He said, “I don’t know what to say.” He talked about growing up in Florida, hearing his dad sing for the Rebels Quartet. He talked about the day when there will be an award show like no other and we will lay our awards at Jesus’ feet.

2:40 Presenter Kim Collingsworth introduced. She will be presenting the Favorite Lead award.

2:36 Triumphant Quartet singing “Take it From Me, Meshach.”

2:32 Favorite Tenor: David Phelps. “I’m just amazed by this.”  He’s thanking the fans. “I have nothing other than great appreciation for this.” He loves singing for the people in the seats.

2:29 Legacy Five singing “I’m Still Amazed.”

2:26 Favorite Soprano: Kim Hopper. Saying thanks to the fans. It has been a wonderful year, but one of the most trying years of her life. She was sick at the beginning of the year and enjoyed being at home with her kids, but became homesick for being on the road, doing what God has called her to do, encourage the Christians. She is thankful for God’s sustaining grace.

2:24 The Hosts brought up Josh Singletary as the next presenter.

2:14 Favorite Musician: Kim Collingsworth. Kim’s says she’s at a loss for words. Before she is a musician, she is a wife and a mama. Thankful for parents who introduced her to music and taught her to love God with her heart, soul, and mind. Thankful to her visionary husband. Matthew Holt asked her to play a song.  Kim played “His Eye is On the Sparrow” with just the piano–no tracks! She got a partial standing ovation.

2:09 Kingdom Heirs singing “Just Beyond the Sunset.”

2:07 Favorite Baritone: Jim Brady. “This music is all I ever wanted to sing.”  Psalm 37:4 is true. He is doing the desire of his heart, singing for the Lord. Thanked Booth Brothers, his wife, Melissa Brady, and NQC.

2:05 Presenter Matthew Holt introduced.

2:01 Favorite Alto: Sheri Easter. Sheri saying how she watched Libbi and was thinking of the Grace of God that it takes to sing on stage after 30 years of it being different. “We are blessed.” Sheri thanking fans.

1:57 The Perrys sang “I Got A Hold of God.” (Libbi Perry Stuffle, David Ragan, Bryan Walker)

1:53 Favorite Mixed Group: The Collingsworth Family! Phil Sr. saying 10 years ago, they never envisioned standing here.  He thanked fans for their support and prayers.

1:49 Presenter Jeff Stice brings on the Gaither Vocal Band to sing their top ten nominated song “Glorious Freedom.”

1:47 Favorite Soloist: Guy Penrod! Guy Penrod is in Canada so Jeff Easter held his award for him.

1:45 First hosts: Kevin Williams and Jeff Easter.

Dixie Stampede sponsored the Gaither Sing-a-Long, and it looks like Dollywood is sponsoring the Awards show.

1:42 The NQC Music award show was kicked off by Gordon Mote. There was no microphone at the piano and he shouted something about someone saying he didn’t need a microphone. A microphone promptly appeared at the piano and he started with “Ain’t It just Like the Lord.”  As long as the feed stays up, we plan on bringing you play by play coverage of the award show!

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NQC 2013, Day 5: Homecoming Sing-A-Long Showcase

Daniel is at work, so Daniel’s Siblings are live-blogging the afternoon showcases.

For all those who signed up, remember the Friday NQC coverage is free!

11:02 “When the Saints Go Marching in” featuring Three Bridges’  Shannon Smith on verse 1, Danny Riley sings out for verse 2. Les Beasley crossed the stage (marching in?). Matthew Holt and Stan Whitmire closed it out with a piano duet.

12:58 Bill Gaither says they are closing the set with Glorious Freedom. David Phelps steps forward. The Gaither Vocal Band was joined by Jim Brady, Wesley Pritchard, Gene McDonald, Tim Duncan, and Jason Clark.

12:52 “My Savior’s Love,” featuring Amber Nelon Thompson on the first verse and Charlotte Ritchie and Jason Clark on the second verse. David Phelps sang verse three. Bill Gaither had the crowd sing an encore.

