Video of the Day: Dove Brothers, “I Pledge Allegiance”

Apropos of our discussion yesterday on Southern Gospel songs dealing with martyrdom, the most discussed was one the Dove Brothers borrowed from Contemporary Christian Music—more specifically, Ray Boltz’s catalog.

As many of you know, I grew up only knowing contemporary Christian music (after all, I grew up in northern Ohio!) And while I never did care for Ray Boltz’s voice, I thought then and now that the song was a magnificent song. When I (finally!) discovered Southern Gospel six years ago, the Dove Brothers’ incomparable rendition of this song was one of the first things that made me step back in astonishment and muse, “What have I been missing all these years?” It was as if Boltz should never have recorded it, other than perhaps a demo to send to McCray Dove.

Finally, after all these years of just hearing it, two videos of the song have gone online in the last few months. If you’re looking for polished perfection, click here, but here is the one I choose to feature:

No, it’s not perfect—most notably, John Rulapaugh starts off a half-count behind the beat for the first few lines, but he catches up eventually. This version might not have the polished perfection, but it sure has the heart to make up for it!

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Video: Riley Clark with Tribute Quartet

SGConcerts’ Diana Brantley has uploaded a 10-minute video of clips of one of Riley Clark’s first dates with Tribute Quartet:

Of particular note is “I’d Rather Have Jesus,” about 2/3 of the way through the video. Even if there was a weak note or two—after all, Clark has been performing professionally for all of two weeks—there’s a poise and confidence in Clark’s delivery that promises great things for the future. Besides that, the fact that his voice is one of the most pleasant tenor voices to come along in the last decade doesn’t hurt anything!

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Talley Trio in the studio

The Talley Trio is back in the recording process, working on their next mainline release. I had the incredible opportunity to sit in on a recent tracking session, and I’ve edited together a number of videos for their website. The first, “Good Things,” is up. [EDIT, 3/16/13: Broken link removed.]

I probably won’t be putting up links here every time a video goes up, so if you’re a fan of their music, get the RSS feed or email newsletter from the site to keep up with the videos.

An off-topic note to those taking part in our thousand comment contest: At this moment, we’re at 433 comments. So a thousand is still within reach!

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Video: Randy Crawford with Kingsmen

A YouTube user has posted over a dozen videos from Randy Crawford’s first night back with the Kingsmen. Here’s a video of Crawford taking the solo on “Meet Me at the Table”:

Other highlights are the opening song – Crawford’s first as an official Kingsmen member again – and the introductions.

It has been a number of years since the Kingsmen have been this strong vocally.

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Video: Scott Fowler takes a wrong number

Scott Fowler was in the Solid Gospel studios recently, answering the phones for their Singing News day. Here he picks up the phone, only to find that it’s a wrong number:

I can’t make up my mind if this is for real or if it’s staged. Your take?

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Video: Signature Sound prepares for Cathedrals Taping

Signature Sound is preparing for their Cathedrals tribute video taping in July by trying out the songs on audiences across the country. Here’s a video of them singing “Step Into the Water.”

Update: A friend sent me a link to another one—Wayne Haun joining them to sing “Champion of Love.” Incredible.

Seriously—who knew Wayne had it in him?

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