Saturday News Roundup #163

Worth Knowing

  • The Akins have found a booking agent, joining the Dominion Agency.
  • Noted songwriter Belinda Smith has signed with Daywind Music Publishing.
  • Worth Reading: Don’t miss Danny Jones’ recounting of the one and only time the Booth Brothers and the Cathedrals appeared together in concert.
  • Worth Reading: Fuson’s Findings’ in-depth review of a classic The Sound project.

Worth Watching

At a recent concert date in Texas, a ladies’ choreography group opening for the Perrys did a choreography routine to one of their songs. The Perrys hear their song being done, come out, and epic spontaneous choreography ensues. (Even a moonwalk.)

At a recent Kingsmen concert, former tenor Johnny Parrack—the original tenor on the 1973 Big & Live version—came up. Here’s what he sounds like today:

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturday—you decide!

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