Video: George, Glen, and the Weatherfords

Before joining the Cathedrals, George Younce and Glen Payne both sang with the Weatherfords—Glen immediately before, for seven years, and George shortly before Glen joined. Here is a unique video clip where George and Glen both join Earl and Lily Weatherford for “What a Precious Friend is He” and “Tell My Friends”—and some friendly banter about old age in between, where, for once, we see the table turned, and Glen joking about George’s age!

Hat tip, Josh.

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Video of the Day: Tribute Quartet

When Tribute Quartet hired tenor Riley Clark last year, he was raw talent. Through his first months with the group, he admittedly struggled with notes and placement on occasion. But thankfully, he was on the bus with several instructors at the Steve Hurst School of Music. They were patient, worked with him to hone his skill, and this is the result:

Worth the patience?

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First Look at new Collingsworth CD

The Collingsworth Family’s next CD, Part of the Family, releases September 6. Reader ZA sends over our first sneak peek:

The video quality isn’t all it could be, due to the three people who chose to stand for much of the song. (Concert Etiquette 101: If you will stand throughout a song when the rest of the audience remains seated, sit towards the back, so that you do not obstruct the view of hundreds of other attendees!)

The audio quality is decent enough to make up for the visual distractions. And the standout factor—enough to make this newsworthy—is the increased maturity in Phil Jr.’s voice. In just a few years, he has gone from having an occasional verse to being one of the strongest vocalists in the family. His previous solos have been keyed in the tenor range; this is his first feature in baritone/tenor quality, and he has excellent tone and control here.

Just when you might have thought that the family’s sound was as good as it was going to get, another vocalist comes out of his shell to be a strong vocalist in his own right. (Oh: If the performance wasn’t impressive enough on its own, the video description indicates that this was the first time the song was sung live.)

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Video of the Day: La La La 101

At the end of one of their songs, “I Can’t Keep From Singing,” the Ruppe Sisters do a brief but fairly complex bit of counterpoint. After getting frequent emails from people who had purchased the soundtrack and wanted to know how to sing the parts, they posted this video tutorial:

Something like this would make an unusual but great addition to live concerts, much like Bill Gaither will sometimes break down and explain a convention song (e.g., “Heaven’s Joy Awaits.”)

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Dan Gilbert leaves Liberty Quartet

Today, Liberty Quartet announced the departure of their long-time lead singer, Dan Gilbert. He had been with them for almost nine of their fifteen years on the road—nearly two-thirds of the group’s ministry, and longer than any other member besides founder/manager Royce Mitchell. His resignation will take place effective June 1.

Keith Waggoner and Royce Mitchell of Liberty Quartet were in North Carolina yesterday; had the opportunity to get some exclusive footage of them discussing Dan’s departure, and how much he will be missed:

Click “more” for a transcript.”

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Greater Vision launches YouTube channel

In the past, Gerald Wolfe, lead singer of Greater Vision, has expressed his concerns with video footage of his group being posted on YouTube. Noting that Greater Vision recently launched their own YouTube channel, I recently inquired about his current views.

Today, as in the past, he does not want fans posting footage from his professionally produced videos. He says: “Over the years, our initial capital outlay to produce a good video has continued to increase, so to have it uploaded to the web by someone, without asking permission, is very frustrating. I’ve come to realize a lot of ‘video posters’ take the ‘it’s easier to get forgiveness than permission’ approach, and they don’t consider the copyright issues before they ‘rip and post.’ If they asked, they would discover that we love the publicity that comes from video clips being available on the web, but having the opportunity to pick and choose what’s ‘out there,’ while staying within the guidelines of copyright and privacy laws is very important to me…as it should be to every individual. I’m sure there are video clips of you, and anyone else reading this, that you would rather not have posted on the internet, without your approval.”

Since Greater Vision’s new channel includes some amateur live concert footage, I asked him if he was now comfortable with fans posting handheld camera live concert videos. He replied: “Not really. I’m never really satisfied with the quality of most of the You Tube recordings I see. However, I’ve learned you can put all the signs on the doors you want, but people are gonna do what they’re gonna do. … Having said that, I do see the value in having those ‘candid cameras’ in the audience, in case one of those ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ things happens. I just wish people would let us see the videos before they post them.”

“I strongly believe in the promotional value of You Tube,” he continues. “That’s why we created our own channel, where we post video clips from the road, recording sessions, and promotional clips. In a perfect world, fans (I really don’t like that word) would send us their GV clips to post on our channel. A ‘one-stop-shop,’ if you will.”

If you have Greater Vision concert footage you’d like to see on YouTube, you can contact the group regarding submitting it for their channel at

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