Singing News Radio Chart #1 Hits

Jan 1970: Jesus Is Coming Soon Oak Ridge Boys, Inspirations, Florida Boys, Downings
Feb 1970: Jesus Is Coming Soon Oak Ridge Boys, Inspirations, Thrasher Brothers
Mar 1970: Jesus Is Coming Soon Oak Ridge Boys, Inspirations, Florida Boys
Apr 1970: Thank God I’m Free-Goodmans, Galileans
May 1970: The Night Before Easter-Blackwood Brothers, Stamps
Jun-Aug 1970: Jesus Is Coming Soon-Oak Ridge Boys, Inspirations
Sep 1970: Thank God I’m Free-Goodmans, Hemphills
Oct 1970: Sheltered In The Arms Of God-Downings, Oak Ridge Boys
Nov 1970-Jan 1971: Here Come The Rattlesnakes-Wendy Bagwell & The Sunliters
Feb-Nov 1971: I Know-Oak Ridge Boys, Blue Ridge
Dec 1971-Feb 1972: That Day Is Almost Here-Blue Ridge
Mar 1972: Tiny-Rambos
Apr 1972: The Flowers Kissed The Shoes Jesus Wore-Oak Ridge Boys
May 1972: Tiny-Rambos
Jun 1972: The Lighthouse-Goodmans
July 1972: There Is A River-Jimmy Swaggart
Aug, Sept 1972: The Lighthouse-Goodmans
Oct-Nov 1972: After Calvary-Blue Ridge
Dec 1972-Jan 1973: The Lighthouse-Goodmans
Feb 1973: There Is A River-Jimmy Swaggart
Mar 1973: The Lighthouse-Goodmans
Apr 1973-Jun 1973: He Pilots My Ship-Goodmans
Jul 1973: There Is A River-Jimmy Swaggart
Aug 1973: There Is A River-Jimmy Swaggart
Sep 1973: He Pilots My Ship-Goodmans
Oct 1973: King Jesus-Oak Ridge Boys
Nov 1973-Mar. 1974: Touring The City-Inspirations
Apr-Oct 1974: When I Wake Up To Sleep No More-Inspirations
Nov 1974: One Day At A Time-Thrasher Brothers
Dec 1974: When I Wake Up To Sleep No More-Inspirations
Jan-Feb 1975: One Day At A Time-Thrasher Brothers
Mar 1975-Jan 1976: What A Beautiful Day-Goodmans
Feb-May 1976: Jesus Is Mine-Inspirations
Jun-Jul 1976: Please Search The Book Again-Jerry & The Singing Goffs
Aug 1976-Oct 1977: Learning To Lean-Blackwood Brothers
Nov 1977: I’ve Never Been This Homesick Before-Rambos
Dec 1977-May 1978: Rise Again-Dallas Holm & Praise
Jun 1978-Feb 1979: I’m Standing On The Solid Rock-Florida Boys
Mar-Aug 1979: What Sins Are You Talking About-Speers
Sep 1979-Jan 1980: Oh Buddha-Imperials
Mar 1980: Praise The Lord-Imperials
Apr-May 1980: Oh Buddha-Imperials
Jun 1980: Come Morning-Rex Nelon Singers (Nelons)
Jul 1980: I’m In The Church-Hemphills
Aug 1980: Come Morning-Rex Nelon Singers
Sep 1980: Better Hurry Up-Goodmans
Oct 1980: Come Morning-Rex Nelon Singers
Nov 1980: Better Hurry Up-Goodmans
Dec 1980-Jul 1981: He’s Still Workin’ On Me-Hemphills
Aug 1981-Apr 1982: Excuses-Kingsmen
May 1982: Good Things-Hemphills
Jun 1982: Excuses-Kingsmen
Jul-Aug 1982: God’s Gonna Do The Same For You And Me-Hinsons
Sep 1982: Antioch Church Choir-Dixie Melody Boys
Oct 1982-Jun 1983: Step Into The Water-Cathedrals
Jul-Sep 1983: Two Winning Hands-Hinsons
Oct 1983-Jan 1984: Out Of This World-Paynes
Feb-Mar 1984- Saints Will Rise-Kingsmen
Apr-June 1984-I Think I’ll Read it Again-Gold City
Jul-Aug 1984: Call Me Gone-Hinsons
Sep 1984: Who Put The Tears In The Eyes Of The Lamb-McKameys
Oct-Dec 1984: It Wasn’t Raining When Noah Built The Ark-Hemphills
Jan-Mar 1985: I Bowed On My Knees And Cried Holy-Singing Americans
Apr-July 1985: John Saw-Gold City
Aug-Dec 1985: When He Was On The Cross-Florida Boys
Jan 1986: Gone At Last-Jimmy Swaggart
Feb-May 1986: Angels Step Back-Paynes
Jun-Sep 1986: Sweeter As The Days Go By-Talleys
