Contest: Parody Verse

Editor’s note: David Mac wanted me to create a contest involving writing parody verse regarding Southern Gospel acts. My experience with contests, though, has been that the harder the entry criteria, the fewer entries I get—and honestly, a contest with three entries just simply doesn’t look good. So I figured that pretty much the only way to work would be to have him create the contest, and dare him to get more than 20 entries by offering him a prize, too, if it hits more than 20!

Since we have had a major cerebral workout on some very weight matters lately, I have suggested to Daniel a little light relief, with a singular twist!

I had a real chuckle at this effort by fellow regular guest commenter on this Blog, ‘Quartet-Man’ over on AN Other blog recently. Quite out of nowhere, but most aptly he came up with this piece of interesting verse / alternative southern gospel song / excruciating doggerel [pay your money – take your choice J!]

It struck me that perhaps we had stumbled on a new ‘sub-genre’ for SGM, and could at the same time encourage some ‘newbies’ to try their hand at metered verse, who knows the next Dottie Rambo might come out if a dotty-verse on the Southern Gospel Blog. Or the next Bill & Gloria may begin by co-authoring a verse or two on; Bill and Gloria.

Just to get the idea started, courtesy of the Bootleg Bard Quartet-Man, here is how it might be done [in praise of Ryan Seaton & Friends in this case]:

1. “Their tenor’s not higher than the highest,
but he’s high enough.
Their sound is good, but just a little rough.
Their reach could reach near everywhere
I wish that they’d sing more.
They’re the some time gospel sangin’, young and needed, male quartet that’s loved.

2. They left their hometowns to enter that arena
and sing the songs loved by you and me.
But then an angry crowd crucified, the sangin’ that they done
even though they sang the songs mostly for fun.
Oh, but I would never count them out
they just might win a Dove.
If they practice hard enough, this male quartet that’s loved.”

We discussed the idea of a wee competition, with a vote at the end, [maybe a prize] for the most pertinent comments on current SG groups, changes, events, releases – in rhyming verse. The thing is, and here is the kicker in the tale, the Den Master doubts his readers [shock horror, hold the front page of the Singing News!] Brother Mount is standing with his hands up in dismay, cloaked in gloom and telling me “No way! There’s not twenty in the congregation, morning night or noon, who would step up to the challenge – for a wooden spoon! [ouch!]

So, we have a three-fold agenda; write some interesting comments, find some new poets, and prove Daniel J. Mount wrong!

Brother DJM is prepared to put his money where his mouth is; here this: There will be a CD prize to be selected from a published list for the winner in each category, but only if the overall entries goes beyond TWENTY as a total of all categories! Otherwise David Mac retires shamefacedly from the fray.

SO, here is how we will attempt it, there will be three amateur categories:

Best Rhyming Verse [not song based] – Category One.

Best Song/Hymn Copy Verse – Category Two.

Best Revised ‘Signature Song’ Copy, about …. The Group who’s Sig-Song it is – Category Three.

Just to create a benchmark, and perhaps bring some lesser known name to the fore, we might open the door for a “Professional Category” – for any singer-song writer in the genre who might care to present an offering! Fame is the prize in the “Professional Category”, to CD’s – though that might well come after…

Daniel will organize a voting mechanism after a closing date yet to be agreed, so that readers and commenters may choose the “Top 101” – Hardly likely, but “Top 21” will get us into prize-winning mode. Roll Up! Write Up! & Put Up! Fame awaits the budding bard…

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The 2011 Southern Gospel Predictions Contest: The Results

Thank you for your patience with a second (tiebreaker) round and an additional day of waiting. Without further ado, we have our results! Here are your top 5 Southern Gospel predictions for 2011:

  1. TaRanda Greene will become a featured vocalist on the Gaither Homecoming tour. (Andrew S)
  2. The Kingdom Heirs’ new release in the spring with Jerry Martin on tenor will have at least two #1 hits on it. (J.C. Johnson)
  3. The Fan Awards will move back to NQC. (Garms Family)
  4. The Collingsworths will be featured on the cover of Singing News (Andrew S)
  5. Bill Gaither will retire from a full-time singing position with the GVB, continuing as emcee and “Mr. Homecoming,” but announce details of “Last World Tour.” (David Mac)

We also had five runners-up:

  • The Hinsons will do a reunion tour. (Andrew S)
  • Guy Penrod will release his much-anticipated follow-up solo release (and Daniel will refuse to listen to it because it’s not 100% gospel in content…at least he won’t ADMIT to listening to it) (Kyle)
  • The Collingsworth family will ink a deal with Lari Goss and begin work on a brand new project (NewSoGoFan)
  • Gold City will go ahead with their release of the Mike English cover of “Heaven,” only with Craig West featured, and it will be singled. (Kyle)
  • Taranda Greene restarts The Greenes. (Meagan)

The CDs offered as prizes will shortly be on the way to the winners. Thank you for participating!

And now, for once, instead of agreeing or disagreeing with me, here is your chance to agree or disagree with yourselves—or, I suppose more precisely, with each other. How accurate do you think these predictions will be? And did the most likely ones (or, perhaps, the most likely ones without being obvious or virtually guaranteed to happen) indeed rise to the top?

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