Announcing … Southern Gospel World

For over two years (since December 2007), one of my best friends, Sony Elise, has been a contributor to this blog. (Fortunately, she’s not leaving.)

What she is doing is launching her own site, Basically, it got to where she had more to say than fits in one day . . . and your encouragement has given her the confidence that you’re coming to read what she has to say, and not just because it’s my site. This is with my full encouragement; in fact, I helped her set the site up.

She will be continuing her weekly devotionals here. She’ll be posting thoughts on other topics, such as concert reviews and reviews of CDs, on her new site.

Sony has put in a lot of work over the last few years to win herself a loyal fan base, and has earned this next step. For my part, I’m cheering her on, and just glad she’s still willing to contribute here!

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Testing a New Theme

We’ve had the current theme here for several years, so I thought it might be time for a facelift.

What do you think?

(I have not moved all the sidebars yet. I figured that would wait until I decided whether this was a keeper.)

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SGB gets a new favicon got a new favicon this evening. (It was about time!) It’s an icon of an old RCA-style microphone, like the Blackwood Brothers and Dixie Echoes use.

A favicon is the little icon that shows up next to the site name in your bookmarks area and, if you have a modern browser, your tabs.

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Frequency of Features

Every now and then, I try to do a “reality check,” if you will, to see if what I have been doing with the blog is what you want me to do. Because, after all, I’d rather provide the content you want to read than continue my own merry way regardless of what you want.

  • Interviews. Do you prefer one or two per month? I know past responses have generally been “the more, the merrier.” Because of time involved, I can’t pull off more than two per month, but I can aim for that goal (especially in post-NQC season, when I have a couple in the queue).
  • CD Reviews. Once or twice per week? My spare hours have been tied up getting the underlying formatting done for the reviews of projects I picked up at NQC, so I have been several weeks running with few reviews. Once I have all the blog formatting set up (and revised in compliance with the FTC’s new arbitrary review guidelines that apply only to bloggers and not to more established forms of media), there will be quite a few in the queue. And I don’t want to overwhelm you with more than you want.
  • Contests. I loved the first two. Any ideas for a third?
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10,000 Comment Contest: Winners! hit 10,000 posts in style today, with the contest spurring over fifty comments just today. And we have winners!

Winners: Email your mailing addresses to us. And congratulations!

And to everyone who has commented over the last three years: Thank you for making this such an interesting and lively place to discuss what’s going on in the best genre out there!

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Announcing: The 10,000 Comment Contest

This site is nearing 10,000 comments. More precisely, we’re a little over 100 comments away. I mention this primarily because I had so much fun with the 3rd Anniversary concert that I thought this would be a fun excuse for another contest.

  • Grand Prize (10,000th comment):
    • Liberty Quartet’s brand new CD The Journey—which hasn’t yet been reviewed here yet (but I can already tell you it will get 5 stars. It’s that good.)
    • Voices Won’s brand new CD Something For Everyone
    • Dixie Melody Boys Vintage (cassette – with Harold Reed, Devin McGlamery, Derrick Selph, and Ed O’Neal)
    • The Wilburns’ Where He Leads (cassette – with Loren Harris on lead)
    • The Greenes And The Walls Came Down Live with Orchestra (cassette)
  • Gold Prize (10,001th comment)
    • Dixie Melody Boys Heading Home (cassette)
    • Paid in Full In All I Do (cassette)
  • Silver Prize (10,005th comment)
    • The Wilburns Blessings (cassette)
  • Bronze Prize (10,010th comment)
    • N’Harmony Keep On (cassette)

All titles are either sealed or played once before I realized they were duplicates.

A couple of rules:

  1. If one of the prize-winning comments is made by one of the staff of this site (that’s a fancy term for Sony and me, who are volunteers!) or members of their immediate families, the next qualifying post will be the winner of that prize.
  2. Inconsequential posts such as “Lol,” “Yeah,” “I agree,” or “great post” will not be counted. The next qualifying post will win. (Edit: If you post a number of identical posts on different threads, they will be counted as inconsequential posts!)

And if you’d like post suggestions, here are a couple of posts that didn’t get the attention they deserved:

And here are a few more that did spark interesting discussions:

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Are the feature interviews too long?

Are the feature interviews I do for this site too long?

I realize that what comes out to eight or nine pages when formatted may be more than most people want to read on a regular basis.

And if they are too long, should I

  • (a) Cut out some information and only stick to the highlights, or
  • (b) serialize the interview, posting a segment once a week for four weeks?

UPDATE (9:37 PM): Thanks for your feedback. All at once it is! Every now and then, I try to give myself a reality check. Am I doing things the way I am because that’s the way I like it? because that’s the way I’ve always done it? or because that’s the way you like it? It’s nice when all three coincide!

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Third Birthday Contest: The Winner!

The winner of this site’s Third Birthday Contest is in: It’s my fellow blogger Diana B. [EDIT, 3/16/13: Broken link removed], whose guess of 9,876 was 190 away from the correct total: This site has had 9,686 comments since its launch three years ago.

Rounding out the top 5:

  • 2nd place: M Smith (286 away)
  • 3rd place: Adam Wallace (314 away)
  • 4th place: Nate Stainbrook (514 away)
  • 5th place: Jeff Foster (814 away)

There have been 20,054 spam comments, too, which is why I made the contest specific to non-spam comments.

We’re getting closer to the 10,00o comment mark. Perhaps we should do another contest for that!

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