’s Third Birthday Contest

On this day three years ago, September 18, 2006, the first post went up on And today, as a thank you, I am announcing a special third birthday contest.

How many comments do you think this blog has had in its first three years? (Precisely: How many approved—i.e., non-spam—comments have appeared as of the end of the contest, 8 PM EST on Monday, 9/21/09?)

The person with the closest guess will win a copy of the Amazing Grace DVD (the movie about William Wilberforce). Post your guess in the comments. Be sure you leave a valid email address in the email box so I can follow up with the winner.

It’s appropriate that this contest focuses on the comments, because it has been the support and encouragement you’ve given me there that has spurred me on to sustain the hectic pace of daily posts this long. Thank you!

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Minor blog update

Nearly two years ago, when I installed this site’s current theme (graphic design), I had make extensive customizations. These included translating the entire theme from Dutch and adding all kinds of plug-ins.

One minor irritant in the theme was that it forced all sidebar items to be in lowercase. I decided to change that some time, but kept putting it off. It helps that I’m now more familiar with customizing WordPress themes, but when I finally did get around to it today, it took about three minutes.

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For several reasons, I’ve recently been contemplating switching to a new graphic design for this website. I wanted to move to a three-column format, wanted a way to highlight the featured article, and, most importantly, wanted it to be immediately obvious which contributor had written each post. So I spent the weekend re-writing this WordPress theme and thought I would give it a try. A few specific comments:

  • No, I’m not going anonymous; I simply moved my picture to the “about” page.
  • You can find a link to the featured article in the upper right-hand corner.
  • This site appears to display properly in current versions of Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. If you use another browser and notice that it does not display properly, let me know.
  • This theme was originally written in Dutch. I don’t know Dutch and translated each line of code word by word. If you notice a line that doesn’t make sense, or a Dutch line I missed, let me know and I’ll fix it.

Before rendering a final verdict on whether this design is a keeper, I’ll wait to see your comments, both as to whether you like it and as to compatibility.

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