12:47 Mark Lowry was joined by Becky Bowman and Charlotte Ritchie for “I Call Him Lord.” Bill Gaither led the choir in another chorus.

12:43 Wesley Pritchard, Libbi Stuffle, and Mark Lowry sang “What a Lovely Name.” When Libbi had a feature, the fellow singers cheered.

12:39 Sue Dodge sang “Tell Them When You Saw Me I Was On My Way.”

12:31 Willie Wynn, Woody Wright, Reggie Smith, and Gene McDonald sang “Jesus is Coming soon.” Sue Dodge joined for an encore.

12:25 Woody Wright steps back forward for “Back Home Again.” Charlotte Ritchie and Becky Bowman added harmony.

12:21 Charlotte Ritchie featured on “Down to the River to Pray.” Sonya Isaacs Yeary joined her later in the song. They concluded with an A Capella chorus.

12:16 A video clip of JD Sumner was played and led into Charlote Ritchie, Ann Downing, and Jeanne Johnson singing “I Know the Savior Heard My Prayer.”  They switched to an old homecoming video for a middle verse.

12:12 Bill Gaither described how he learned music by counting with his teeth–Mark Lowry & Kevin Williams provided commentary. Bill Gaither lead into telling about the Stamps-Baxter School of music.

12:09 Introduction of band by Kevin Williams and Bill Gaither. Kevin Williams is playing guitar, Greg Ritchie is on drums, and Matthew Holt was playing the piano. They called Stan Whitmire over to play a “I’ve Got That Old-Time Religion” in a “windshield-wiper style.”

12:02 “Heaven’s Jubilee” featured Keith Oxendine who sang with soul, and the singers rose to their feet! The song was encored…and encored again!

11:58 “When God Dips His Pen of Love in My Heart” featured Wes Hampton. The Martin sisters, Jeanne Johnson, and Charlotte Ritchie joined.

11:54 The Martins are featured on “Life is Like a Mountain Railway.”  TaRanda Greene came up for the second verse then Matthew Holt did a piano feature.

11:51 “After Awhile” featuring Ben Speer, Jeanne Johnson, Gene McDonald (Sue Dodge, Kelly Clark and Ann Downing stayed up for this song.)

11:48 “I’d Rather Have Jesus” featuring Becky Isaacs Bowman, Sue Dodge, Ann Downing, and Kelly Nelon Clark on the first verse. Mike Bowling stepped out on the second verse for a feature.

11:44 “There is a Fountain.” David Phelps stepped out for a feature on a verse and chorus. The feed started cutting out towards the end.

11:42 We see Libbi Stuffle made it!

11:38 A.M. Event kicks off with a stage full of singers singing “Just As I Am” and then “Jesus Paid It All” on which Woody Wright sang a verse.


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NQC 2013, Day 4: Gaither/Gatlin Showcase

Daniel’s Siblings caught the Gaither/Gatlin showcase and offer their thoughts. Daniel himself was at work and didn’t catch it.

The showcase started with a Gatlin Brothers song–“Alleluia,” followed by the Booth Brothers singing “Castles in the Sand.”

Gaither Vocal Band (excluding Mark Lowry) sang an A Capella rendition of “O Love That Will Not Let Me Go.”

“Corner of Heartbreak Ridge and New Hope Road”–All Three Groups and Gene McDonald (Mark Lowry came up for this one.) They encored it twice.

All the groups did “Swing Down Chariot”–featured Michael English and Wes Hampton.

The Gatlin Brothers then did several country songs.

Then, Bill Gaither and Larry Gatlin told the story behind and with the Gaither Vocal Band sang “Greatly Blessed, Highly Favored.”

Michael English was featured on what we call the “Chiropractor Song” (“I Don’t Want to Get Adjusted”).

David Phelps sang a song that may or may not have been in English. It may have been titled “Come to Jesus.”

The Booth Brothers sang “If We Never Meet Again” in a Gatlin-inspired style.

Bill Gaither told the story of how he and Larry Gatlin wrote “I Played in the Band, Wrote a Few songs, and Sang in the Choir,” from a Henry Slaughter line. The Booth Brothers sand the song and were joined by at least two Gatlin Brothers for the last chorus and encores. Following a Gaither “Why Not?” they encored it again! Matthew Holt was “tearing up the piano!”

