Sony’s Thoughts: A Word Fitly Spoken

The past week has been quite hectic. I’ve been watching children for a mama who just had her eighth baby. Yesterday, several of them developed colds. I’m praying I don’t get it until Mama gets back on her feet.

In the midst of all this, I received an email out of the blue from someone encouraging me, if I begin to feel overwhelmed, to stop and ask God for strength. In closing, he included the chorus of the hymn, “Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Look full in His wonderful face. And the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.” Praise God for friends and family who are always ready to encourage me when I need it.

I used to do better at sending random notes to people just to lift them up. I’m reminded how important it is. One can feel encouraged during the most discouraging times if someone would take a moment to give them a kind word.

Wise King Solomon said, “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver” (Proverbs 25:11). An encouraging word at just the right moment will be remembered for a long time, and it only takes a moment of our time. Take that time to encourage someone today.

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Friday News Roundup #211

Worth Knowing

  • Rich Crist of the (retiring) Crist Family will be joining the staff of the Crist Family’s record company, Crossroads, in March.
  • Gaither Music is up for a small business award in its hometown; their small business profile contains a number of fascinating details about the company.

Worth Reading

From this week’s Letters to the Editor, here are reader Dustin’s reflections on Southern Gospel’s Most Successful Soloists:

I’m late to a good conversation, but there is a lot of merit about writing your own songs as a soloist. There have not been many successful solo artists in gospel music. Only a few. And I’d say while many of the successful soloists remained successful and have their core, reliable fans, it’s easy for the “momentum” to stale up a bit among premier quartet fans. Southern gospel is a quartet world. When somebody leaves a big named group, fans anticipate the new vocalist, compare a group’s current personnel with combinations of past personnel. When you get a CD by a quartet or trio, you’re hearing different voices. And each new vocalist can bring a different dynamic to the group’s overall sound. Not so with a soloist. Also, emcee work must be good…keeping the audience engaged for an hour or more all by yourself can be tasking enough for a preacher. So it really helps to have a dynamic personality, as well as being extremely ministry minded.

Everyone needs a few heroes. Squire Parsons is one of mine. It was a highlight of my week when he commented on the site for the first time, sharing thoughts and prayers on the post about Bobby Clark’s stroke:

I just found out about my dear friend Bobby. Bobby Clark is in a class all by himself in my book. I love him personally and admire him professionally. i have been singing his song “I Know” continuously for more than a month in my preparation for concerts; I even have my wife, Linda singing it. Please convey our love and prayers to him and his family. Squire and Linda Parsons

Worth Watching

Worth Discussing

Were there any other Southern Gospel news stories of significance this week?

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Peg McKamey sustains head injuries in serious fall

This afternoon, The McKameys and their booking agency, The Harper Agency, announced on Facebook that Peg McKamey Bean suffered head injuries in a serious fall on Wednesday morning. This weekend’s concerts have been postponed. Prayer is requested for Peg and for her family.

UPDATE (2/14/2014): The McKameys posted on Facebook: “Peg is doing much better today and may go home tomorrow,thank you for the prayers!.”

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Videos of Todd Suttles with the Gaither Vocal Band

The Gaither Vocal Band has not announced a final decision on their new fifth member yet, but it seems the decision is nearing. One finalist, David Staton, posted on Facebook earlier this week that he had not been selected, commenting: “Bill contacted me today and told me that he has decided to go in a different direction.”

Todd Suttles has been filling in at a number of recent Homecoming concerts. Here’s a video of the ensemble—Bill Gaither and David Phelps on the solos, with Wes Hampton, Adam Crabb, and Todd Suttles—singing “Child, You’re Forgiven”

Suttles doesn’t have a solo, but it’s nice to see the enthusiasm and energy he shows during David Phelps’ solo.

Here’s a shorter clip, from the same user, of “Rasslin’ Jacob”:

UPDATEVia reader Jamie, here are two more videos including Todd—a comedy moment, and Heaven’s Joy Awaits.

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