Oct-Nov 1986: Can He, Could He, Would He-Cathedrals
Dec 1986-Mar 1987: Stand Up (live)-Kingsmen
Apr-May 1987: Boundless Love (live)-Cathedrals
Jun-Sept 1987: When I Get Carried Away (live)-Gold City
Oct-Dec 1987: Getting Used To The Dark (live)-McKameys
Jan-Jun 1988: Midnight Cry-Gold City
July 1988: I Lean On You Lord-Florida Boys
Aug-Oct 1988: Mercy Built A Bridge-Hinsons
Nov 1988-Mar 1989: God On The Mountain-McKameys
Apr-May 1989: I Can See The Hand-Cathedrals
Jun-Jul 1989: Saved To The Uttermost-Speers
Aug-Oct 1989: Coming Soon-Spencers
Nov 1989-Jan 1990: When I Knelt, The Blood Fell-Greenes
Feb 1990: Gettin’ Ready To Leave This World-Gold City
Mar-Apr 1990: He’s Still In The Fire-Speers
May-Aug 1990: Here I Am-Hoppers
Sep-Nov 1990: I’ve Got A Feeling-Walt Mills
Dec 1990: I’m Going Home With Jesus-McGruders
Jan – Feb 1991: God Will Make This Trial A Blessing-McKameys
Mar – Apr 1991: Let’s Meet By The River-Spencers
May – Jun 1991: Somebody Touched The Lord (group’s debut single)-Perfect Heart
Jul – Aug 1991: On My Father’s Side-Reinhardts
Sep – Oct 1991: Going Back-Freemans
Nov 1991: One Scarred Hand-Gold City
Dec 1991 – Jan 1992 – Go And Tell Somebody-Kingsmen
Feb – Apr 1992: He’s In The Midst-Bishops
May – Aug 1992: Wish You Were Here-Kingsmen
Sep 1992: I’m Glad I Know Who Jesus Is-Nelons
Oct 1992: Milk And Honey-Hoppers
Nov 1992 – Jan 1993: Wedding Music-Cathedrals
Feb – Apr 1993: Do You Know How It Feels-McKameys
May – Jun 1993: Mention My Name-Hoppers
Jul – Sep 1993: From The Depths Of My Heart-Isaacs
Oct 1993: A Borrowed Tomb-McKameys
Nov 1993: He’s All I Need-Kingsmen
Dec 1993 – Feb 1994: Jesus Built A Bridge-Poet Voices
Mar – May 1994: In The Twinkling Of An Eye-Greenes
Jun – Sep 1994: Arise-McKameys
Oct 1994:1 Must Tell Somebody-Steeles
Nov – Dec 1994: Joy On The Other Side Of Jordan-Kirk Talley
Jan – Mar 1995: He’s My Hiding Place-Bishops
Apr – May 1995: Jesus’ Rocking Chair-Greenes
Jun 1995: I Will Rise Up From My Grave-Kingsmen
Jul – Sep 1995: Wilt Thou Be Made Whole-Carroll Robertson
Oct – Dec 1995: God Kept His Promise-Steeles
Jan 1996: God Likes To Work-Karen Peck & New River
Feb 1996: I’m Not Giving Up-Gold City
Mar 1996: The Blood Is Still There-Kevin Spencer Family
Apr – Jul 1996: Oasis-New Hisons
Aug 1996: Anchor To The Power Of The Cross-Hoppers
Sep – Oct 1996: Meanwhile In The Garden-Tony Gore & Majesty
Nov 1996: I Got Up And Went-Steeles
Dec 1996: Old Ship Of Zion-New Hinsons
Jan 1997: Hello In Heaven-Freemans
Feb 1997: You Can’t Ask Too Much Of My God-Bishops
Jul – Oct 1997: Yes I Know-Gaither Vocal Band
Mar – Jun 1997: We Want America Back-Steeles
Nov 1997: Right On Time-McKameys
Dec 1997: For God So Loved-Brian Free & Assurance
Jan 1998 – Feb 1998: Not Even A Stone-Perrys
Mar – Apr 1998: Angels In The Room-Ruppes
May – Jun 1998: I Am Redeemed-Poet Voices
Jul – Oct 1998: Please Forgive Me-Crabb Family
Nov – Dec 1998: By Faith I Can Touch Him-Perrys
Jan 1999- Resting Place-Wilburns
Feb. 1999-In Time On Time Every Time-Gold City
Mar – Apr 1999: Trail Of Tears-Crabb Family
May 1999: He Made A Change-Cathedrals
June 1999: King Jesus-Won By One
Jul – Sep 1999: My Name Is Lazarus-Greater Vision
Oct 1999: The Lamb, The Lion And The King-Crabb Family
Nov 1999: Roll That Burden On Me-McKameys