Ben, Sonya, and Becky Isaacs came up and sang “Healin’ Stream.” Larry Gatlin seemed genuinely surprised and excited, like he had not expected to see the celebrity Isaacs.

Ronnie Booth sang “Through.” Michael and Jim joined him by the chorus. Bill Gaither led the crowd in “Through it All.”

Michael English sang his current radio single, “Stubborn (Psalm 151).”

Booth Brothers–“Let the Healing Begin.”

The Gatlin Brothers with another song Larry Gatlin wrote, “Help Me.”

David Phelps & the GVB sang “Glorious Freedom.” They were joined by everyone on stage by the end. They continued with “The Winds of the World” and the Martins, Isaacs, and Charlotte Ritchie came back out on stage. The crowd was on their feet, singing and clapping along.

Matthew Holt did a piano solo “Goodbye World, Goodbye.”

After Kevin Williams’ sales pitch for the Gatlin-Gaither music pack, Mark Lowry and the Booth Brothers and Bill Gaither did a song we presume was a love song. It may have been titled “Maybe.” Lowry & the GVB then sang “Sow Mercy” by Reba Rambo.

All the singers on the stage joined in closing with “I Then Shall Live” and “Greatly Blessed.” The crowd was on their feet long before the song was over!

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NQC 2012, Day 5: Live Blog

Notes and comments from Daniel’s Siblings:

Are we just missing something, or are they not having Compassion International ad segments this year?

The Christmas segment started the same as last year, so we think we’ll call it a night!

11:15: Hoppers. They kicked off with “Jerusalem.” We are still not used to Mike’s new hair color, but he sure is burning calories playing the drums! On a reprise of “I’ve Come to Far to Look Back,” Connie called Taranda Greene up to sing a harmony part with Dean and Kim Hopper. “Something’s Happening” included six vocalists, and seemingly five parts–Taranda Greene sang a part above Kim Hopper!!! Their set concluded with “I Wanna Hear the Angels”

10:50: Mark Trammell Quartet. They sang “Too Much to Gain to Lose” in honor of Ray Flynn, a promoter who is “King of the Carolinas” and is recovering from cancer surgery that the doctors report was successful. “I’m Standing on the Solid Rock” was encored and received a standing ovation. They concluded their set with the “Golden City Tour Medley.” According to the NQC schedule, this is MTQ’s last performance of the week, so we assume it is also Dustin Sweatman’s last, since he was shortly going to be the Choir Program Director for a university. We will miss you, Dustin. God bless you in your new position!

10:15: Triumphant. Scotty talked about his daughter Embry who spent the first week of her life in ICU. She is now doing better and at home. Scotty sang [“Only God Knows Why”?] a cappella, saying it was a song that ministered to them in this crisis. This was a very moving moment. On the next song the hankies came out!

9:54: Crists. Is Breana’s hair a wig or hat or real hair? We’ve never seen such a color!  (They are singing “O Happy Day” but we are distracted!)

9:27: Bill Gaither & Friends segment. How will they need to revise their Presidential Cabinet joke now that Gordon Mote doesn’t travel with them anymore? Well, Mr. Gaither is thinking of adding Gerald Wolfe to the cabinet, and Kevin Williams recommends him for Director of Commerce, “If anyone can balance a budget it’s him.”  Sisters had the first segment of “Bill Gaither and Friends”  and started with an excellent a capella rendition of “For Thou, O Lord, Art a Shield for Me.”

After some technical difficulties the Isaacs took the second segment of Gaither and Friends. Their drummer, Nathan Fauscett, sits on and bangs a box type drum is nicknamed “spicket” according to Sonya. On “The Three Bells” (aka “Little Jimmy Brown”), Bill Gaither came up and joined them. “I’m Gonna Love You Through It” strikes home with many in an audience and seemed to be well received at NQC also. The Isaacs segment closed with an a capella rendition of “I Will Praise Him.”

