Mike Allen fills in with Monument Quartet

I heard this morning that Mike Allen was singing with the Monument Quartet, I believe over the past weekend. I checked the story with Paul Jackson, Prophets lead singer, and found that Allen was just filling in with Monument. He is still a member of the Prophets, and they’re still scheduled to have a first-quarter 2008 release for their project.

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Matt Felts featured in Canton Repository

The Monument Quartet’s Matt Felts, a tenor from my neck of the woods, was recently featured in the Canton Repository after the Monument Quartet made a stop in Canton, Ohio to sing at the Stark County Fair. [EDIT, 11/6/10: Regrettably, the link seems to be broken, so it has been removed.] I have to confess–it’s a concert I missed simply because I forgot it. I’m moving to a new job, and got busy enough that a some things simply escaped me. The article contains some biographical information on Felts:

Matt Felts used to sit in the Palace Theatre watching gospel singers and country music acts perform.

Today, he takes the stage, opening for the likes of up-and-coming artists Dierks Bentley, Josh Turner and Mark Wills.

In just two years, Felts has gone from singing with local groups to singing on a national level.

Monument Quartet is keeping busy, recording a live DVD a couple of weeks ago. From everything I’ve heard, their taping went well. I haven’t heard when it is to be released.

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Brad Smith joins Monument Quartet

The Monument Quartet has completed its reorganization with the addition of Brad Smith as bass. The group’s lineup is now Matt Felts on tenor, John Tidwell on lead, group manager and former tenor Marshall Pugh on baritone, Brad Smith on bass, and Lucas Case on piano.

Brad Smith had recently joined the Blackwood Gospel Quartet (when Burman Porter left to join the Palmetto State Quartet).

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Monument Quartet Press Release

I mentioned yesterday that I emailed Marshall Pugh, owner and (formerly) tenor for the Monument Quartet to ask what was the status of the Monument Quartet press release pulled from the Singing News website. He replied with “the only official Monument Quartet press release.” Here it is, for those of my readers who have been following this story (both of you? am I boring you with this?):

Monument Quartet Enters New Era
Marshall Pugh/Monument Quartet

I would like to thank the numerous friends and fans including my church family at River of Life and Pastor Johnny Minick, who have partnered with me in prayer as I sought the Lord’s will concerning the future of Monument Quartet over the past 6 weeks. I sincerely appreciate the many men who have offered their talents and abilities to be used by this ministry. The extensive interview and audition process has rendered 3 new members for the group thus far.

Matt Felts of St. Louis MO has accepted the offer to become the new tenor for Monument Quartet as Marshall moves to the baritone/lead position. Prior to joining MQ, Matt previously sang with the Skyline Boys out of Manassas VA.

As the quartets new pianist, Lucas Case joins the group from Richland MO. Most recently, Lucas worked with Duane Garren and Signature Artist Agency.

Coming from Bristow OK, John Tidwell has assumed the lead/baritone position for the quartet. John leaves his group, Master’s Voice with blessing and support as they make preparations for a new chapter in their ministry as well.

While continuing our search for a bass singer, Hovie Walker avails himself until a permanent member is added. Hovie is best known for being a founding member of the Singing Americans and also his tenure with the Thrasher Brothers and The Classic Imperials.

Rounding out the team thus far, Brian Ledford of Smyrna TN continues in his capacity as sound engineer.

We look forward with great anticipation to our upcoming dates and any opportunity to serve you in your endeavors. All booking is currently done “in house”, so contact us at (615) 377-3315 As new things are happening every day, we invite you to sign up for our free E-Newsletter and frequent our website (www.MonumentQuartet.com) for more information.

We would also like to invite you to join us on the Jubilee At Sea Cruise, 19-24 February 2007. The information on the cruise is on our web sit[e] as well.

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Monument Quartet update

In a post earlier this morning, I mentioned that there was a rumor that the Monument Quartet was disbanding. When I contacted the Monument Quartet’s office, my email was answered by Marshall Pugh, who informed me that the Monument Quartet was not disbanding.

Sharp reader Jennifer noticed that Singing News’s SG Wire posted a press release this afternoon announcing that while the Monument Quartet may not have disbanded, three of its members (lead Gary Casto, baritone Josh Singletary, and bass Dennis Dugger) have left to form the Tribute Quartet. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.]

The Beckie Simmons Agency, which had booked the Monument Quartet, has signed the Tribute Quartet to a booking and recording agreement. So although the Monument Quartet is still featured on BSA’s website (as of 3:00 this afternoon), it appears as though Gary, Josh, and Dennis got to keep the booking deal, and Marshall got to keep the name and possibly the recording deal.

I wish both Marshall and the members of the Tribute Quartet the best of success as they attempt to rebuild their groups.

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Monument Quartet Not Disbanding

A recent poster in the Singing News forums posted a rumor that the Monument Quartet was disbanding. [EDIT, 3/26/13: Broken link removed.]

The Monument Quartet formed just last year, by two former members of the Wilburns (Gary Casto singing lead and Josh Singletary singing baritone and playing piano), Dennis Dugger at the bass position, and Marshall Pugh singing tenor. The quartet got off to a strong start and were one of the Top 5 Nominees for Horizon Group of the Year in the 2006 Singing News Fan Awards. (I voted for them; they may well have won had it not been for the radio success of the Mike LeFevre Quartet’s cover of the CCM song “Days of Elijah.”)

I contacted the Monument Quartet to make them aware of the rumor. I heard back from Marshall Pugh who is the group’s tenor and now owner. He confirmed that the group will not be disbanding. However, he said to be watching for an upcoming press release about possible personnel changes.

I wish Monument Quartet the best as they go through this challenging time; may they come out of it as strong as ever.

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