Video: Triumphant and Dove Brothers on “Midnight Cry”

Even if I will entirely break precedent by posting a fourth video (after probably as many weeks of not posting any), this is also too good not to post. Thanks to the ubiquitous DianaSN, here is a video clip of Triumphant Quartet and the Dove Brothers singing “Midnight Cry” together.

Despite being the new kid on the block, paired up with three legends (or at least three vocalists well on their way there), Scott Inman probably has the strongest voice in Triumphant Quartet. I already knew he did great on Triumphant’s songs, but I don’t know if this really hit me until I saw how he did this rendition of another group’s signature song. He could own this song if he wanted to.

Clayton Inman’s verse is also solid (except for that “Bride” on the last line, but let’s pardon that bad note more easily since this may have been his first time to sing the song on stage.)

Anyhow, this was just too good to pass up.

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Video: Phelps / Gaither Vocal Band

I know I already posted one video from David Phelps’ weekend with the Gaither Vocal Band, but this is simply too good not to post:

Am I the only one who would say that if Guy Penrod’s sabbatical becomes a departure, Gaither could make no better move than to bring Phelps back?

Having a tenor on tenor and what other groups would call a tenor on lead has been a GVB standby for years, so it’s not like it would be that drastic of a change.

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Video: Kurt Young with the Cathedrals

Unfortunately, about the only thing Cathedrals fans who remember anything about Kurt Young remember is the infamous Dove Awards performance.

I say “unfortunately,” as Dean Adkins has posted a video on YouTube that shows what the Cathedrals must have heard when they hired him:

Obviously, he was no Danny Funderburk, but neither was Ernie Haase. So while his voice wasn’t a fit for the Cathedrals’ set list at the time of his joining, this song encapsulates what could have been.

Hat tips to Aaron and Kyle for bringing this to my attention. [EDIT, 2/22/13: Broken link removed.]

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Video: Brandon Barry with Stamps

Recently, former Old Paths Quartet bass singer Brandon Barry has been filling in with Ed Enoch’s Stamps Quartet. I came across this video, and since today seems to be a slow news day so far, I thought this was worth mention:

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NQC 2008: Liberty Quartet

Liberty Quartet (from Boise, Idaho) did so well in the showcases that they were invited to sing a song on the main stage. There was quite a bit of noise as people were finding their seats for the Fan Awards, but here is what I could catch on video:

[Video removed at NQC staff’s request]

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NQC 2008: The Ghost of Conventions Past

One thing highlights videos and online feeds cannot capture is what it’s like to be in the hall at the end of the week. There is sadness (mixed with relief for a few) that another year is drawing to and end. And after a full week with too little sleep, you never know who might make an appearance:

Can anyone identify this voice?

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