“Come Thirsty” (Perrys) CD Review

Rating: 5 Stars

I reviewed the Perrys’ Come Thirsty CD a few months ago, when it had just come out. Since it’s still their most recent CD, I thought I’d update the review and post it here as the inaugural CD review for this blog.

Let’s start with the big question. Is this CD worth purchasing?

If you liked This is the Day or Life of Love, the answer is yes. This project manages to capture both the raw enthusiasm of This is the Day and the polish of Life of Love. Happy Goodmans fans will enjoy several songs in the style the Perrys used on Remembering the Happy Goodmans.

The album starts off with a song in the classic convention style. Bass Tracy Stuffle takes the solo on “Until the Last One is Home.” This is the best walking bass feature he’s done on a new song since “Come On and Join Us” (from 2001’s Changed Forever).

The Perrys recorded two old songs and one new one from the pen of Kyla Rowland. “Still Thrilled” is a slow song featuring alto Libbi Perry Stuffle; lead singer Loren Harris takes the lead on the infectiously enthusiastic “They Sang a Hymn,” a 1984 Rowland song. The Perrys also introduce a new Kyla Rowland song, “He Will Hide Me.” This big ballad, featuring Joseph and Loren, is already climbing the charts. It is stylistically comparable to their 2001 hit song “I Rest My Case at the Cross.”

The Perrys’ love for the Happy Goodmans shows on “A Day that Never Ends,” a convention song that could just as easily have been a Happy Goodmans classic.

The album also has several nice ballads. Libbi takes the lead on “Mary for a While,” a unique song in that the rest of the group doesn’t sing anything more than background vocals. “When Jesus Prays” features baritone singer Joseph Habedank.

“Walk Away Free” has been dismissed as being somewhat predictable or formulaic. That is quite an underestimation of the most powerful song on the CD. The second verse closes with these lyrics:

When Satan says I’m still in slavery
My Jesus takes me back to where He paid the price for me
To walk away free…

While I felt that Life of Love had no song quite comparable to This is the Day’s “Calvary Answers for Me,” “Walk Away Free” easily fills that slot on Come Thirsty.

This project is the best that the Perrys have released since their 2000 restructuring into an alto/lead/tenor/bass quartet.

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Welcome to southerngospeljournal.com

Many of the initial visitors to this website will know me from running www.cathedralstribute.com, contributing to www.sghistory.com, and from posts on various Southern Gospel forums. I finally decided to take the big plunge and try my hand at blogging.

Other bloggers have considered that their position as a commentator gives them the platform to post harsh criticism or unsubstatiated malicious rumors. I disagree. This blog is to inform Southern Gospel artists and fans about current happenings, and perhaps to encourage you, too!

This blog’s mission is to look beyond the headlines to provide analysis and commentary on current Southern Gospel happenings. I plan to comment on Southern Gospel news, review CDs and live concerts, and perhaps conduct interviews industry professionals. That’s what I have in mind as things I’d like to see.

What would you like to see in this blog? After all, it’s not about me. It’s about you, the readers.

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