Dec 1999-Jan 2000: Just One More Soul-Greater Vision
Feb 2000: I Sure Miss You-Crabb Family
Mar – Apr 2000: He Said-Gold City
May – Jul 2000: Through The Fire-Crabb Family
Aug 2000: Praise God, It’s Settled, I’m Saved-Perrys
Sep 2000 – Nov 2000: Searchin’-Talley Trio
Dec 2000 – Jan 2001: Four Days Late-Karen Peck & New River
Feb – Mar 2001: Yes I Am-Hoppers
Apr 2001: He’s Still Waiting By The Well-Greater Vision
May 2001: The Next Cloud-Kingsmen
Jun 2001: Stand Still-Isaacs
Jul – Aug 2001: Is Anything Too Hard For God-Whisnants
Sep 2001: That’s Why I Love To Call His Name-Kingdom Heirs
Oct 2001: That’s No Mountain-Crabb Family
Nov 2001: I’ve Won-McKameys
Dec 2001: Thank God For The Preacher-Mike Bowling
Jan – Feb 2002: I’ll Not Turn My Back On Him Now – Inspirations
Mar – Apr 2002: The Reason That I’m Standing-Crabb Family
May 2002: He Calms Me-McKameys
Jun 2002: I Rest My Case At The Cross-Perrys
Jul 2002: The Call-Mike Bowling
Aug 2002: The Key-Poet Voices
Sep 2002: Don’t You Wanna Go-Crabb Family
Oct – Nov 2002: The Healer-Talley Trio
Dec 2002: Safe Thus Far-Hoskins Family
Jan – Feb 2003: Please Come Down To Me-Crabb Family
Mar 2003: The Answer Is Christ-Talley Trio
Apr – May 2003: God Sits On High-Carolina Boys (or Kingsmen – your call)
Jun 2003: What You Took From Me-Whisnants
Jul 2003: The Walk-Crabb Family
Aug 2003: I Take Him Back-Mike Bowling
Sep 2003: I Found Grace-Legacy Five
Oct 2003: I Love The Lord-Talley Trio
Nov – Dec 2003: The Cross-Crabb Family
Jan 2004: The Next Time That You See Me-Whisnants
Feb – Mar 2004: The Promise-Martins
Apr – May 2004: Jesus Saves-Talley Trio
Jun 2004: Jesus Will Do What You Can’t-Crabb Family
July 2004: I Wish I Could Have Been There-Perrys
Aug 2004: Knock, Knock, Knock-Palmetto State Quartet
Sep 2004: Jerusalem-Hoppers
Oct 2004: Can I Pray For You-Mark Bishop
Nov 2004: His Life For Mine-Talley Trio
Dec 2004: If It Had Not Been The Lord-McRaes
Jan 2005: He Came Looking For Me-Crabb Family
Feb 2005: I Know I’m Going There-Kingdom Heirs
Mar 2005: God’s Bigger Than That-Whisnants
Apr 2005: I Got Here As Fast As I Could-Mark Bishop
May 2005: You’ll Never Run Out Of The Blood-Heirline
June 2005: The Good News-McKameys
July 2005: As Long as I Got King Jesus-Brian Free & Assurance
August 2005: Forever Changed-Kingdom Heirs
September 2005: Nail it to the Cross-Whisnants
October-November 2005: The Shepherd’s Call-Crabb Family
December 2005-Jan 2006: I am Home-McKameys
Feb 2006: He Saw it All-Booth Brothers
Mar 2006: Do You Want to Be Forgiven – Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
Apr 2006: In the Sky-Three Bridges
May 2006: New Day Dawning – Whisnants
June 2006: The Debt – Talley Trio
July 2006: I’ve Come Too Far-Hoppers
Aug 2006: I Will Trust You Lord-McKameys
Sep 2006: Sky Full of Angels-TaRanda Greene
Oct 2006: He Knows My Name-McRaes
Nov 2006: I Will Go On-Gaither Vocal Band
Dec 2006: Hold Me While I Cry-Karen Peck & New River
Jan 2007: Thank God for Grace – Whisnants
Feb 2007: Over and Over – Jeff & Sherri Easter
Mar 2007: He Chose Me – Freemans
Apr 2007: I Have Not Forgotten – Inspirations
May 2007: John in the Jordan – Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
June 2007: I Feel a Little Song Coming On – Three Bridges
July-August 2007: I Can Pray – Dove Brothers