The Booth Brothers sang, “Played in a Band” at the special request of Bill Gaither.

The Nelons, and the Gaither Vocal Band completed the segment. Towards the end Bill Gaither officially announced to the NQC that he had hired Matthew Holt as the pianist. He said that Tracy and Libbi [Stuffle] highly recommended him!

7:25: Perrys. They started their segment with “Everywhere I Go”. Joseph Habedank was not there for the beginning of the song. We were trying to figure out why they sounded so different. Toward the end of the song, he came bounding up the stairs completing their sound. (The set had been started early.) Their next song was “Celebrate Me Home.” On the screen they showed pictures of Southern Gospel Heroes who have already gone Home.  Tracy introduced “When He Spoke to Me” by saying that many people including lead Joseph Habedank had been requesting they cut this song.

6:44: Dixie Echoes. There are three new members of the Dixie Echoes since the last NQC, but the quartet still has that trademark “Dixie Echoes” sound, singing around two microphones. Randy gave his usual speech about folks only wanting to hear the tenor and bass, so after being in the quartet 43 years, he found something unique–guitar features. He proceeded to play “Happy Rhythm.”  The crowd did seem to really like it! Bass Jordan James was featured on “Roll On Jordan.” They closed their set with “Little is Much.”

6:20: Tribute Quartet. “Good News from Jerusalem” seems destined to become a hit–maybe even a signature song for Josh Singletary. He really gets into the song communicating and demonstrating with hand gestures–we particularly like the one for “called.”  “The Song Heaven” features a wonderful tight blend. It was encored with the audience singing another chorus with the group. They closed their set with “Homesick Angel.”

5:49: Triumphant. “Saved By Grace” kicked the night’s festivities off! It’s a great song to get the crowd in the mood for the continued excellent singing of the night!

5:47: Omega. Showcase winners Omega was joined by the Kingdom Heir’s Jeff Chapman for their rendition of “No Bones About it”

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NQC 2012 Music Awards: Live Blog

Hello from Daniel’s Siblings! We are covering for Daniel who is on site at the convention…he may add comments after he has internet access again!  The NQC Music Awards are scheduled to start at 2:30 P.M. (as far as we know) and we plan to post updates as the winners are announced!

  •  The first award of the afternoon went to Dianne Wilkinson…the Songwriter of the Year!

Triumphant Quartet sang their nominated song “Saved by Grace”

  • Kim Collingsworth took home the Musician of the Year award! Presenter Dean Hopper asked Kim to play a song, which was “My Tribute.” Standing ovation before the end of the song!
  • Alto of the year went to…Sheri Easter!

Greater Vision sang their top 11 nominated song “I Know a Man Who Can” (There are 11 top ten nominated songs! 🙂

  • Kim Hopper wins another Soprano award!

Gaither Vocal Band sang “Please Forgive Me”

  • Lead Singer of the year: Ronnie Booth!

Jason Crabb was “on a plane headed to Texas” but a video was shown of him singing his top nominated song “Who Am I”

  • The Les Beasley Impact Award went to EnLighten Radio (This award was determined by the SGMG.) No one from Enlighten Radio was there to accept the award, so Les Beasley accepted the award for them “On Behalf of Enlighten Radio, I accept this award!”
  • Triumphant Quartet’s Eric Bennett won the Bass of the Award!

The Mark Trammell Quartet sang “I Want to Know” (featuring Pat Barker–and he did not pay us to say that).  Crowds generally like this song and are on their feet by the reprise, and this crowd was no exception!

  • Favorite Baritone: Jim Brady of the Booth Brothers

Legacy Five sang their nominated song “Ask Me Why”

  • David Phelps took home the Tenor of the year award!

The Perrys sang “Blue Skies Coming”

  • Soloist: Jason Crabb! He gave a thank you speech via a pre-recorded video. His sisters Kelly and Terah accepted the award for him.
  • The Favorite Album award went to The Perrys for the album Celebrate Me Home (Oak Tree)!

