Video of the Day: The Cathedrals do “Go Out to the Program”

MN SG Fan uncovered a recently posted Cathedrals video I’d never seen before. Here, the Cathedrals do their own “Go out to the Program,” imitating other singers during a live concert in the mid-80s. Gerald Wolfe impersonates Peg McKamey Bean and Jerry Goff; Glen Payne imitates Jake Hess; and, finally, Danny Funderburk imitates Archie Watkins.

It’s shows a side to the Cathedrals that many more recent fans may have never seen.

Regrettably, this video has been removed by the user.

NQC Coverage note: SGB contributor Sony Elise is going to be on site in Louisville all week and plans to provide Monday’s and Tuesday’s coverage (probably on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively); I am heading up to Louisville on Wednesday and plan to cover the final four days.

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Video of the Day: Blackwood Brothers

The Blackwood Brothers recently added a pianist, Mike Hammontree. Since they have not released a project since he joined, this is my first time to feature him on this site. Here he steps out front on a comedy feature and vocal solo:

Particularly notable about this rendition is that two brothers actually are singing the lines “me and little brother would join right in there.”

Speaking of the Blackwood Brothers, here are two videos of bass singer Randy Byrd—from 1987, twenty-three years ago. He has a solo in the second.

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Video: Ryan Seaton at TBN

Ryan Seaton appeared on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Praise the Lord program over the weekend (on the 20th). TBN has an archive up, where the show can be watched for a few weeks, here (hat tip, DL). [EDIT, 11/6/10: Regrettably, the link seems to be broken, so it has been removed.]

Seaton sings three songs off of his debut solo CD, The Stage is Bare: “Blessed Assurance,” “Daddy’s Little Girl,” and the title track. Host Russ Taff interviews him for several minutes before his final song.

Seaton comes on about 36 minutes into the program, and has about twenty minutes. While I did not watch the rest of the program, watching perhaps a minute of the female vocalist who preceded him prompts the observation that whatever one might think of his stylistic direction, he’s a far better vocalist than she was; she seemed to be struggling with several notes, and had a far less smooth transition into head tones/falsetto (both used it for effect on their final songs).

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Video of the Day: Triumphant Quartet

Here is a video of Triumphant Quartet performing a song, “Saved By Grace,” off of their upcoming recording.

This CD/DVD set will be their first recording with The Mansion Entertainment (after spending their first seven years together with Daywind). The song itself was introduced by a mixed group in the early 1990s or so. Though the original rendition is also available on YouTube, I’m not liking linking to it here due to that group’s espousal of the unorthodox Oneness doctrine.

Thoughts on this rendition: In the decade or so he’s been on the road, Scotty Inman has grown from a decent baritone to one of the best lead singers in Southern Gospel. Though he still is listed as Triumphant’s baritone, out of respect to the decades his father has spent as a lead singer in a number of different groups, few lead singers in our genre could carry a lead as well as he does on this song.

Why is he as good as he is? It’s not only that he has some good genes—as he said an interview I did with him a few years back, he regularly takes voice lessons to hone and perfect his ability, taking a cue from Glen Payne, who continued with voice lessons until the year he died.

Bonus video of the day: Am I the only one who generally watches the behind the scenes on a DVD first? There’s just something about those unscripted moments! At any rate, here is a video from Courtney Collingsworth showing the reaction at the Collingsworth house when father Phil places the winning bid for a car on eBay:

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Video: Haase takes on “I’ve Just Started Living”

Several years ago, I asked someone who would know—whether Ernie Haase or someone else I do not recall—whether the Cathedrals had ever staged “I’ve Just Started Living” with Haase at the tenor part. The answer was that they had, but only a few times, since Haase and the rest of the group thought it was best overall to leave it as Danny Funderburk’s song.

Well, one of those rare performances has been unearthed:

Nobody questions that Danny Funderburk owned the song, and I think everyone involved was happy to leave it remembered as his song. Still, this rendition isn’t bad at all, interesting as much for its rarity as for the fact that it’s actually a good rendition of the song on its own merits.

UPDATE (8/3/10): The Professor of Southern Gospel, Dean Adkins, unearthed and offers another performance here. Also making this worth watching is that both Mark Trammell and Scott Fowler were with the group at this point.

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