September 2007: A Greater Yes – Whisnants
October 2007: Last Night – Karen Peck & New River
November 2007: If You Only Knew – Inspirations
December 2007: We Have a Savior – Mike and Kelly Bowling
January 2008: Get Away, Jordan – Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
February 2008: I Choose – Ivan Parker
March 2008: I’m Just Waiting For My Ride – Hoppers
April 2008: Love is Like a River –Gaither Vocal Band and Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
May 2008: The Broken Ones—Talley Trio
June 2008: Hey – Karen Peck & New River
July 2008: What We Needed – Kingdom Heirs
August 2008: Your Cries Have Awoken the Master – Mike and Kelly Bowling
September 2008: Help is on the Way – Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
October 2008: Welcome to the Family – Booth Brothers
November 2008: Whispered Prayers – Karen Peck & New River
December 2008: That’s Enough – Talley Trio
Jan 2009: Reason Enough – Signature Sound
Feb 2009: When God Ran – Kingsmen
Mar 2009: A Miracle Today – Mike & Kelly Bowling
Apr 2009: What Salvation’s Done For Me – Booth Brothers
May 2009: I Want to Thank You – Karen Peck & New River
Jun 2009: Life Goes On – Talley Trio
Jul 2009: Notified – Mike & Kelly Bowling
Aug 2009: Hide Me Sweet Rock of Ages – Janet Paschal
Sep 2009: The Old Landmark – Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
Oct 2009: Be Not Afraid – Whisnants
Nov 2009: Between 12 and 33 – McKameys
Dec 2009: If You Knew Him – Perrys
Jan 2010: Walk on Water – Jason Crabb
Feb 2010: He Locked the Gates – Kingdom Heirs
Mar 2010: I’ll Pray For You – Whisnants
Apr 2010: Born to Climb – Jeff & Sheri Easter
May 2010: I Want My Stage To Be An Altar – Akins
June 2010: I Keep Praying – McKameys
July 2010: Did I Mention – Perrys
August 2010: Hold On – Dove Brothers
September 2010: Message of the Cross – Browders
October 2010: God Saw a Cross – Kingsmen
November 2010: King Jesus is Coming – Whisnants
December 2010: Shepherd’s Point of View – McKameys
January 2011: Never Been – Greater Vision
February 2011: When There’s No Hope (There is Grace) – Dunaways
March 2011: I Thirst – Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
April 2011: Land of No Goodbyes – Browders
May 2011: Never Walk Alone – Brian Free & Assurance
June 2011: Love Came Calling – Triumphant Quartet
July 2011: Celebrate Me Home – Perrys
August 2011: Above and Beyond – McKameys
September 2011: May I Never Get Over the Cross – Eighth Day
October 2011: Greatly Blessed, Highly Favored – Gaither Vocal Band
November 2011: Saved By Grace – Triumphant Quartet
December 2011: On the Banks of the Promised Land – Karen Peck & New River
January 2012: He’s Everything I Need – Kingsmen
February 2012: Blue Skies Coming – Perrys
March 2012: Peter, James and John – Gold City
April 2012: Tell Me Why – Kingdom Heirs (released to radio by Crossroads; written by Dianne Wilkinson)
May 2012: I’m Listening for the Call – Mark Bishop (released to radio by Crossroads; written by Mark Bishop)
June 2012: Almost Home – Triumphant Quartet (released to radio by Mansion; written by Scotty Inman)
July 2012: Mighty Big God – Karen Peck and New River (released to radio by Daywind; written by Jimmy Yeary and Sonya Isaacs)
