Saturday News Roundup #37

In the News:

  • According to a live concert report here, Terah has left Crabb Revival to spend more time with her family. Adam Crabb is carrying on the group. (EDIT: 8/5/2011: Broken link removed)
  • The Mike LeFevre Quartet / LeFevre Quartet announced that they will be renaming the group Priority. There was another Southern Gospel group in the early ’90s with that name. Insight and discussion can be found in this thread. (EDIT: 8/5/2011: Broken link removed)
  • Greater Vision has a 20th Anniversary  live recording in the works. They put up a poll of some of their best songs, asking their fans’ help in selecting songs for the recordings. They also had a write-in spot on the ballot and recently announced the top 5 write-ins: 1. Til The Storm Passes By; 2. Champion Of Love; 3. He Is To Me; 4. There Is A River; 5. O Holy Night. I was happy to note that my write-in pick was #1, which means, I suppose, that my personal tastes aren’t that far from those of the average Greater Vision fan.

Worth Reading:

  • John Scheideman reviews a Phil Cross & Crossing concert here. Particularly of note is his mention of their rendition of “Jerusalem.” Has anyone caught that on video yet?

Upcoming Reviews:

  • June 26 – Book Review: Mighty Lot of Singin’ (Gerald Williams)
  • July 3 – A Wonderful Love (Melody Boys Quartet)
  • July 10 – DVD Review: 1951 1958 Live (Blackwood Brothers)
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Daywind signs Crabb Revival

Daywind Records just announced the signing of Crabb Revival. The act is composed of Adam Crabb, Terah Crabb-Penhollow, and a band, and is the only group coming out of the Crabb Family with two of the Crabb siblings fronting the group.

This is an interesting move both for Daywind and the Crabbs. Most of Daywind’s headliner artists have stayed pretty solidly within the Southern Gospel genre, while everything I’ve heard from people who have attended Crabb Revival concerts indicates that they are more progressive than the Crabb Family. This move could help the Crabbs keep one foot solidly in Southern Gospel, while at the same time reaching out to new audiences.

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Group turnover

On yesterday’s post: I do genuinely enjoy Signature Sound and, in fact, don’t mind the album cover at all. My observations yesterday were simply to the fact that it was different from everything else I’ve seen in Southern Gospel.

Right now, the NQC Silly Season for group turnover seems to have slowed for the traditional groups. The Blackwood Quartet is still looking for a tenor, and the Monument Quartet is still looking for a lead and a bass. But that about does it for personnel changes in major traditional groups.

But if we turn to the progressive Southern Gospel groups, we see that three or four of the most popular ones are in the midst of significant personnel changes.

Annie McRae is still looking for two other singers to form a new trio and keep the McRae group name active.

Adam Crabb and Terah Penhollow recently announced that they will be forming a new trio after the Crabb Family completes its farewell tour next year.

Kelly Crabb Bowling left the Crabb Family earlier this week to join her husband in the Mike Bowling Group. After some rapid turnover, Mike Bowling was the only member left in his mixed quartet. It had been announced that Kelly would join next year, and I guess whichever member she would be replacing decided not to be a lame duck for a year.

The Crabb Family is known for their marketing genius, and Kelly proved yesterday she had a full dose of the family gene. In the press release, she said she’d be happy to sing with her family on any of the dates in their farewell tour in which the Mike Bowling Group was also appearing. Well, guess which group concert promoters will be booking along with the Crabb Family for the next year?

This will mean a lot of exposure for the Mike Bowling Group; but it is not only exposure, it is exposure to that audience of progressive Southern Gospel fans who are most likely to love their music and who are most likely to be looking for another group to name as a favorite. As I said, this is a touch of marketing genius.

So here we have Mike and Kelly Bowling looking for one additional singer, Adam and Terah Crabb looking for one, and Annie McRae looking for two. If the Mike Bowling Group can hire Annie McRae, we could see the makings of another Southern Gospel supergroup, combining one of the most popular members from each of three different groups.

It was marketing genius to handle Kelly Crabb Bowling’s move like she did. If Mike and Kelly can piece something together that the fans want to hear, the added exposure they will probably get in their next year could place the Mike Bowling Group on the map as the “next big thing” in Southern Gospel.

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Adam Crabb and Terah Penhollow seek lead singer

Last month, I mentioned Adam Crabb and Terah Penhollow’s plan to start a new group. Plans are evidently progressing, as they announced on their website today that they will be seeking a lead singer. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link appears to be down, and has been removed.] The announcement states in part:

Adam and Terah will be launching their new group in August 2007 and are looking for someone who can sing both lead and harmony. They are praying that God will send the right person, and that person could be you! If you are interested, please send a bio/resume, letter of interest, photo and demo to

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Terah and Adam Crabb to start new group

A member of the Providence Gospel Trio posted on the Singing News forums a review of a Crabb Family last night in Oklahoma. [EDIT, 11/7/10: Regrettably, the link is broken, so it has been removed.] At the concert, it was announced that Terah and Adam Crabb are planning to start a new group. Aaron and Jason still plan to expand their preaching ministries. (Although it was not mentioned in the post, Kelly Crabb Bowling’s last announced intentions were to join her husband Mike in his mixed quartet, the Mike Bowling Group.)

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