Saturday News Roundup #81

In the News

  • Former Dixie Echoes / Inspirations tenor Dallas Rogers launches Restored Trio.
  • The Dixie Echoes are closing in on a decision on a bass singer. They are still seeking tenor auditions. Past tenor Gerry Stroup will be filling in.
  • Dixie Echoes baritone Scoot Shelnut (Randy Shelnut Jr.) got married to former Chuck Wagon Gang alto Penny Greene on Thursday.
  • Perrys alto Libbi Perry Stuffle will be releasing a solo project at NQC. The CD will feature nine classics and songs she’s previously recorded (Did I Mention, Holy Hills, His Grace Will Lead Me Home, Still Blessed, March Around The Throne, God Walks The Dark Hills, Jesus Hold My Hand, Mountaintop For Me, and Now I Have Everything) and three new songs (Reunited, The Broken Heart Sings The Sweetest Song, and I Have Failed But I’m Not A Failure).
  • Former Gold City tenor Jay Parrack is now singing with a group called Vocal Event. [EDIT, 2/21/13. Broken link removed.] He will be joined by Anthony Hallman and Darren Morton. It is unclear whether he will also continue to do any select concert dates with Wilburn & Wilburn.
  • Past Statesmen bass Ray Burdett passed away earlier this week.
  • Worth Reading: McCray Dove’s recent experience at an outdoor festival featuring both CCM and Southern Gospel groups. He noticed that youth on their way to a CCM act walked directly by the Southern Gospel area without stopping when a tracks-only group was on stage, but when their band hit the stage, these youth would stop to listen for a song or two before going to see their favorites.
  • Gold City is preparing their Collection of Favorites project, released at NQC last year, for a re-release with the new lineup’s vocals. It is unclear whether they are also planning to stick with their earlier plan of getting their next mainline project out by September.

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