August 2012: I Want to Know – Mark Trammell Quartet (released to radio by Daywind; written by Jim “Big Chief” Wetherington)
September 2012: I’ll Trust the Potter’s Hand – Whisnants (released to radio by United Independent Artists; written by Sandy Blythe)
October 2012: I Know a Man Who Can – Greater Vision (released to radio by Daywind; written by Jack Campbell and Jimmie Davis)
November 2012: Masterpiece of Mercy – Booth Brothers (released to radio by Daywind; written by Jim Brady and Rodney Griffin)
December 2012: Battle Stand – Old Paths (released to radio by Crossroads; written by Rodney Birch)
January 2013: Unspoken Request – McKameys (released to radio by Crossroads; written by Steve Chapman)
February 2013: I Want To Be That Man – Brian Free & Assurance (released to radio by Daywind; written by Lee Black and Ricky Free)
March 2013: All Is Well – Whisnants (released to radio by United Independent Artists; written by Melissa Brady)
April 2013: Just Preach Jesus – Kingdom Heirs (released to radio by Crossroads; written by Dianne Wilkinson)
May 2013: I Got A Hold Of God This Morning – Perrys (released to radio by Daywind; written by Kyla Rowland)
June 2013: God’s Great – The Old Paths (released to radio by Crossroads; written by Rodney Birch)
July 2013: Praise You In This Valley – The Browders (released to radio by Dream Big; written by Matthew Browder)
August 2013: Good News From Jerusalem – Tribute Quartet (released to radio by Crossroads; written by Dianne Wilkinson and Jerry Salley)
September 2013: Calvary’s Cry – Brian Free & Assurance (released to radio by Daywind; written by Jason Cox, Sue C. Smith, and Kenna Turner West)
October 2013: Just Beyond The Sunset – The Kingdom Heirs (released to radio by Crossroads; written by Dianne Wilkinson)
November 2013: Looking For The Grace – Greater Vision (released to radio by Daywind; written by Rodney Griffin)
December 2013: He Is Alive – The Browders (released to radio by Daywind; written by Matthew Browder)
January 2014: Revival – Karen Peck & New River (released to radio by Daywind; written by Kenna Turner West, Karen Peck Gooch, and Don Poythress)
February 2014: Up Above – The Talleys (released to radio by Crossroads; written by Rebecca Peck)
March 2014: Preacher, Tell It Like It Is – Greater Vision (released to radio by Daywind; written by Rodney Griffin)
April 2014: The Borrowed Tomb – Kingdom Heirs (released to radio by Crossroads; written by Rebecca Peck and Dianne Wilkinson)
May 2014: Lift Up His Name – Browders (released to radio by Daywind; written by Matthew Browder)
June 2014: Finish Well – Karen Peck & New River (released to radio by Daywind; written by Kenna Turner West, Karen Peck Gooch, and Don Poythress)
July 2014: Long Live The King – The Old Paths (released to radio by Crossroads; written by Dianne Wilkinson and Chris Binion)
August 2014: That’s Why – Ernie Haase & Signature Sound (released to radio by Gaither Music Group; written by Ernie Haase, Wayne Haun, and Joel Lindsey)
September 2014: For All He’s Done – Greater Vision
October 2014: I’ll Know I’m Home – Kingdom Heirs
November 2014: Listening for the Shout – The Browders
December 2014: I Know Enough – The Bowling Family
January 2015: Love Them To Jesus – The Old Paths
February 2015: Oh Yes I Am – The Kingsmen
March 2015: Christ Is Still The King – Legacy Five