Andrew Ishee and Scalping Indians

Andrew Ishee has been criticized for a politically incorrect comment  he made while introducing the Jody Brown Indian Family in a Friday Afternoon showcase. Apparently Ishee said “we need not fear these Indians. They’re nice Indians and they won’t come after your scalp or anything.'”

Critics have used this and similar incidents to portray Southern Gospel performers as politically incorrect, backwoods rednecks. But this misses the context, and thus the whole point, of the joke.

In Gold City’s set on Monday night, Jonathan Wilburn introduced Gold City bass Tex McCune, an American Indian, with a joke that played off the sonic similarity of “engine” and “Injun.” Tex McCune acted offended. When Jonathan Wilburn asked him why, he said, “I’m admiring your scalp.” (At this point Jonathan begged Danny Riley to calm him down.)

In all likelihood, Ishee’s joke about Indians coming after your scalp was made in light of the Wilburn/McCune joke on Monday.

While I’m not suggesting that Ishee is making (or, for that matter should make) any attempt to conform to the unrealistic liberal definition of political correctness, there is a reasonable explanation for this joke when it is understood in the proper context of the earlier joke at the quartet convention.

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To end the speculation…

I contacted the Inspirations’ office and found out that the fifth man who sang on stage with the Inspirations at NQC was Mack Clark; either Clark or Darren Osborn fills in with the Inspirations when Archie Watkins has throat troubles.

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Blog Backgrounds

Some visitors may have already noticed that clicking the various boxes in this blog header will open different backgrounds for the blog.

A few new ones have just been added. One of them (also found here, after scrolling down) is a picture of Signature Sound with the Ball Brothers singing “Suppertime” with George Younce taking the lead via video. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.] It didn’t strike me particularly the first time I saw the picture, but on later reflection it’s a poignant picture. At the precise instant I snapped the photo, George Younce was at such an angle that it looks as though he’s looking at Signature Sound with an approving smile.

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