 The Booth Brothers sang their song “She Still Remembers Jesus’ Name”

  • Producer/Arranger of the year award went to Lari Goss!
  • Concert Promoter of the year award went to Bill Gaither!
  • Radio Station of the Year: WBOZ-Nashville

Kingdom Heirs sang their nominated song “Tell Me Why”

  • The Collingsworth Family won Mixed Group the year!

Triumphant sang their second top 10 song “Almost Home.” If anyone had dozed off they surely awoke with this song–the crowd was on their feet by the end!

  • THE Song of the year was “I Know a Man Who Can” by Greater Vision
  • Male Group of the year went to the Booth Brothers

The show was closed by Karen Peck & New River (and other winners and presenters) singing “Reach Out and Touch”

We thought it was neat that Mrs. Dianne Wilkinson won the first NQC Music Award at their first show!  We also liked that the presenters were husband-wife duos–it was nice and also payed tribute to the families who have influenced and been active in Southern Gospel!

For everyone at the NQC, Dianne Wilkinson (2012 winner of the Songwriter of the year award!) will be at the Kingdom Heirs booth shortly to sign copies of her new autobiography! When you go get your copy, say “Hi” to Daniel for us and ask him if we did a good job or if we are fired!–Daniel’s Siblings



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Photo Gallery: Mark Trammell Quartet in concert

Editor’s note: My family saw the Mark Trammell Quartet in concert last weekend. Here are photos and a video from the event.

Video Greeting from Pat Barker

(Footnote for those who have no sense of humor or don’t understand his: This was tongue-in-cheek, and in light-hearted fun!)

Photo Gallery

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Concert Review: Dove Brothers with Keith Casstevens (Shelby, OH)

On Sunday, November 13, Daniel’s Siblings went to a Dove Brothers concert at a church near us.

Song list:

  • One Day at a Time featuring Keith Casstevens
  • I Recall featuring Burman Porter
  • If I Knew Then featuring McCray Dove
  • Life Can Have a New Meaning featuring Eric Dove
  • Little is Much featuring KeithIntroductions: It was Keith Casstevens’ third night helping them out. He was their booking agent and previously sang lead with the Anchorman. McCray Dove still sings Lead, Eric Dove still sings Baritone, and their “original bass singer” Burman Porter is back! In the Dove Brothers Band were: Joe Lane playing keyboard, Jacob Danieley playing guitars (who, by the way, is “always smiling”), and Devin Dove playing drums. We think that Devin Dove is in charge of the band, which might seem funny until you consider that he has been there longer than the other two musicians (to our knowledge). It is not entirely unheard of to have the drummer in charge of the band (Ricky Free and Brandon Reese).
  • Long Black Train featuring Burman Porter. McCray introduced this one by saying that Burman Porter used to like and talk about Randy Travis all the time, but now he likes Josh Turner. Therefore, he has been asked to sing Long Black Train. Apparently Mr. Porter sings all the time and will at least try to sing anything he is asked to do.
  • There’s Been a Change in Me featuring McCray. He wrote this song on Father’s Day, and it is basically his Dad’s life story.
  • Operator featuring Burman Porter. Mr. Porter did his first bass slide of the night on this song, and it was impressive! He shook the floors (aka: rattled people’s cages)! He did more bass slides on songs after the intermission. After a reprise, the crowd finally got on their feet and stayed up for another reprise.
  • Following the music-less intermission, The Dove Brothers came back and kicked off the second half with Didn’t it Rain and Get Away Jordan. The stage was not big enough for their usual choreography, but they did a little. Shelby, Ohio, must have been a tough crowd because while there was applause, there was no standing ovation. 
  • Still Singing the Song. McCray dedicated this song to all the couples married 50 or more years.
  • They Wouldn’t Forgive Me. A new song that McCray recently wrote about situations where a church leader falls, and the people around them “keep them down” instead of forgiving and reaching out to them.
  • He is Here featuring Keith Casstevens. It was a nice ballad. They segued from this song to Won’t it be Wonderful There with which they closed the concert.

Following are photos from the concert.

Update (11/17/2011, 7:05 P.M.): McCray Dove also recorded a video greeting; technical issues delayed its posting until now. Here it is:

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